A/N: Based on a line from "Captain America: Civil War." There are references to "A Vision of Pain," "Back Porch" chapters 11-13.

We've Talked About This

One of the best things about being with the Avengers was that Wanda Maximoff didn't have to lock her door at night. There were no dangers here to barricade herself against, no intruders to threaten her. It was very relaxing.

Fresh out of the shower, Wanda was wearing a white towel turban and a pink terry cloth bathrobe. Just as she slipped the robe off her bare shoulders, Vision opened her unlocked door.


Wanda squealed "Vision!" as she yanked the robe into place, cinched the belt and spun to face her intruder.

Mortified, Vision had put his hand over his eyes. "I didn't see anything except your shoulders. Your shoulder blades have exceptionally pleasing proportions," he offered. He would have been blushing red, if he hadn't already been red-faced to start with.

Wanda heaved a pillow at him, just as she would have if the interloper had been her brother. Then she gawked and shrieked in surprise.

Vision's eyes flew open, to see what threatened his friend. He blinked in surprise to see how tall she'd grown.

The other Avengers burst in — Cap holding his shield and Natasha brandishing two handguns.

Following Wanda's pointing finger, everyone looked down at Vision who looked down at himself and saw he had sunk to the waist in the floor.

"What happened?" Steve demanded.

"I don't know!" Wanda answered. "I was getting dressed and Vizh barged in, just like Pietro used to. I threw a pillow at him and it went right through him – so I screamed."

"Seems reasonable to me," Sam agreed.

He took her hairbrush and poked the handle at Vision. It went in with no resistance at all.

"Like poking air," he reported.

"What did you do?" Steve asked Vision.

"I don't know."

"Well, don't undo it," Rhodey ordered. "Tony will kill us if we make a gaping hole in the floor."

"What happened?" Natasha asked Vision.

"I was embarrassed to barge in on Wanda when she was dressing," Vision answered. "As the saying goes, I wanted to sink through the floor."

"And so you did," Natasha said.

"I did," Vision admitted. "But I don't know how to undo this."

"You can fly, man!" Rhodey exclaimed in exasperation. "Fly!"

Vision concentrated on levitating and began to rise until he was two inches above the floor.

"Now try to land," Steve encouraged.

"Vision put a toe down and it dipped into the floor as if into a pool. He pulled his foot back hastily.

"No, don't think about it," Sam said. "Just step down."

"Look at me, Vizh," Wanda encouraged. "Now step down."

Without thinking about it, Vision stepped from the air onto the solid floor. Everyone sighed in relief.

"How odd," the android commented, examining his hands. "Apparently I can vary my density."

Cap thought it would have saved a lot of grief if Vision had learned this before he'd been injured in the fight with the dinosaurs.

"You can get less dense. Can you get more dense?" Sam asked curiously.

"Not inside!" Rhodey protested.

"Right. Outside," Steve ordered. Everyone ran for the practice field.

"Don't do anything without me!" Wanda said, yanking off her turban and letting her wet hair drop down her back.

"Don't stop to put on your makeup!" Natasha warned with a wink, shutting Wanda's bedroom door firmly.

Moments later, Wanda joined them in the field wearing mismatched socks and workout gear with her curling uncombed hair dampening the back of her jacket.

Rhodey and Sam were setting up a pair of bricks about three feet apart, while Vision paced, walking gingerly as if he might sink into the earth again. Natasha came from the warehouse where they kept training supplies. She was carrying one of the wooden planks she used to demonstrate the power of a properly placed punch or kick. Steve followed her, carrying one of the two-by-fours he used to practice the moves Natasha taught — because he could break a plank with a flick of his pinkie.

Natasha laid her board across the bricks. It was thick enough that it didn't bow when Vision stepped on it.

"Now, try to make yourself heavier," Steve suggested. He stood the two-by-four on its end and wrapped one arm around it to hold it in place. He looked like a man leaning on a lamppost, except he was holding up the lamppost.

Vision wasn't sure what it felt like to get heavier. He thought deeply about how it felt to accidentally become less dense, then mentally tried to reverse that sensation.

The avengers saw the board begin to sag in the middle beneath his feet.

"Back away!" Natasha warned, suiting action to words.

The board bowed more and began to splinter along the edges.

"Get back!" Steve barked.

The board snapped in half and splinters sprayed out like darts, but Steve's shield sliced into the ground and stood like — well, like a shield to protect his friends. Splinters pinged off the vibranium and the Avengers remained unscathed.

"That's impressive," Sam said, offering a high five to Vision who responded to the gesture a beat late, but appropriately.

"Let's try something bigger," Natasha decided. She was fully focused on exploring this new ability. She gestured Sam to clear away the broken boards and beckoned Steve to put the two-by-four in place, so Vision would be standing on the thickest part.

"Ma'am, yes ma'am!" Sam and Steve barked as one, as they moved to obey her command. Natasha rolled her eyes.

Vision stepped up on the two-by-four with more confidence and concentrated on growing more dense.

"Nothing's happening," Rhodey said in disappointment.

"No, look!" Wanda pointed. The two-by-four wasn't bending, but the bricks had sunk half an inch into the ground.

Vision considered the sunken bricks, then stepped over to a square of concrete in the walkway. He gave himself a sharp mental command. His feet sank into the concrete and cracks shot from side to side, as if a rock had hit a mirror.

Rhodey palmed his face.

"I will replace it," Vision assured him.

"Throw your shield at him," Natasha told Steve.

"No," Steve answered flatly. He still had nightmares about his shield slicing Vision open.

"Baby." Natasha snatched the shield off Steve's back and heaved it at Vision with nowhere near the force that Steve could have used.

Vision raised his extra dense hand to catch the shield. He stopped it, then dropped it. "Ouch," he said in mild surprise. There was a gash across his palm. Vibranium still cut vibranium.

Steve snatched back his shield, giving Natasha a look twice as mean as she thought he was capable of. She was mildly impressed.

Vision saw the captain's agitation and reassured him. "This is a minor wound. I can repair it instantly." He concentrated on his hand and his vibranium-infused flesh flowed together, leaving his palm unmarked. "See, I am undamaged. But, if we wish to test my density further, I would rather you threw rocks at me."

"You heard the android," Natasha said.

The Avengers tossed the broken planks at Vision, then the bricks. They started gently, but were reassured when the missiles bounced right off him. Sam collected some rocks, and they threw at Vision, while he practiced varying his density, so sometimes the rocks bounced off and sometimes they passed through. Eventually, Steve was reassured enough to test Vision by hurling the bricks at him, while Wanda used her powers to raise the two-by-four and hit him like a battering ram. It just bounced off.

Rhodey donned his armor and punched the android, sensors recording an impressive increase in Vision's mass.

"Are you at high density?" Natasha asked Vision.


The spy drew her pistol and fired before Steve could say anything. The bullet ricocheted off his leg and flattened against War Machine's.

"Hey!" Rhodey protested.

"Nat!" Steve protested.

She shrugged. "It would have been a flesh wound."

"I think it's time to stop abusing our teammate," Steve said firmly.

"I don't mind, captain. It is entertaining."

"Then let's say, I've had enough," Steve said grumpily.

They went back inside, Natasha already plotting a new workout regimen for Vision.

Wanda went back to her room to get dressed properly and to wrestle with her hair, which had dried in unruly curls. When she finished, she sat on her bed to practice guitar until dinnertime.

She was fully dressed and not really surprised when Vision walked through her locked door to call her to dinner, but she squealed for the form of it and threw a pillow at him, which he caught.

"We need to talk about this," Wanda said sternly.