Emmett was mine. Even knowing my darkest secrets he still loved me. This made me reach for him and he didn't hesitate to take me in his arms. We hadn't had any alone time for a few weeks so one kiss turned into much more. I had a fleeting thought of Leah and Seth or one of the other wolves running into us in our throws of passion, but I pushed the worry out of my head and focused on Emmett and what he was doing to my body and soul. We were one.

Alice called at sunrise, apologetic, but wanting us to know Bella would wake in 6 hours. She hung up before I could thank her. Emmett groaned and started looking for his pants. Knowing Alice had seen us would usually stop me from continuing everything Emmett and I were doing, but not today. I pressed Emmett back down and five hours later it was Emmett who had to redirect my attention to family matters.

In minutes we were ready to return home, ready for Bella's arrival to her new life and, if it went well with Jacob, seeing her meet Renesmee. Witnessing Newborn mother and newborn daughter together for the first time since Renesmee's dramatic birth would be well worth the sacrifices it took to get to this place. Bella already loved her more than her own life. There was some comfort in knowing that if I had been faced with the same decision my response would have been identical to Bella's. Hopefully, when we get home Edward takes my actions into account over some dubious fleeting thoughts so that I can be the best aunt a little girl ever had.

I tightened my hold on Emmett and looked at him with a never-ending yearning. "I love you, Emmett. Always. Forever", I said with raw emotion, every ounce of my being going into those few words.

Emmett looked back at me and was too choked up to speak, but gave me a kiss that said it all.

On the run home, still holding Emmett tightly, I found a new contentment with my life, love of Emmett and my whole family. I realized then that Bella was not the only one changing.