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Night 1

Martin expected a lot of events to happen in his life as a half-human half-Jaeger hybrid. But working in a children's restaurant as a night guard with creepy-ass robot animal things was so not one of them. Sure he would've expected that in like a horror movie or something, but not in real life. Yet, readers, he doesn't yet understand how human life works. After all, he was and is an alien butt-kicking fifth generation robot.

But he did know how to deal with situations like this. And how? Scream like a crazy person whenever one of the animatronics showed up in the vents or in front of him. Or deal with a fatbear animatronic who was standing at the end of the hallway!

Martin breathed heavily while sweating as he flashed the torch down the hallway again. "Ah for cryin' out loud, you scared-ass idiot. Ya try'na burst meh LEDs or somethin?" The bear yelled as he shielded his eyes from the powerful torch.

Martin was a little more shocked now because 1. The bear sweared and he worked as a singer in a children's fucking pizzaria! And 2... That bears sounds very VERY similar to that teddy bear in that movie he saw...what was it? Egg? Fed? Ned? Ted? Yeah Ted! He sound a lot like Ted! Very much...which kinda spooked him a little more. He tried to flash the torch again-


"Ah what's up with'da light? WHAT'S UP WITH'DA LIGHT!?"

(*Cue creepy ambience alert!*)

"...OH NO WHAT IS THAT!? OHNO! BUDEBDLLB! BEBDSLSEBDBD!" He quickly dons on the mask, right as the blue bunny comes through the right air vent and literally slides right in front of his face. "AAH WHAT THE FUCK!? BLUE BUNNY THING GO AWAY!" The bunny face-palms.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Typical old guys. So old your starting to forget our names. What's next? Your names? To remind you, my name is Toy Bonnie. But I like to be called Tony. Or the Famous Blue Bishole Maker. Bishole is a combination of Bitch and Asshole. Why I picked those two? You piss me off, I make you my bitch. And I will admit that I can rip you a new asshole which involves a drill and your ass, and which will most likely kill you. Anyways, have you seen that endo? I could've sworn he was here a second ago."

Ever since Toy Bonnie, or Tony or FBBM (He wasn't sure what to call him now) started talking, Martin immediately face-palmed. He knows one trait of this sky-blue animatronic: he talks a lot. ALOT. And that is a major pain for other people or animatronics. But right now, this bunny thing was expecting him to answer his question.

"Uh, I think he went to...tha' other air vent?" He points his thumb to the left air vent. Toy Bonnie raises his eyebrow at him. "But Chichi comes through that way. She would have seen him go by, but I think she's on stage right now. Aw well. Better check then. See ya Freddy." And with that he crawls into the vent. Taking off the mask, Martin sighs in annoyance as the animatronic crawls away. He knows that one is gonna be on his nerves with his constant talking.

"Gender-confused Annoyance." He mutters before flashing the light again, and almost dropping it in shock. The fat bear was now leaning in the doorway, much closer and behind him was that hot-looking duck-chicken what ever it was. But how was she now much more creepy? Her beak wasn't there, revealing a row of sinister looking teeth locked in a permanent grin. And her blue eyes were replaced with blackness and white pinpricks! His reaction: "AHAA! CREEPY LOOKIN' DUCKY!"

And it was that moment guys, where Marty-boy learned that she hated being called a duck.

"I AM NOT A DUCK! I'MA CHICKEN!" She practicly roared, the entire restaurant literally shaking a bit. Martin, Toy Bonnie and the fat bear stared at her, eyes wide. This is a rare moment where she not only scares the night guard, she not only scares the crap outta the other animatronics, she is in rage mode. Were all the animatronics plus the night guard are in danger whenever they are near her. In this case, the shaking fat bear, Toy Bonnie who was trying to hide behind the fat bear and...where's Martin?

"C-C-C-C-C-C-ChiCh-Chichi, I-I-I-I know he-he-he c-ca-c-called you a duck, bu-bu-but I'm sure that endo w-w-who sits-sits in the n-n-nightguard ch-chair didn't m-m-mean it!" Toy Bonnie stammered to her, but it was for nothing as the 2 animatronics where screaming and running and jumping and waving and fighting phantom ninjas and dodged stone-hard pizza slices as Toy Chica chased them, fury in her black and white pupil eyes, ignoring the fact Martin was hiding somewhere.

The orange-head dropped down from the roof, rubbing his sore fingers. Shaking his head and muttering "Damn.", he flips up the monitor and decides to look at the place to see what he was dealing with.

The show stage was empty. Flip down moniter and flashes empty Hall way.

Checking Party rooms 1-4. Empty. Except for creepy paper plate drawings and two very big vents. "So dat's how they can also get in 'ere."

Flip down moniter and flash empty hallway.

Check Main hallway. Empty except for slightly open door labeled 'Parts and services'. Flip down monitor and flash hallway.


(*cue creepy ambience alert*)

"WASSSUP WITH THE FLASHLIGHT!? UNO! NO! UDUBAWAB!" He quickly dons the mask.
And the moment he takes it off...and the lights start flickering...

He sees the fatbear standing right in front of his desk his head tilting to the left, his mouth wide open and his eyes black with very faint white pinpricks.

"AAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He screams and the bear immediately puts his paws to his ears. "Jesus, you dick-ass! Ya try'na make me deaf or somethin'!?" The fatbear shouts. "STOP WITHA FREKIN' SWEARIN, YA WORK IN'A CHILDREN'S RESTAURANT, YA WANKER!" He shouts under the mask.

"I, Toy Freddy, know dah rules for this fucked up establishment so I don't hav' ta-"

"How did ya survive that hot-duck thing's attack?" Martin interputs. Toy Freddy shrugs. "I Let that crazy bitch beat the hell outta her big-mouth gay friend. Eh. Im gonna go make sure dem sissor-heads don't mess stuff up. Later Freddy." And he walks out.

Taking off his mask, he sighs, wondering how he managed to get into this mess. As he was thinking on how he was gonna post videos on Youtube of Romeo singing 'Don't stop till you get enough' by Michael Jackson (He is terrible at singing anything!), he couldn't help but think that he forgot something...

"Check the lights, use the mask if you need to, wind up the music box and you should be-"


Quickly raising the monitor and literally tapping every camera station until he hears the sound of Pop Goes the Weasel playing. His face instantly drains of colour and he puts on the mask as Toy Chica and FBBM both came at the vents, but just stayed there, not moving.

"GHAAAHAHA! GO AWAY! NOBODY LIKES YA! YA LOOK LIKE GAY CHEEP RIPOFFS!" He insulted the two, while (*cue creepy louder ambience alert*) Pop goes the Weasel plays faster and louder. "(Gasps) Freddy! How dare you insult me and my beautiful co-worker?! I outta break that fucking head of yours! I'll bash it in so hard, you'll be a mega-freak of nature! I'm gonna-"

"BONNIE SHUT UP YOU BIG MOUTH GENDER CONFUSED MOTHERFUCKER!" Screams Toy Chica, immediately shutting up Toy Bonnie who trembles in fear. Before he can stutter how he's not gender confused-








"AAAAAAAAAAAA(*Toy Bonnnie and Toy Chicago playing chess with Toy Freddy watching with interest*)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"




The primary generator kicks in and all the lights automatically switch on. Martin opens his eyes and looks at the...Puppet?... who was 30cm away from him, arms forward to grab him and he was hovering above the desk in a pause like position...?

He looks at the group of 4 animatronics with a blank stare then an unimpressed stare and then a wide evil grin. "When I get back t'night" (*Animatronics slowly back away*) "You'll feel how I feel 'ere at night. GET BACK TO YA STAGE!" The scared animatronics run back to where they came from, Martin following them to see where they go. Animatronics literally jump then front flip then dance then freeze on stage. Puppet-guy leaps into a box at the part called the Prize corner.

As he is about to open the door, it opens and a very familiar face pops in. "Heeello everybody. My names is Mark E. Plier and welcome to Fucky Fuckbears Pussy-ria!" Martin bursts into laughter and the animatronics (Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica Just so ya know) try their absolute hardest not to laugh but fail to keep from crying tears of oily joy while Toy Freddy tries his absolute hardest not to make his eyes go black.

"Haha! Nice one Mark! Exactly the words I would use as bein' night guard. Its was...just so boring 'ere." He lies. Mark grins. "Don't worry dude! Youll see action sooner or later. See ya, gotta open the place up." and he heads to his office.

Arriving home, he parks his bike in the garage, tiptoes into the bedroom, kisses Letifa on the head causing the both of them to smile and he carefully but quickly but loudly but softly collapses on the bed. Before he can enter the void of sleep, he thinks about what he's gonna do tonight. And are they in for a surprise!

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