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There was noise. Muffled, foggy noise. Like being under water and in slow motion at the same time.

Before realizing it, the sounds become clearer. There's… screaming… maybe?

And crying… yeah… there's panic, too… sirens…

There's chaos…

There's chaos all around… and he's tired… he's really, really tired… his body is heavy and his mind is kinda buzzing…

He just wants to sleep…

Harvey's in a meeting when he gets the call.

He had just talked to Mike no more than fifteen minutes ago. He and Charlie had gone to a history lecture and were coming back to their place to watch some movies. The lecture had been further away than Mike's usual routes so he had reminded the kid to call him on their way back.

It was a good thing, Harvey would usually think, that Mike was now accustomed to call him every time he changed locations. Some might find it a little over the top, but better safe than sorry, right? Harvey had seen enough reports about how some parents would suddenly be unable to locate their kids (be it for them being mugged or in some sort of accident) and not even knowing where to start looking.

He wasn't about to let ignorance affect his son's safety, thank you very much.

Anyway, Mike had called him just as he entered the conference room after a break, to tell him they had already taken the bus and that they were currently near Central Park. The kid would call him again once they arrived at the condo.

So, when he felt his cell vibrating in his pocket, he thought it would be Mike again. He couldn't have gotten home that soon, so maybe they had decided to make a stop somewhere, maybe go to the movies instead or grab some food?

One thing was sure though, he would have never imagined what he would have to go through next. Sure, he had gone through a lot where Mike was concerned, and he had had countless scares. But this?

Oh this… this would be the one situation that would scare him and scar him the most.

How could such a normal day turn into such an awful nightmare in less than a second?

Mike had just called Harvey to let him know they were on their way home to watch a few movies with some well deserved stuffed crust pizza. The semester was finally over after all and this was the final college related activity they would have for a while, so it was time to celebrate.

They had just stepped into the bus and they had placed themselves on a little platform half way through the long vehicle where people would be slightly higher than the rest, which helped during rush hour, when the bus would be completely crowded.

Anyhow, they were talking about their plans for the afternoon when it happened. One moment Charlie was calling his dad, Mike telling him about how this guys sitting behind them had been half asleep during the whole lecture… and then…

Utter chaos.

It was weird. To this day, he doesn't know what sound came first, what sensation was the first one to hit his brain; whether it was the screech of tires against the pavement or the deep crunch of metal twisting against each other, the lonely cry of those lucky enough to see what was coming or the sharp breaking of glass into a million pieces, the trembling of the bus floor under his feet or the horrified screams of people all around him…

He probably never will. It's all a scrambled mess mingled with fear, confusion and pain. It was like an explosion. Unexpected and deadly. And before he knew it, it all stopped. Time stopped keeping count and unsettling silence took over.

And then there was nothing.

Harvey took his cell out of his pocket to glance at the screen, only to see that the one calling was no other than Will. Not giving it any mind he ended the call and put the cell away. The man probably wanted to meet with him for some drinks or something. However, Will knew his schedule and he would probably get the hint that he was in a meeting after not answering.

He had just put his attention back on Jessica when he was called again. Frowning, he ended the call again. Will was a really excitable guy, but no matter how amazing it was whatever he wanted to tell him, he couldn't answer while on a meeting.

Yet, he was called again. Trying not to be noticed by Jessica, he pulled the phone out to end the call once again. Unfortunately, the woman was already glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. He faked innocence.

It was weird, though. William was usually smarter than that. He should have got the fact that he couldn't answer after the second call. Could something be wrong? Maybe he needed help with something. Only then did the little nagging feeling of worry start to make an entrance.

Well, if he called one more time, then he would answer.

Jessica was once again explaining something about the graphic showed in the power point –financials, of course. Ugh, why would he even need to be here was beyond him- when he felt his phone again. It wasn't a call though, it was a text. Several texts.

Only a little worried, he took a look at the screen.


Harvey! Pick up!


He had just finished reading the texts, now definitely worried, when he was being called again. Not caring anymore, he picked up while standing up and sending an apologizing look to Jessica, ready to get out of the room.

"Hel-" he started, only to be interrupted by a frantic voice.

"Harvey! God, Harvey! When you're called you fucking answer!" he heard William shouting at him, utterly agitated.

He was so surprised by this that he did a double take, becoming still next to his chair, his purpose of talking outside forgotten.

"Will, wha-?" he could hear a siren in the distance and dread took hold of his very soul.

"-ou have to come! It's Mike! Hurry! There was an accident! You have to come now!"

Everything seemed to stop right then.

All the air was suddenly sucked out of his lungs and he couldn't breathe. His ears were buzzing and all he could make out was the hysterical beating of his heart. His mind screaming, screaming, screaming for Mike.

Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike.

He had talked to him only a few minutes ago. He had just talked to him!

William was still shouting in his ear from the other end of the phone, and he still couldn't breathe and he was suddenly being called.

It was like a slap in the face. Everything went back to place and his head shot towards Jessica's call of his name, only to see her and Louis, both staring at him with worried frowns.

Before he knew it, he was running towards his office, Donna calling for him about how Will had been trying to locate him. He doesn't even remember what he told her or if he talked to her at all. He only remembers running towards the elevators, Donna's car keys in his hand and said woman following after him, and William yelling directions in his ear.

Louis entered the conference room after having followed Harvey mere seconds before. He closed the door behind him and looked at Jessica with a grave face.

"They just left. There was a car accident near Central Park. Mike…"

The woman nodded to herself at the information before glancing at the rest of the Partners.

"The meeting's cancelled then" she said, Louis nodding by the door "I'm sorry gentlemen; we will carry on with it on a different day" and she went for the door.

"What?" one of the newest Partners huffed. He had no idea who Mike was, of course. Louis was already making his way towards the man, but Jessica was faster "Since when do we just stop a meeting because of one man who isn't even able to answer his phone outside the office? If it was any of-"

"Shut your mouth" she muttered, now leaning over the table only a few steps from the man "And think it through before opening it again, because if you weren't able to see what we all just saw" and Louis could tell that everyone else had their eyes wide open, none of them offended in the slightest by Harvey's sudden reaction. They all knew who he meant when he said the boy's name after all "maybe you shouldn't be part of these meetings"

The man could only gulp in fear, Louis happy to see the consequences of Jessica's anger.

"There has been an emergency" she kept going "Now, while I wouldn't usually go as far as to cancel the meeting when Mr. Litt and I could perfectly continue with it, we both will need to take over Harvey's work while working on our own at the same time. And, as you should know, we would be able to do so without necessarily ending this meeting, but Mr. Specter will probably be out for more than a few days and, personally, I would rather waste any extra time I can get on checking on my godson than continuing a meeting where no one will be quite able to concentrate on"

And only then did the man seem to get it. White as a sheet, he nodded fervently, giving the older lawyer reason enough to back off with a 'Good' and get out of the room, followed by Louis. They were all quickly copied by the rest of the partners, more than one shaking their heads at the man.

"What did they say?" Jessica asked Louis once he followed her to her office.

"I only got to ask Donna as she ran after Harvey. She was talking on the phone so all she said was that there was a car accident and that Mike was involved" he said worriedly.

"Alright. Well, we'll wait until hearing from Donna, don't call any of them before that. For now, try to see who was meeting Harvey today and tell them there's been an emergency"

Louis merely nodded before walking out, still shocked by the current events. Only then did Jessica let herself flop to her chair with a worried sigh.


They could see the accident for several blocks away. It was awful.

Harvey was driving like a crazy man, shouting for cars to move, yelling at everything in panic. Donna had taken his phone once getting on the car and had been telling Harvey everything Will told her: what had happened, where they had to go, whether he could see Mike or not.

"God, Charlie called me. They were on a bus. God… Some guy hit- some guy hit them, crashed into the side of the bus, God… " she could hear in between sirens and yelling "Oh my God!" she suddenly heard him gasp "It's Charlie! They have him, I have to go!"

"Don't worry, go!" Donna was answering, but the line was already out. They were only a few blocks away yet they could see the lights of the ambulance and from the police cars. Here, the traffic was slow and at this rate they would be there by night time "God…"

And after that she had started calling hospitals, asking for Mike. They didn't know if the kid had already been taken or was still at the scene so they needed to know in order to find him.

"That's it!" Harvey yelled after a few minutes of waiting for the cars to move, before stopping the car altogether and getting out of it. Donna had one second to realize what he was doing before getting out as well. In that moment she didn't give a fuck about her car.

Harvey leading, they ran towards the crash, the latter shoving people out of the way and leaving a clean path for Donna to follow. The closer they got, the louder it became and soon they were at the back of a large crowd of prying idiots.

But that wasn't what stopped them in tracks. No, it was the side turned bus lying in the middle of the intersection before them. The bus where Mike had been when he had called him. The bus from which fire fighters and paramedics were getting broken people out of.

"Oh my god…" Donna gasped with tears in her eyes.

Harvey didn't care. He started to shout for people to move, shoving and punching his way through the mass. His mind was buzzing again, his breathing constricted by fear until getting to the police tape and going under it.

Donna was by his side in a second, both glancing around for a mop of blond hair, ignoring the few covered bodies lying around. They were just making their way towards the bus when a police officer got in their way.

Harvey couldn't hear him though. He knew the man was talking, he knew that Donna was talking, he knew that a lot of people were talking at the same time and everything was a mess full of shouting and screaming and cries and sirens. The bus was lying on its right side, there corpses covered and people snuggled and crying together, paramedics asking 'Sir? Do you hear me? Sir?' with monotone voice, but his son was nowhere to be seen.

Mike was nowhere to be seen. He looked and looked but he wasn't there. God, he wasn't there. Where the fuck was his son, goddamnit?

"Move!" Donna was shouting at the man.

"Please step behind the tape, ma'am" the man was saying, not really listening to her. And there was no fucking air and could feel himself hyperventilating, and he couldn't see Mike anywhere!


"Shut up!" he yelled at the officer, getting him to back off of Donna "Shut the fuck up! My son is in there" and without caring about the man's reaction he run towards the bus, franticly searching for the kid, Donna doing the same.

And then…

Then he saw him.


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