This is between night 1 and 2. This is the introduction of a new human Jaeger.

Hawaii. PPDC international hospital. Recovery ward 3.

Marshall Pentecost carefully eyed each patient in their rooms as he shuffled Party-Rock-Anthem-style down the hallway of the PPDC international hospital recovery ward in Hawaii. He was here because he had a plan to get them back on their feet. As he came near the end of the hallway, his personal slave, I MEAN ASSISSTANT! I MEAN- AH FORGET IT!

He sees LOCCENT leader (Much better!) Tendo moonwalking out of the last left room, entering data and info on his tablet. Shaking his head he approaches the Elvis-wannabe.

"Mr Choi? How we doing on the rangers?" He asks a little hopeful. The technician sighs. "Not good sir. Most of them are either still in a coma, or refused to go back out into the field because of PTSD."

Marshall sighs. "Any chance one of them is willing to take this risk?" Tendo looks at his tablet. "Well I'm about to go ask the last team on this level. After that, were gonna have to go to the next..." The two men look down the 120 meter long hallway, barely seeing the elevator and staircase. Looking at each other, they rush into the room and peek out the door, observing the 2 rangers on hospital beds.

There was a man with short, grey-streaked black hair, grey eyes, lightly tanned skin with a couple of freckles across his nose. He had a lot of scars and a few burn marks all over his skin and was missing his right arm, the rest of his shoulder amputated. He was taking nap with a blindfold over his eyes and was listening to music on head phones with the volume turned down. Next to him reading a book with glasses was a woman with red hair also having grey streaks in it which has a few silver ribbons, all tied up in a braid. She had blue eyes with very pale skin. "I see why it's so dark in here." Tendo whispered. "Her skin must be photo-sensitive or something like that." replied Marshall.

They peek around the corner again...and Tendo gets bluksomed in the face with a very hard covered book. "YAAAOOOWWW!" He yelled in pain as He flew back and hit the wall. Marshall stares at him with wide eyes and clears his throat. He walks in trying to pretend nothing just happened and that he just came from the corridor. Well...That is sorta true. He just came from the corridor. And wasn't ready to walk the full height of Jozi Exterminator just to go to another level.

He approaches the woman with his usual calm face, But inside, he was trying not to blow up is insides because of the utter nervousness he had after witnessing the woman hitting Tendo with a perfect shot. "Good evening Marshall Pentecost." She replied with a smile and a slight Irish accent. "Good evening Mrs Elessar." He replied with a slight smile as he sat on the chair next to her, Tendo sitting on one next to her husband.

"Oh I'm sorry Tendo. Did it hurt?" She asked with a mischievous smile. "Revenge can be a very bad thing! But of course. Old habits die hard. And you are still very grouchy. *SMACK!* OOOFFFFF!" He yelled falling backwards in his chair after getting hit with a mug in the head. Mrs Elessar just chuckled. "So what can I help you with sir? Well...I can't really do anything right now." She said, looking at a scar on her arm. Marshall takes a look at the scar. "Well actually, you can help. Even now." He answered. She looks at him. "How?" She asked a little suspicious. He smiles and she jumps little in surprise. Guys, if you served under Marshall Stacker Pentecost while fighting the kaiju, you will know he does not smile alot. He rarely does. I'm not saying his smile is horrifying! That's-that's not what I meant! I'm just saying it's very surprising, that's all. Anyways...

"Well you have been made aware of the recent battles that the Earth has faced since the kaiju attacked, right?" She nods silently. "Well have you been made aware of an artifact known as 'The Artifact of Life?" She looks at him with a confused expression. "Nnnoo I haven't. What's that?" She asked as her husband woke up. "...GAAAAAH! *SMACK* GAAAH! *SMACK* GAAAH! *SMACK* EVIL TENDO! *SMACK, SMACKITY SMACK*

Cue to said technician falling over his chair holding his head. "How many times am I gonna get hit in the head today?" He asked very dizzy. It took every ounce of energy to not burst into laughter seeing the tech get hit in the head again for both Marshall and the Mrs. "As I was saying, the Artifact of life, or the AOL, is an alien artifact currently being in possession of the Green Kaiju. It has the ability to resurrect any form of physical life. Say, bring back the dead in simple terms. And can fully heal any physical or mental body. Human or not. And we were wondering if you would except this offer to go back into battle." Pentecost finished.

Mrs Elessar considered this for a moment. "You will be immortal and your Jaeger. And heal very fast. And have much more powerful natural skills." He added. At this, her eyes widened and she smiled widely.

"I'm taking it. Honey?" She asked looking at her husband. "Yep. Me too. Say anything about forever-stuff and you already have meh." He said in total bravado, smiling. Pentecost smiled again as Tendo got up. "Alright. We'll have everything ready. Romeo?" He said and outta nowhere, Romeo Blue, waking witt total swag Dawgs, walks in the room, headphones in his ears. "Wassup Marshall? He said with a big smile.

Marshall gave him that glare, ya know? That glare that can send a shiver down ANYONE. But Romeo was in too much of a good mood. Marshall sighed. "Please get a wheelchair ready for these two." He said, But Mrs Elessar stopped him there.

"No need." She said with a smile then took out a... beeper? IPhone? Aah, a Huawei. She typed and texted a few things, then 6 seconds later, a beep echoed through the room. Then a moment later, a girl shorter than Romeo, came in with short Silver hair, pale skin with faint freckles on her nose, golden eyes wearing a bomber jacket, a grey shirt and jeans with boots came in holding a thick book. Romeo lays his red eyes on her...yeah you kinda know where I'm going with this now-

"STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL OR WHATEVER IT'S CALLED!" Yelled Romeo. "And stop narrating! It's annoying!"

Oh who's breaking the 4th wall now?

"Oh you little-" "Tendo! Enough! Where not gonna get anywhere so be quiet." Yelled Marshall, silencing the head technician. "Now, continuing scene in 3...2...1..."

The moment the Mk-1 Jaeger saw this girl, his jaw dropped, his eyes transformed into hearts and his lips curled into what can be describes as a shit-eating grin. "*wolf-whistles* Who in this fine world is this Mrs Elessar?" He asked while looking the girl up and down. Cue to him getting bluksomed in the side of the head by a pencil. "Oww." Was all he said.

"This...*points to girl* is Silver Dagger. Marshall, she'll push me out by wheel chair, thank you." She said as she glared as Romeo.

"Hey Silver!" Romeo yelled very happy to see an old friend. She looks at him...

...then knee kicks him square in the nuts. Cure to said Jaeger falling on the floor, clutching his groin while Tendo and Mr Elessar laughed, Silver blushing and smirking along with Mrs Elessar while Marshall shook his head chuckling.

This was gonna be a very long day. He though about that as the small group left in a Jumphawk for Hong Kong.

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