"Mika!" Yuu called from outside the bathroom. "What?"

"Your clothes… All of them!" Ignoring the fact that I'm still half-naked, I ran out of the bathroom and into my room. I opened my closet to find all of my jackets and cardigans transformed into long white cardigans with hoodies and inside it, a set of dark blue shirt and strapped black pants.

"… What in the world..?"

"M-Mika… I swear I didn't do this!" Yuu started panicking. "I know you didn't." But who did? I balled my hands into a fist and quickly regained my composure. Yuu looked at me and I looked at him. We were thinking of the same thing: What in the world is happening?

When I stepped out of the apartment, the morning light brushed me and I felt my face hurt a little. I used my hand to shield my eyes from the brightness. "Ow!"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing…" I felt my hand burn! Literally! I unfolded my newly-replaced-white cardigan. It shielded me from the morning sun. In college, I felt thirsty and drank mineral water. It was no good. No matter how much I drank, my thirst wasn't satiable. Thirst to hunger. I went to the cafeteria with Yuu, but no matter how much I ate, I couldn't get full. "Mika… You're eating way too much! You shouldn't eat that much! You'll get indigestion!"

"Oh… Sorry." I ruffled Yuu's hair and he only pouted. "Don't treat me like a kid…" he mumbled. But I knew he liked it because he never rejected me when I ruffled him. Something inside me changed. I knew. And I also know the one person responsible for this.

"Hoo? It's quite rare for you to call me. What's wrong Mika?"

"Tepes, what did you do last night?"

"Oh, you've finally noticed the change in you?"

"Tell me, what did you do last night?" I clenched my teeth so hard I think it might break. "Well, well, why don't you come here first? We'll talk lots!" I sighed and said, "Fine," and then hung up. Yuu came to me bringing 3 girls and 2 guys.

"Mika! These are my classmates who were supposed to have the study session today with us!"

"Sorry, Yuu-chan. I have urgent matters tonight."

"Hoo? You're meeting your girlfriend tonight?" the girl in purple hair said. If I remember correctly, she's called Shinoa. "Shinoa! Be polite when you're talking!" the girl with lavender hair shushed her. I knew her. Glen's girlfriend, Mahiru Hiragi. Shinoa and Mahiru somehow looked alike.

"She's Shinoa, and that's her older sister, Mahiru. I'm Mitsuba Sangu. Nice to meet you, Mi-Mika…" the girl in yellow hair said, glancing at Yuu. "That's Yoichi and that's Kimizuki." Yuu patted Yoichi's back and pointed at Kimizuki. I knew them. We were classmates in High School. "Heehe, by the way, we were all in the same High School."


"Well, except for Mahiru-nee. She was with Glen." I can never imagine that lunatic Glen with this calm-and-pretty Mahiru. She caught my gaze. "Oh, I'm not here with them to study. I'm just gonna go watch over them." I nodded.

"Well, then, I'll leave everything to you, Mahiru-san." I put on my hoodie before stepping out of the building. I saw Felid and came to him. "I thought we were gonna meet at the rendezvous point."

"Well, Tepes-sama was so eager she sent me right after your phone call ended," he shrugged and opened the door for me. He wore the same white hoodie cardigan as me, but his sleeves were folded and he wasn't wearing the hoodie. I got in and we sped to Tepes' house.

"Mika~" Tepes walked to me right after I stepped out of Felid's car. "I bet you want some explanation on what happened to you, right?"

"Of course!" I growled. She giggled. "But there's one thing I need to ask!"


"What was the last thing you thought of yesterday when I make you pass out?"

Yuu. Him smiling that very morning when he finally won that game he had tried so hard to beat for days and nights. Him singing when he cooked or when he did housework. His peaceful face when he slept at night. His pouting face when I dried his almost dry hair, just for the sake of touching him.

"Well, I can imagine it as someone you hold dear. It'd be better if that person were a girl, though." Tepes' eyes were wild. "Sadly, no. It was Yuu-chan. What about it?"

"Oh?!" She looked truly bewildered and a little bit bothered. "No wonder you rejected me…"

"What," I said, not questioningly. Not even a little. "Well, erm… You see…" She fidgeted a lot that I feel like she was gonna start dancing any moment now. "You're an incomplete vampire…"

"Uh-huh. Vampires. Cool. Incomplete? Not cool. Stop joking."

"No I'm not. You yourself saw that bite mark on your neck. You were supposed to become a vampire, but your last thoughts were of… Yuuichiro, was his name, right?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Only he can satisfy you. Your hunger, thirst, and other stuff."

"I'm not gonna eat him. That's cannibalism. And what other stuff?"

"That's not how it goes! That's gross!"

"What is?"

"Cannibalism. Anyways. The only way to satisfy your hunger and thirst is by exchanging bodily fluids, or something that he made, like if he cooks, you can only eat his food, etc."

"Sounds like anorexia." I rolled my eyes and then asked, "What about this 'other stuff'?"

"Well, other stuff is other stuff."


"You're an incomplete vampire until Yuu falls for you. And lets you do stuff. And serves you his whole life."

"Sounds like slavery."

"Sounds like gay marriage." Tepes put her hands on her hips. "You gotta respect a girl's position." She got a point. My stomach rumbled. "Don't go home yet. I need to tell you what happened last night and I also have a gift for you. And for Yuuichiro."

"Hhh… Fine. Make it quick."

"Well, last night, because I couldn't turn you into a complete vampire, I thought maybe I wasn't the last person you were thinking of, so I thought it was Felid, so I have you to him and he tried, but couldn't do it, and in the end, the whole mansion tried to do it, but no one succeeded and so we all gave up and sent you back.

"But then, in the process, a demon came out of nowhere offered his assistance, but then Yuuichiro caught him and then the demon possessed him and we have no idea on how to remove him from him so we left them be, so now I found this book about separating them but none of us wanted to do it but I found a medium for her and so I'm giving you both these." She put some kind of kitty-like doll and a book with weird writings.

"I know you know how to read it, since you're half-vampire now, so rest assured. Felid!" Tepes waved to him and he hauled me up into his car and in a blink of an eye, I was back to my apartment. I didn't even have time to process Tepes' story that I just did what she wanted me to do.

Inside, Yuu was already sleeping. Of course, it's like 10 PM right now. On the table, there was onigiri. A note was attached to it.

I made it so that if you're back, you can eat right away!

I smiled and started eating. To my surprise, my hunger decreased and I felt better. Yuu was sleeping on the couch. I put my white hoodie cardigan on him and lifted him up to his room. "Hmm… Mika..? You're back…" Yuu said, rubbing his eyes sleepily in my arms. "Shh. Go back to sleep."

"Not in my room…" he said drowsily. From his room, I could hear noises. Like shouting. And partying. And playing. I stopped in my tracks. Whatever happens in there, I shouldn't risk waking Yuu up. I laid him gently on my bed and then proceeded to his room. Shinoa and Mitsuba were fighting over something in Shinoa's hand. Kimizuki and Yoichiro were sleeping on the floor, with Kimizuki hugging him from behind. Mahiru was in front of Yuu's computer, with her headphones on, but not plugged in. She was reading.

They all stopped when I came in. "Oooh Mika! You're missing everything here!"

"Hey… Has anyone seen Yuu-san?" Mitsuba asked. Mahiru looked up at me. I pointed at my ears and pointed at her and she looked at the unplugged cable and quickly turned off the music. Yoichi kept on sleeping while Kimizuki sat, Yoichiro still in his embrace. "It's already 10. You guys should go back to where you should belong."

They all walked through the door and got out of Yuu and my apartment. Yoichiro was carried by Kimizuki. I sighed and started cleaning up Yuu's room. I found a crumpled piece of paper under the bed, some snack trashes and other junk in his room. "Damn it…" I muttered.

"Mika… Don't curse…" I turned to find Yuu walking into the room. He looked very cute under the light. How did I not notice this before? "Sorry," I sighed and threw away the trashes. "Did you guys actually study?"

"We were waiting for you, since only you could teach us most of everything…"

"Well," I started but then I sighed. "Nevermind…" Then, I remembered Tepes' words. "By the way, Yuu-chan, did you see any…one called Asuramaru?"

"Asuramaru..? Hmm yeah but, I don't think he wants to talk to you…" Yuu said in a confused tone. "How do you know?"

"Hmm… I just do?" Yuu was asking now and then he shrugged. "G'night Mika."

"G'night Yuu-chan."

I stared at the kitty-like doll. Nothing felt weird. Yuu wasn't acting weird, except for the fact that he knew Asuramaru didn't want to talk to me. That was unusual. "What?" I got up in surprise. It was Yuu. Wait, no. It wasn't Yuu. His eyes looked different.

"Asuramaru?" I asked. He nodded. "Please stop possessing Yuu-chan."

"I can't just do that. I don't wanna go back to Hell yet."

"Does it have to be possession?"

"No, a contract would be fine. But all that, in exchange for your life. Your life…."

"Don't you dare take Yuu-chan's…." I growled. He blinked in surprise and then he started laughing. "What's so funny?"

"This boy's life isn't nearly powerful enough!" He kept on laughing. "A vampire's life is much, much more powerful than that of a human's. That's why I wanted you but this boy here got to me first so I had to possess him."

I couldn't take any of that immediately. Yuu, wait, no, Asuramaru came closer to me and sat on one of my legs and smiled at me seductively. "Make a contract with me?" His finger slid along my jaw line. His face was really close to mine that I could feel his breath. "That is if you want me to stop possessing your Yuu-chan," he whispered.

I glared at him and he smiled at me. His finger touched my hand and he took my kitty-like doll. "Haha, the seraphim's pet, a kitten…" The doll disappeared in his hand. "I'll be taking this with me…" With that, he left. I glanced at the book Tepes gave me. Still in my bag.

'She only wanted me to give him that doll, huh?'