[One-month earlier]

Tammy Merope Riddle, 11-year-old orphan, Master of Death, was biting down her excitement.

Five minutes ago, she'd been grumbling while doing her morning chores for the orphanage she lived at. Now she was holding a thick envelope addressed to 'Tammy Riddle - the fourth bedroom on the right-hand side', while standing in front of a Wizard with a long white beard, dressed in purple robes with yellow stars. The moment she'd taken the envelope the memories had flooded back. She was the Master of Death, and this was her ninth life. She was also Lord, or, as the case was currently, Lady, Voldemort.

It had been a shock, in her fourth life, to discover she'd been born female. She still wasn't sure why gender seemed to be a matter of chance on rebirth. After all, it wasn't as if other genetic markers like hair color, eye color, and facial features changed with each rebirth. She'd spent the whole of that fourth life ignoring her newfound gender and it wasn't until her second life as a witch that she'd given in and fully accepted all the experiences on offer to the fairer sex.

Standing in this room briefly cast her mind back to her first, horrible, life.

Born Tom Riddle, she'd grown up to become a homicidal, psychotic, maniac, had split her soul seven times, become less than human, and had been almost completely destroyed by her 16 year old boy-nemesis. It was only that boy's decision, after death, that had saved her. He'd chosen to go back rather than on, but not just a bit, but a lot. In a desperate bid to save all those he'd failed to save the first time around, he dragged his soul all the way back to his 11th birthday, and unknowingly brought the tiny fragment of her soul, which was supposed to be left behind, with him.

As the boy proceeded to tear the wizarding world a new one, she'd, realizing her mistake, quietly absorbed all her other soul fragments as the boy 'destroyed' them. After the last fragment was joined to her she'd leapt from the boys forehead, where she'd been hiding, straight into the body of the man she'd once been, re-uniting her soul, and shocking the boy-who-lived no end. Whereas before he'd faced an insane madman, now he was faced with a very much sane and much more thoughtful Lord Voldemort. One smack-down battle of the ages later and the boy-who-lived, along with his friends and lovers, were very much down and out, and the ultimate prize in her grasp… All three of the deathly hollows.

With these, now internalized in her soul, she needn't worry about death. Not even a Dementor could permanently harm her. Horcruxes had been a horrible idea. This was much better. Her third life had been spent redoing everything over again, but this time, done sane. She'd become minister of magic by her thirtieth birthday and the name Lord Voldemort was spoken with the same reverence and respect as Dumbledore's, who'd been her closest friend and confidant. She'd achieved everything she ever wanted. Immortality, respect and power.

It was then that Riddle learned one of the fundamental truths of the universe…

With great power, comes great paperwork.

And now she wanted something different.

The next few lives had been spent exploring the limits of her new ability, and developing methods to both time travel and dimension travel. It had taken her the next five lifetimes, nearly a thousand years, of solid research, but she'd managed it.

She'd arranged to be born as normal in her home dimension before a pre-arranged time travel and dimension travel ritual ripped her to 1980 on another world. Her own time was becoming repetitive and she figured fighting the psycho that was her first life's Lord Voldemort alongside Potter and his crew could be really fun.

And it had worked. She was here. She was going to live through a whole different life, in a new place, meet new people, and experience so many new things. After 1,000 years of dusty tomes and mind bending magical theory, Tammy was barely containing her joy.

Merlin she loved life, and now the whole of reality was hers for the experiencing.

The man in front of her, her greatest enemy and closest friend, eyed her with suspicion, mistrust, and fear, carefully hidden, but not well enough, behind a grandfatherly air of good humor.

"I'm magical?!" Tammy gasped. Her occlumency shields came up to full strength, the entirety of her current life shoved in front of the shields for Dumbledore's full inspection, while her previous memories hid behind. She maintained her motionless upright pose and looked the man straight in the eyes.

"Yes indeed Ms. Riddle," Dumbeldoor's eyes twinkled, "You are a witch and have a place at my school."

"Is that why strange things always seem to happen around me?"

"Most likely," more twinkling.

A bright smile spread across Tammy's face.

"If I'm a witch do I get to ride a broomstick?"

Dumbledoor chuckled. "Not in your first year Ms. Riddle. You have lessons but you aren't allowed to own one yourself."

"Wait, you're serious?! I was just joking."

"Ah, well there's a lot of things about our world you'll learn about soon enough, but first we must go buy your supplies. You can read your letter on the way there."

"Can you tell me more about the school I'm going to?" Tammy asked the man as they exited the orphanage.

"Hogwarts has existed for over a thousand years and has taught many of the greatest witches and wizards that have ever lived. There are four houses with their own values and traditions, one of which will become like a second family to you. Gryffindor for the brave, Hufflepuff for the loyal, Ravenclaw for the studious, and Slytherin for the cunning."

"I assume you went to Hogwarts? What house were you in?"


Tammy seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. "I want to be in Gryffindor".

"Really?" Surprise and shock leaked out through the facade of geniality. "Why, might I ask?"

"Well… I'm not really smart or cunning so Slytherin and Ravenclaw are out. And I've never really had many friends, so I've no idea if I'm loyal. But whenever people come to visit the orphanage they always say we must all be very brave," and in the privacy of her mental shields added, 'and Harry Potter is there and I need to be near him.'

A brief look of sadness crossed Dumbledore's face before the twinkles returned.

"And well… You're really the only person who's ever been kind to me. I'd like to be in your old house."

"How have I been kind to you Ms. Riddle?"

"You may not be adopting me, but you're still taking me away from here."

Dumbledore stayed silent at that.

'Oh Merlin, he is sooo confused!'


One circuit around Diagon Alley later and an ecstatic Tammy was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet while waving a wand around like the child she undoubtedly was, all pretence of being a young lady seemingly forgotten.

"Curious… curious" Ollivander had said.

"What's curious?" Tammy had asked.

Ollivander had been about to answer when Dumbledore shot him a look that said 'please shut up'.

"Oh, it's just been a while since I had a customer quite so particular about their wand."

Tammy smiled both inside and out, and pocketed her new 11-inch holly and phoenix feather wand.


Albus Dumbledore arrived back into his office through a whoosh of floo smoke.

He took a moment to collect his thoughts.

This morning had been… unusual.

When the dictating quill, charmed to write new students letters, had spat out a letter for a muggleborn named Tammy Merope Riddle, alarm bells rang in the headmaster's head. That the muggle orphanage this new student lived in was the same one Albus had visited over 50 years ago, and which housed the then future Lord Voldemort, just increased his worry.

When he'd first seen the girl in question, his alarm had almost become full on silent panic. The girl's eyes were exact mirrors of 'his', her face was hauntingly familiar, and she was clearly annoyed at being interrupted. But then, when he'd explained why he was there, and handed her the acceptance letter, her whole countenance changed. She smiled. Her whole posture seemed to instantly improve, and warmth seemed to fill the room.

She'd turned out to be nothing like the spiteful, hurtful boy he'd met in the same orphanage, in the SAME ROOM, over 50 years ago. She was cheerful and outgoing. While holding herself like she was more than a muggleborn, she still retained the wide-eyed wonder that all muggleborns shared.

She'd respectfully stayed one pace behind him all the way down Diagon Alley, asking question after question. Their visit to Flourish and Blotts had left her pouting about her inability to buy more books, before being pacified by the promise of the Hogwarts library. It made him wonder about her supposed lack of Ravenclaw qualities. Their visit to Madam Malkin's had taken quite a bit longer than expected. Tammy had ripped apart the shop muttering something about second-hand throw offs before finding a set of second hand robes that matched both the Hogwarts-orphans-fund's budget and her own, seemingly high, standards.

Then, there had been the wand shop.

He glanced towards Fawkes the phoenix, perched on his stand.

"What does this mean Fawkes?"

The fiery bird just trilled in response.

'There's obviously a connection between Tammy and the Dark Lord,' Dumbledore thought, 'It's so obvious it screams. If it were just the name I'd have assumed an unknown descendent. A granddaughter maybe, as impossible as it seems. But being raised in the same orphanage? In the same room? The same age as Harry Potter? Claiming the brother wand of the dark lord?' Dumbledore knew wand connections were not hereditary. It was why he hadn't hesitated to take Tammy wand shopping before Harry had been. Even in his first almost-panic he'd never actually expected…

'If I was being paranoid I'd suspect a rebirth of the dark lord, albeit in female form, but Tammy was alive before the Dark Lord fell.'

Attacking from a different angle, Dumbledore quickly ran the prophecy through his head…

'Born as the seventh month dies - We don't know Tammy's true birthday, the records say July 26th which is distressingly close to the prophecy's required date, but the workers at the orphanage admitted it was just an educated guess. Born to those who have thrice defied him - We don't know who her parents are. If she is a descendent, it makes sense that her parents would have been in a good position to thrice defy him, but we've really no idea. And he shall mark him as his equal – Him… well that settles that.'

Dumbledore sighed before popping a lemon drop.

It was Tammy's living at the orphanage that confused him the most. Tom Riddle had hated that orphanage and Tammy didn't seem to like it much either. Why would either the Dark Lord or the child of the Dark Lord place either himself or their family in an orphanage the Dark Lord hated? It made no sense either way. Would a child of the Dark Lord do it to spite the Dark Lord? At the cost of the happiness of their own child? And where were all these supposed decedents of the Dark Lord anyway? Could they really have kept themselves hidden for 20 or 30 years? And to what end? And then why, after hiding for so long, flag their child with such obvious connections to the Dark Lord?

What about the resurrection theory? The dark lord is a master of mind magics and wasn't truly killed that night in Godric's Hollow. The fact that Tammy was already alive at the time doesn't HAVE to mean it would be impossible for the Dark Lord to use her body. But what about her personality? She is the opposite of almost everything Voldemort was. Except maybe the way she stands.

Dumbledore sighed again. He would need to get all these thoughts organized. He walked over to his cupboard and carried his pensive down before starting to review the events of the day.


[1st September, 1991 - 10:50am]

Tammy stood at the entrance of platform 9 3/4 with a satisfied expression. Inside though, she was still riding the high of acquiring her memories.

'Right!,' she thought, 'Master of Death time! Mission: infiltrate Potter's future clan and train them up to take the fight to this world's Voldemort like the bad assess my first nemesis should have been. Main targets: Potter, Longbottom, Weasley, and Granger.'

She took one final look at the barrier before walking towards it with the confidence of one who has done this at least 56 times before.

As she walked through the barrier, a group of red headed children were clustered around a middle-aged woman.

"Well. She was confident for a muggleborn" Said the woman.

"How'd you know she's muggleborn mum?" the youngest boy asked.

"Only muggleborns enter from this side of the platform, of course," the woman replied, "really, Ronald".

"Huh. Never knew our dear old mum was a muggle, oh brother of mine," said another, slightly older, child.

"Yeah, she's kept it well hidden from us over the years," his identical twin added.

The woman looked exasperated "We don't count. You can thank your father's obsession with muggles for us traveling this way. Now go on, Ron and Ginny, you first."


Tammy was struggling to hoist her trunk onto the train. Damn this 11-year old body.

"Need a hand there?" She turned to meet the eyes of the future two most infamous arms manufacturers in the wizarding world… pint sized addition.

"Yes please."

"There you are little lady," Twin A said, depositing the trunk on the train with the help of Twin B.

Tammy smirked. "You're pretty little yourself you know."

"Hey!" Twin A said. "Is that any way to thank someone, besides, you're smaller than us!"

"Yeah, but not by much, and I'm a girl, and two years younger than you."

"Mmmm, dear brother of mine," Twin B weighed in, "it would seem we've found a firsty with some fight in her."

"It would seem we have, we'll have to keep an eye on her," twin A responded.

"Really? And what's that supposed to mean?" Tammy retorted. She was enjoying this.

"Ah well, perhaps we should introduce ourselves then."


"—and George—"


"—The most prolific and feared pranksters since the mythical marauders,—"

"—at your service." They both bowed.

"Or, if proper respect isn't shown…—"

"—not," the two grinned.

"mmmm… does that mean you'd respect someone who can out prank you?" Tammy now had a faint smile on her face.

The twins looked at each other. "I do believe we've just been challenged."

"I do believe you're right."

They turned back to look at Tammy whom kept her faint smile on her face, slipping away from the door and out of sight, lugging her trunk behind her.

She found an empty compartment, shoved her trunk to the end of it, closed the door, and flopped down on the bench, whipping out a notebook full of little squiggles. Before the young master of death could begin her inspection of the book, however, the compartment door opened and a red haired boy with a rat on his shoulder stuck his head in. He was a little shorter than her, but she was tall.

"You're insane you know." the boy said.

Tammy raised an eyebrow in question.

"You just challenged those two to a prank war. They'll destroy you."

Tammy smiled now.

"No they won't."

"What? Why not? They're famous for their pranks, they are. They've been doing it since they were kids. I should know. I've been the victim of loads of them."

"That's one of the reasons they won't win."


"You're going to help protect me."

"WHA?!" The boy was slack jawed now.

"You're going to be my intelligence on how those two think. As an important victim you have a unique knowledge of their abilities and how they do things"

"I… I don't know how they do things."

"Its more the patterns I'm interested in."


Tammy smiled. There had only been one life where she'd really come into contact with the golden trio, as they'd laughingly been called, and there hadn't been much socializing involved. However, she'd seen enough, in her more sane moments on Potter's forehead, to know the basics.

Before the boy could abandon what he obviously thought of as a lost cause Tammy shot out "whose your quiddich team?" and before the boy could respond followed up with "mine's the Chuddly Cannons". It was about as subtle as a battering ram, but the kid was 11 after all.

"Really?! Mine too!" and within moments he'd invited himself in, sat down opposite Tammy and started a very one sided conversation on their history, plays, and players, interspersed with comments about what a 'real' Chuddly Cannon fan needed to know.

Tammy let it wash over her. No it wasn't exactly the most edifying or complex of discussions but there was a simple beauty to quiddich that had evaded her in her first few lifetimes. It was in fact, a symbol of the ridiculousness of wizard kind, a game that could be won or lost at any time based on the efforts of just one of a team of seven. And if that wasn't a metaphor for the constant struggle between light and dark lords and their followers then what was?

The boy, who'd finally gotten around to introducing himself as Ron, had just started a rant about the injustice of a particularly nasty chaser foul decision in 1989, when the compartment door opened and what looked like a very young Granger and Longbottom walked in.

"Has anyone seen a toad in here? Neville lost one."

Tammy glanced around before shaking her head. "Well you could use a summoning spell, but its a fourth year spell." and in the privacy of her head added 'or I could summon a snake to smell it out, but I don't think I should go full prodigy before even arriving at the school, that'd be too unbelievable'.

Tammy stood up and walked over to Hermione and held out her hand "Tammy Riddle. Do you need an extra pair of hands to search?"

Hermione looked a little surprised but took the hand proffered her. "Hermione Granger. No, I'm sure we'll manage, but thank you."

Tammy smiled and nodded before turning to Neville, repeating the introduction, and heading back to her spot in front of Ron who was looking desperate to continue what he saw as the far more important issue of obviously blind referees.

Their next visitor, some while later, was Lucius's son. The blond haired kid had barely set foot in the compartment when he and Ron were at each other's throats. It started with Ron snickering at the very pureblood introduction he'd given Tammy and Malfoy countering with what he obviously thought was a very witty remark about the Weasly's financial status. Before too long Malfoy's two thugs had entered the compartment and had Ron up against the wall and were about to lay into him when Tammy decided things had gone too far.

"Draco Malfoy of the Nobel house of Malfoy," she said, her voice had dropped from warm to cold as ice.

This was distracting enough to allay the immediate threat of a fist in Ron's face. Draco turned to Tammy.

"Yes? And you are?"

Tammy Merope Riddle of the newnamed house of Riddle.

"Newnamed?" Malfoy sneered "You mean mudblood".

Tammy's eyes narrowed "No, I mean newnamed. All blood is old and there is power in my blood far beyond the age of my name."

She then stood and stepped over to Draco, whom suddenly looked nervous when the girl lightly placed a hand on his chest and slowly moved her mouth within breathing distance of his ear.

Now facing away from Ron, she hissed $This is the power of my blood$, a whisper as quiet as the compartment had become.

Malfoy's face went white.

"And now," Tammy continued in English, still too quiet for anyone but he and her to hear, "I would ask you leave us. I will not be in Slytherin, but never doubt I truly belong there."

Tammy stepped away and Draco all but babbled at Crabbe and Goyle to "Leave the weasel and come with me", stopping only to briefly bow to Tammy before exiting.

Ron was getting his breath back. "Whoa, what did you say to him?"

"That you shouldn't antagonize people without first being sure of who they really are." Her voice melted from its icy tones to its former warmth. 'Merlin, that was fun.' Tammy thought, 'better keep those feelings on a leash if I'm supposed to be one of the good guys though.'

"And that worked?" Ron was looking impressed.

Tammy smiled "Looks like it, how about a game of chess?"


And now she was standing in the line of first years waiting to be sorted, and Hermione granger had just been sorted into Ravenclaw.

'Damn. I was hoping she'd be with us, a mind like that has so much potential with proper guidance,' she thought.

And then Neville Longbottom was sorted into Hufflepuff.

'What? OK, I mean, it makes sense, like Granger in Ravenclaw, but still. Both of them were ALWAYS in Gryffindor back home.

And then Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin, and her brain shut down.

'….…..no. That didn't just happen. The Gryffindor golden boy did not just get sorted into Slytherin. What the hell is wrong here?! Damnit! Jumping both in time and dimension, at the same time, was obviously a mistake. I've obviously changed stuff, but I didn't think my actions were that influential at this stage, and now I can't know if it was me or the dimensional difference. DAMNIT!'

Tammy just continued to stare at Potter before noticing that Potter was staring right back at her. It made her feel like a bug under a microscope, which was ridiculous. She looked away, pushed the feeling into an occlumancy cube, and crushed it.

Inaction descended on the great hall for a moment before…

"Riddle, Tammy"

Darkness greeted Tammy as the hat fell over her eyes

"Tammy Riddle. Welcome to Hogwarts… Oh no… this can NOT be happening to me," the hat groaned.

"Yeah, I know, you don't need to tell me. I've already been sorted, but this time I need something a bit different."

"You want to be put into Gryffindor?"

"Yes, well no, well, I'm not sure any more. I need to work with Harry Potter. I'm NOT trying to kill him. I'm trying to save him and help him, but he's in Slytherin now."

"You're trying to save Harry Potter?




"You've been in Slytherin eight times you know."

"Yes, but now three of the important six are spread out over three houses. And if Weasley goes to Gryffindor, over all four! What the hell am I supposed to do?!"

"Just stick with your original plan. Your house won't matter too much anyway."

"What!? Why!?"

"I can't tell you. I'm bound to protect other's secrets."


"Well, nice sorting you, young Master of Death. I'm sure you'll have an interesting time in …GRYFFINDOR!"

Tammy got up and walked over to the Gryffindor table, failing to notice a certain scruffy haired, green-eyed boy who'd just choked on his own spit.