"Burn… Burn! And now, I wonder what I'm really burning..?"

"You… Goddamnit Asuramaru!" I screamed at him, who was grinning devilishly with this weird glint in his eyes. "Mika! No cursing!"

"Hai, hai, Yuu-chan…" I said in reflex. Eh… "Y-Yuu-chan?!"

"Too bad, you just missed him…" Tepes spawned right in front of me. What's up with this? It's so weird… Huh..? Why're my feet so heavy? "No need to struggle, Mika-kun," Felid appeared. This is so twisted…

My eyes opened. "Ara? Mika, you're awake already?" Tepes asked as she sipped tea (I'm kinda suspecting that it's not entirely tea, though…) on the bed I'm lying on. "Mika!" Yuu suddenly glomped at me from beside me. "E-eh, Yuu-chan… How come you're here?"

"Because…." Yuu pulled back and looked at the ceiling, thinking. "I don't really know…"


"Ara? Forgetting me already?" Tepes said in a really irritated voice. "Huh? Oh, right, you were here…" Yuu suddenly interrupted, "W-well, at least Mika is awake, now, right..?"

He must've gotten the threatening aura Tepes suddenly emitted in a split second… "Really? Well, you're right," she said calmly and sipped her tea again. I got up and heard the sound of metallic things colliding. I looked at my feet. Both of them were chained to the bed.

"He-hey… What's with this?" My blood ran cold. "That's just for precaution. You might get wild," Tepes set her cup down and smirked at me. Now way that was the only reason. "What if I need to go to the bathroom? What if I need to eat or drink? What about college?"

"The bathroom's reachable, food…" she glanced at Yuu. "Yuichiro here can come by once every few days, right? As for college… I think you'll make it till exams start. Yuichiro here can just bring you whatever you need to study. I'm holding you captive until we know where Asuramaru went."

"Asuramaru's missing?" The two nodded in unison. That was really unexpected. I wonder where he went… As my mind drifted to the image of him, burning the tree in my dreams, I began to suspect…. Nah, there's no way, right? "Ehem." Tepes got my attention.

"Anyways, that's all you need to know right now. Your things will be brought here after a few days, okay? And Yuichiro should get going-"

"May I speak a few words with Mika first?" Yuu interrupted her, not-so-politely. She blinked in surprise, not expecting his interruption. "Err… Sure… Just be careful." With that, she stepped out of the room quietly, like wind. "… Mika…" Yuu was looking at the bed sheets, facing me. "What is it?"

He was silent. I brushed his hair with my fingers, unknotting some of his hair. I could feel him shaking a little. "Hey, Yuu-chan?"

"Mika…" He said. My fingers stopped at his ear. It felt cold. Well, the whole room didn't have a heater, nor an AC, so it should be cold. Outside, I could see that day had turned to night. "Mika…" he said again, with a slight tremble in his voice. "Yeah?"

"Where… were you… yesterday…?"

I blinked. "I went here. Why?"

"Do you…" he trailed off. "Do I…?" He kept silent. "Yuu-chan, what do you really want to ask me?" I tilted his head so that I could look at him straight into the eye. I could vaguely see tears forming within his eyes. "Do you… intend to…"

He closed his mouth shut again, his eyes averted mine. "What do I intend to do?"

"Do you intend to a-abandon… m-me too..?"

The words 'abandon' had his tears spilling a little. He quickly raised his hands to wipe them away. "No," I answered firmly, as if, if I don't do that, he'd crumble away in tears. In suspicion. "Are you… Do you mean it..?"

I leaned in to kiss him. "Absolutely."

"W-will you please stop ki-ki-ki-kissing m-m-me so suddenly…?!"

"No way," I said and leaned in to kiss him again, deeper this time. Our tongues were knotted together, and I could feel his breath turning into heavy ones. He didn't even try to push me this time. I pulled away, although I could practically see the words, 'I want more!' written on his face. Very cute.

Blushing, he looked at his hands and scooted away. "… See you soon, Mika." He left me alone in the room, closing the door behind him. Why is it that I keep kissing him? I couldn't help but think that he was very adorable, with his face all red like that.

I sighed and laid back down. Closing my eyes, I really did worry about what Tepes meant, "Just be careful." Am I a threat to Yuu?

I woke up feeling very dizzy. When did I even fell asleep? Somewhere in my mind, I heard someone shouting, "Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan!" My forehead felt as if it were burning. My whole body was covered in sweat. Don't tell me… Am I…?

No way in hell am I getting in heat right now. I felt a sharp pain on the corner of my mouth. I felt it with my fingers. I had fangs showing. Very sharp. My own blood tasted kind of sweet. Oh no, I am NOT becoming a vampire, right? I mean, this late in the game, finally getting my vampire-ness activated… No way in hell, right..?

It was twilight outside. Today, Yuu should be coming over again, to bring my college exam materials. In realization, my body move on its' own. If I could thank the chains on my feet, I would. I couldn't reach further than the door frame, no matter how hard I tried. It felt as if it wasn't even me who's controlling my body.

"Hahaha, you're here!" I turned to look at the voice's owner. I could faintly see Asuramaru, sitting on the window sill, looking outside, his hand on his chin. He was smiling. "What… Did you do…?"

"I'm just burning your humanity," he said cheerfully, as if that was an extremely good news that I should know. "But… Weren't you burning that tree?"

"The tree in which you had most of your humanity residing within? Yes, yes I did."

"But, you only said I have some attachment…"

"That's what makes it mostly made of your humanity. You had attachment to it. So," he suddenly appeared right in front of me. He was very quick, for a demon. Not that I had ever met any, other than him… "How do you feel? Does it burn?"

He was clearly enjoying this. "I can put it out, if you want, Mika…" His finger trailed from the base of my neck to the tip of my jaw. His ouch made me shudder. Unpleasantly. "In exchange for a contract, of course…"


"Hmm? I see. But, well, whatever…" Before I knew it, I was wrapped in the chains that was restraining me. "Because right now, I can do whatever I want to your body…" Dammit… My hands won't move… His hand slid gently under my shirt. His hands found its' way to my chest and he started feeling my heartbeat.

I hated the feeling. He just smirked at my reaction. I glared at him. He pulled out one of his hands and opened my mouth, forcefully. I struggled to keep it closed, not knowing whatever he had just put inside my mouth, but I bet it's something bad, but no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't.

He made me swallow it. "It'll take some time for it to take effect, but oh, well." He pushed me onto my bed and pulled at my pants. "Eh?"

I felt him touch my private thing. "Why's it all limp?"

"Why're you asking? You obviously know that I don't like it…"

"Oh, I know the solution, don't worry," he said and flipped me. I could feel his finger enter me from my back. I cringed at the feeling. "How does it feel? Can you at least tell me your sweet spot?"

"H-how would I know?" I looked at him. He had this innocently annoyed face, despite what he's doing right now. "Hmm… Why can't I find it?"

"Why don't you just stop? I won't tell you even if I knew whe—wah!"

"Here it is!" he said cheerfully. He kept pressing that spot for a while, earning my moans that I tried so hard to conceal. "Why?"

"W-why… what…?"

"Why aren't you reacting?" I felt like slapping this guy's face, despite the fact that I couldn't move my hands. "W-well, I –nngh… Hate it…" After a while, finally pulled out his finger and put my pants back on. "Are you impotent?" I didn't know either to laugh or get angry at his unexpectedly innocent-sounding question.

"How should I know? I don't think I am." I'd just gotten my last wet dream a few days prior to me turning into a half-vampire. "Then why couldn't I get any reaction from you?" He honestly was thinking about it. I shrugged and sat upright.

I realized suddenly that I wasn't dizzy anymore. The moment had passed, I guess. The moment of heat. Thanks to –ugh- Asuramaru. The light changed outside. It was turning bright. The brighter it got, the more transparent Asuramaru seemed to become. Until it was bright enough that the whole room seemed to be in the mercy of the sunlight, Asuramaru stayed in that thinking position of his.

I got up to take a shower, to wash off that strangely disgusting feeling from the touch of Asuramaru. I heard a knock. Must be Tepes… I got out of bath and put on a towel. "What is it, so early in the mor…"

It wasn't Tepes. "Yo, Mika!" It was Felid. "You should wear something. I can practically get jealous in an instant because of those nicely tone body of yours. Perfect for doing any girl!"

"Shut it, Felid. Why's Yuu-chan here? And why's he looking away with a nosebleed? What did you do?"

"Huh? Are you seriously that dense Mika? Despite your outstanding scores and achievements? How could you, to poor little Yuu-chan…"

"Don't call him 'Yuu-chan'. Only people from the Hyakuya Orphanage can call him that!"

"My bad, my bad. Don't be so angry… Well, have fun you two~" Felid quickly left the room, before I could even run to him. I came up to Mika, after taking a box of tissue with me. "Here, Yuu-chan. That nosebleed of yours might make trouble here…"

"Thanks…" He took it with trembling hands. I saw the backpack he carried. "Those are my college stuff?"

"Uh-huh." He replied shortly. I threw the bag to my bed and took a tissue. "Are you feeling alright? You don't happen to have a cold… Or are you having a fever?"

"I-I'm fine! Just… My capillaries popped and blood coincidentally gushed out of my nose…"

"Hmm…" After I was done wiping the remnant of his nosebleed, I asked, "So, how're you doing at home?"

"It's… I'm okay." It's…? "Just a little bit lonely, that's all…"

"Do you want me to—"

"Oh, look at the time I might run late for my lectures! I gotta go!" he said and quickly ran out of the room. I didn't expect that to happen. It was so weird… I walked back to the bathroom and put on some clothes Tepes prepared for me in the wardrobe.

I opened the bag to find the things I needed for college and started studying. Somewhere in the middle, I got a text from Yuu.

[U ok?]

[I'm gud, just need some books from da bookstore]

[Which 1?]

[Tell da store manager, 'da 1 Mika needs', he'll kno wat 2 give u.]

[K. B der in a few]

I smiled and continued my study.