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It was after another hour and a half that a doctor appeared to talk to them. In that time, Ray had stopped by with clothes and other things, opting to stay outside while they waited for news; and Donna had already changed the life of three unfortunate nurses after scaring them to death.

However, all that time seemed to stop existing once the doctor approached them. They could see him come right out from the operating room and, for Harvey's unbelievably great relief, he didn't seem to have any blood on him.

"Family of Michael Specter?" he asked as he made his way towards them. He probably just knew once getting a glance of their worried faces.

"Yes! How is he? I'm his father. Is he okay?! Please, you have to tell me he's okay!" Harvey hurried towards him, Donna right next to him.

"He's alive, isn't he?" Donna demanded. She never lost faith in her Mike, but she had to be sure. She had to make sure that was clear.

"Calm down, Mr. Specter. I'm Doctor Cruz and I've been treating your son. Yes, he's alive" he said "We're almost done with him"

"How is he?" Harvey asked fearfully.

"Well, he wasn't doing so well when he came in so you'll understand that he'll have a long way to go. When he arrived here he was unresponsive and already going into cardiac arrest due to the blood loss. He didn't flat line but it was a close one. We managed to get his heart back on rhythm and to transfuse him the blood he lost." The doctor stated, seemingly unperturbed by Harvey and Donna's horrified reactions "He has a mild concussion, a broken wrist and forearm, plus a lot of cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, it was his torso that received the brunt of the accident."

"Fuck" Harvey muttered, the image of his son's bleeding mid section clear in his mind "Of course it would" that was Mike's goddamn luck after all: nonexistent. God, the kid couldn't catch one fucking break.

"A piece of glass embed itself on his stomach which was the cause of most of the blood loss. It also pierced his spleen but luckily we didn't have to take it out. We fixed that and the damage in his stomach. Also, he's got three broken ribs and two cracked ones, one of which managed to injure his lung. Nothing serious, we managed to fix that rather quickly, it was just a small bleed. He'll still have trouble breathing though, that's why we have him with an oxygen mask right now, he's rather weak at the moment."

"But he'll be okay, right?" Donna asked frightfully.

"Yes, he will" the doctor smiled at her "My team is finishing up with him and then we'll move him to a room. We won't admit him in the ICU but he will have to stay hospitalized for some time while we keep an eye on him. A nurse will come get you when he's settled so you can see him."

"How long will that take?" the red head asked affronted.

"It shouldn't be more than an hour. Take on account we're just stitching him up" he added once he saw her face "I suggest you take this time to get something to eat and drink, you have at least half an hour more of waiting and Michael will need you to be on you're A game"

It was that simple phrase that got Harvey out of his stupor. He was about to give the doctor a piece of his mind about the 'taking a break' business, but when he heard that, the A game… Well, how many times had he said that to Mike. No matter how much he hated it, the man was right. He couldn't face Mike looking like shit.

"Okay" he nodded in daze, surprising Donna who was about to start trying to convince him "Yeah, we- we'll do that. Thanks, Doctor"

"Don't worry about it" he nodded "Your kid's safe"

There were blurry faces in front of him. There was a muffled ringing kind of sound. There were shadows in front of him getting nearer and then further away. A new deep low rumbling joined the ringing… people?

Then the world was tilting.

Then, darkness started to creep out of his field of vision. Everything was still blurry but sounds were getting stronger, the images seemed clearer, brighter. There were people surrounding him, colors splashing in a nauseating mix before settling once again. Sounds settling… voices? Only just reaching him, as if the wind was trying to take them away.

But there was no wind, there was barely air. Everything felt heavy, like he was slowly being crushed, trapped, tight chest unable to move.


e fine…

And then he remembers… screams, blood, tires and metal and bodies colliding and God, where is he, what happened, where's…

His mind can only come up with a face as an answer to his panic.

Harvey. That's Harvey. Where's Harvey, he needs Harvey. Is he okay? Is Harvey okay?! He must be because he's standing right in front of him, it has to be him!

He wants to reach out but he can't, he can't move, he's too tired and heavy and the tightness is starting to become pain and the pain is slowly creeping like a predator ready to assault its prey.

The picture in front of him becomes clearer then.

Harvey? He tries to ask. Because the face that's looking at him cannot be other than Harvey's. But he seems frozen, like a memory; and it can't be that because he needs the real Harvey now. And Harvey looks scared and shaken.

It reminds him of the time he got lost in the mall.

His dad had looked at him in a similar way then, only not so despair-y looking.

It has to be. It has to be his dad, he wants his dad, no matter how scared he might seem.

Dad? He tries, because the face hasn't answered yet and he really needs a response right now cause he doesn't know where he is or what's happening or who are the other blurry faces in the background.

But then his dad, thank god his dad, moves. He's talking and Mike strains to hear it, does his best, and his dad is crying as if the world was ending around them, but that can't be right, can it?

shh… s' kay ike…. He hears as he feels his father's hand on his face. That's all the grounding he needs. That's all the reassurance he needs as the heavy invisible rock starts coming down on him with more force, as the pain that had just been looking from afar decides to make its move.

Everything hurts. Everything.

It's like what he always thought being electrocuted would feel like. In movies when they're interrogating the hero; when younger he would imagine what it would be like to be that hero, would he be loyal and keep his mouth shut through the pain in sake of his loved ones?

Why would he need to do so now? There are no enemies here trying to get information out of him. His own dad is right here to rescue him from those inexistent villains.

The jolts hit him in unmerciful waves, one after the other, growing stronger. Yet he's so tired, he can hardly feel his body, just the pain and the way it's almost impossible to draw air in.

The pain gets stronger and sharper and his dad is right there and he wants to say something, whatever it may be, but he can't, and the pain is getting to that point where you can only hope to get past it by squeezing your eyes and screaming. He knows his voice won't make it out of his mouth, he doesn't want to squeeze his eyes shut.

No. Right now shutting his eyes means darkness, black before his eyes, and that means no Dad, and he can't, he can't lose him right now, he can't.

But then the pain decides to strike in one single place, where Mike vaguely acknowledges his stomach should be, and he can't help it.

He closes his eyes.

Is not all bad, though. There's only black, yes. But he can hear now. He's not underwater anymore; time seems to get its course back and everything speeds up to hit him right in the face.

There's so much noise, beeping and ringing, and deep frantic voices. He can tell it's too bright even with his eyes closed and…

"-you do?!" that's his dad. That's his dad when pissed. But he doesn't care, he want to hear him, have him here with him, he can't go back under water, not now.

But the pain is still there and its getting stronger and now all he can feel is his stomach burning, the lava spreading everywhere and he's truly being crushed now and the noises are getting louder, the ringing taking over the voices and he can't- he can't breathe.

"-ood already!"

"-ive 'aster!"

And there's something in his mouth and he can't breathe and it hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

He can see his dad again who is looking back at him like he's feeling it all too and the thought alone scares Mike to the core. His dad can't be feeling the same, he can't.

The pain is turning sharper in an odd way, like a needle. It feels like ice now. It's so very cold.

He can't say it hurts any less but it is calmer, much calmer. He could readily sigh in relief right now. This numb, cold sensation is so much better than the lava from a few seconds ago.

It's like he's back underwater, yes. But this time the ocean is calm, no longer a surge.

He's in pain still, yes. But he can't be bothered to care anymore.

Everything is blurry again, but that's okay.

shhh… it's okay, kiddo… he manages to hear with unexpected clarity. The voice alone helps him relax and he doesn't really remember why there was a time he wasn't.

It's cold still, but numb the more time passes.

It's like slowly sinking into darkness. Down… down… down… It's like painstakingly slowly falling asleep…

His dad's still there as the darkness starts to take over the edges. He seems to be talking but it's so blurry Mike can't be really sure. It looks like he might have his hand on his face but he can't be sure of that either. He can't feel it.

But he guesses that's okay… he's too tired anyway… he… he could really sleep a… a little right now…

As the darkness engulfs him completely with him not realizing, he thinks…

Dad's probably fine with that…

Mike looks awful. Although Harvey doesn't think he can truly complain. After watching his son bleeding in front of him nothing will ever have the same impact on him as it would have. Mike could probably come home dressed as a princess and he wouldn't be that much faced.

Because he would have still come home in end. And that's all he'll ever hope for again.

Right now, that's all he wants.

He's sitting next to his kid, looking at him, scared to let him out of his sight. One hand is holding onto the cold fingers of a cast-ed wrist and forearm, the other caressing the boy's hair. He's so cold. Not as cold as he had been of course, but still. He has a nasal cannula and dark bags under his eyes. He looks sick. He looks small. He looks broken.

There's a stitched wound above his right eyebrow, close to his hairline and his arms are full with cuts and bruises. And that's only what he can see, only what's not covered by sheets and gown.

It's been half an hour since they entered the room. There's the beeping thingy and tubes making sure Mike's body gets whatever it is he needs: pain relievers, sedatives, fluids. You name it.

Donna started to cry as soon as she stepped in. He's glad and jealous that she doesn't know what the truly crying-over part had been.

Mike is sleeping deeply, sedated enough not to wake for a few good hours, or so the nurse says. They'll be taking him out of it step by step so not to stress his body. Now, it's just him as Donna talks to the others outside. There's people to call, meetings to arrange, sues to make.

Harvey just wants his kid look him back.

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