Chapter 1: The Phone Call

It was a gloriously sunny day, rare for Forks. Emmett and I had just finished taking down a grizzly bear and a mountain lion each. I was full from the hunt, basking in the sun's rays watching the facets on Emmett's skin reflect like diamonds while I traced the muscular contours on his chest. It was peaceful, just the two of us, no one around for miles and especially no annoying mind-reading brother intruding on intimate moments like this. Emmett played with my hair and bent down to kiss me gently. As much as I hated to move out of his arms, we weren't breaking houses today - we were building one. Esme was expecting Emmett to help with more construction work on the new cottage, a surprise birthday present for Bella - though what remained to be seen was whether it would be her 19th human birthday or her new birth as a newborn. It still pained me to know Bella's choice would be the later.

I pulled Emmett to his feet and we started back towards the cottage. Emmett kissed me again, "Esme won't mind if we're a little late..."

I was quite certain that was true. But we didn't do little and worse than that I said "Alice will mind. And she will look for us and see exactly what we'd be about to do."

Emmett shuddered but only for my sake. "The little monster..." Emmett isn't exactly shy about his sex life or anyone else's.

"She says she has a vision and she wants the closet built today, you know Alice. She said it will take hours to organize."

Emmett rolled his eyes, but he knows as well as I do arguing with Alice is hopeless. He changed tactics , "Want to race to the cottage? The sooner we get this done, the sooner we'll have time to ourselves." He put his arms around my waist and pressed me into his rock-solid frame. I was about to lose my resolve and melt into him when my phone rang.

Alice! I swore silently. I told Emmett to run ahead to the cottage-I wanted to give my dear sister a piece of my mind. It's so unfair I can't interrupt her with Jasper - she sees too much. As I picked up my phone I realized I was angry at the wrong Cullen. Edward. Edward - hasn't called since he left on for his honeymoon two weeks ago and I couldn't fathom why he'd be calling me now. Edward can be a little temperamental on the phone so I gave Emmett a little kiss and he took off. I think it annoys Edward that he has to rely on the respondent speaking and not having the instantaneous gratification he's used to. I contemplated briefly about what to say to Edward, he's very sensitive about any negative comment about Bella. Congrats for not killing your wife might be in order. I didn't want to picture it but it was there - Edward and Bella in bed, Edward delicately caressing her human form, but then the image changed - it wasn't Bella; it was me. There was a time, long ago, when I hoped it would have been me in his bed and that image came flooding into my mind involuntarily. Ew, it's not even something I would even want now that I've found Emmett. I had a sudden pity for Alice and her visions – unlike this one the ones with Emmett and I were rarely G rated. Edward will bite my head off when he gets home for this. I can't hide my thoughts like Alice, they're always on the surface for Edward to see. Even with my inner monologue, I still answered on the second ring.

"Hello?" I said. Still without the faintest idea about why he was calling.

Then I hear a terrified Bella whispering as though calling me was life or death.

"Rosalie? It's Bella. Please. You have to help me." I heard her sense of urgency and was suddenly concerned, all other thoughts vanishing as quickly as they'd surfaced.

"Bella? Are you hurt?" I asked, trying to figure out why she was whispering and pleading to me of all people. I am certainly not on Bella's short list of favorite vampires. Only slightly above Aro and Jane, I'd gather.

"Not yet." Bella still sounded like she was on the brink of death. And really she was. Edward was planning to change her when they got back. No amount of rationalization on Edward's part had changed Bella's decision...Maybe...Bella's finally comes to her senses, I thought. Maybe, she really listened to my story.

"It's OK, Bella. We understand if you don't want to be like us - especially me - just talk to Edward...", I started but Bella cut me off.

"Rose, I'm pregnant". Bella whispered.

"Shit Bella! You and Jacob actually..." I started thinking I'd hang up on her after I gave her a piece of my mind. Edward loved her more than his existence – he'd proven that. But knowing my brother he'd stay by Bella's side if she claimed that this was a 'mistake'.

"NO Rose! Edward, I've only EVER slept with Edward". Bella cried almost silently. "Edward and Carlisle talked earlier - they want it out. Edward thinks it's dangerous, but it's my baby, our baby. I have to protect him. Can you help us?" Bella pleaded already using the plural for herself and her unborn child. "We didn't know, Carlisle didn't know it was possible, please help me save him!"

I was stunned into silence.

"Rose, Edward's coming - meet me at the airport if you'll help us", Bella said, then the line went dead.

Bella called. I wouldn't have believed it. Bella and I have not seen eye to eye - ever. But then the reason she called was even more shocking. Pregnant? I initially thought she was a little crazy, drunk and that she did it with wolf-boy after all, just hadn't gotten around to telling Edward. It took me hours wandering aimlessly through the forest to process that Bella was pregnant with Edward's child. Edward's. I wasn't surprised Emmett hadn't come back to find me, he doesn't worry. I do.