My decision (Bella's Choice)

The next morning I debated about taking my own car to the airport, but Alice and Jasper returned from shopping and took copious numbers of bags to their room (surely the closet could hold nothing more). Alice looked at me suspiciously when she came back downstairs. She seemed to be reeling just like I was, though not for the same reason.

"Alice, are you going to the airport with Carlisle?" I asked.

I have to Rose," she answered, pained. "Bella's disappeared, while not completely, not like last year...

At that I caught my breath. Edward nearly killed himself because of my stupidity. Even now I wonder what might have been but have never gotten the courage to ask Alice.

"...It's more like she's lost in a fog of indecision" she continued, pretending not to notice. "That's why I called Edward yesterday. I know I talked to her, but it still feels wrong. I hate not knowing".

"Yeah, it's hard being normal" I mocked her, trying lighten the mood. "I'm coming too." I'd finally decided. Alice nodded only once and that made me believe Alice knew I had something in the works. I didn't know my plan - my only goal was to keep the baby safe.

Bella was the first one off the plane. Edward was behind her - he had the carry-on bags and a haunted look in his eyes. Bella ran to me at once much to everyone's surprise.

"Thank-you, Rosalie", she murmured breathing into my neck. Bella and I had grown slightly more cordial over the last few months, but no one would call us friends, that was Alice and Bella territory.

"Bella, I'm here, I'll do what you asked," I exhaled, running out of stored air, " but please warn me next time you decide to accost me".

"Oh, sorry, Rosalie", Bella apologized and moved graciously to the side, downwind so I could inhale non-human scent. In the short time since Bella had joined our family she had grown so in tune and accepting of our dietary needs. Even in her current circumstance she was putting my comfort ahead of her own. Edward would likely say 'That's so Bella' right now he was staring daggers at me.

"Rose?" Edward questioned.

I didn't have to answer aloud. Edward already knew about the whole phone call within seconds with his ability to read my thoughts. And then everything tumbled out of my head- my fear of losing Emmett, and the one thought that betrayed me - Bella dead, my raising the child as my own.

Edward usually calm when hearing thoughts not meant for his ears let out a growl. Bella turned and clung to me again, thinking of me as her saviour. She believed the growl was for her.

"Rose", Bella sighed.

"Rosalie." Edward threatened. I couldn't answer either of them with words but picked Bella up and placed her in the car beside me in the back seat. Edward got in on the other side and Bella clung to me.

"NEVER, Rosalie - understand?" Edward murmured threateningly in response to my earlier thought but so quietly that Bella couldn't hear even though she was sitting between us. I understood completely and gave a minute nod. But I knew protecting Bella was one thing Edward would not begrudge me for - even if it my motives were not completely altruistic.

Bella was too distraught say anything all the way home; I comforted her as best as I knew how, just rubbing her shoulder as Carlisle drove. I could tell he was having a one way conversation with Edward and I could guess it was about me, Bella and the issue at hand. Alice just sat shotgun in deep concentration but I from what I could tell she still looked worried - Bella's future still hazy.

Carlisle pulled up to the house and I carried Bella in. Emmett was still watch football so I booted him off the couch and lay Bella down. Bella looked at me expectantly, I held her hand. And I stated what Edward already knew "Bella wants the baby and I will help her in any way I can"

Carlisle was frightened. "Bella, Rose, I'm sorry but we must terminate this pregnancy, the fetus is too fast growing for a human body to support. It will not make it to term and, Bella, you will die trying". He looked at Edward and they both looked ready rip me to pieces to get to Bella.

I hadn't formed any kind of rebuttal - I wasn't going to win a medical or ethical debate against a doctor with over 200 years of practice. But Bella beat me to any reply.

"No! My body, my choice!" Bella responded forcefully but still on the verge of tears.

Emmett came to stand with me with a questioning look in his eyes. Then he turn to look at Bella then down to her stomach, which already had a baby bump. Most people underestimate Emmett's intelligence but despite my not saying a word the day prior, Emmett looked at Edward with a gleam. He understood immediately and was in as much shock as I was. He didn't even make a single innuendo - a first for my man.

"Bella, please", Edward tried to reason but he sounded broken. Bella squeezed his hand in reassurance but wouldn't let him come closer. I was the body guard and tension was mounting. Emmett decided to take my hand in show of solidarity.

"Sorry. Carlisle. Rosalie is my priority. Edward - you make your bed you lie in it, man. Or in this case..." Emmett started.

"Enough, Emmett. We understand." Edward cut him off, replying for both himself and Carlisle, not wanting to hear the sexual analogy out loud Emmett had finally come up with.

Alice and Jasper weren't taking part in the debate. Both looked troubled - the tension in the room was palpable and Alice's clouded vision was making her miserable. I had the distinct impression that intellectually they would side with Carlisle and Edward but wouldn't fight Bella to make it happen.

Just then, Esme ran in right to Bella and kissed her cheek, ever so motherly, "Bella dear, are you feeling ok? Can I get you something to eat? You must be so tired after the long flights." Bella leaned on Esme and started crying. Esme admonished the lot of us.

"Give Bella some space everyone. I could hear you from a mile away arguing about what to do. Carlisle - patient autonomy is paramount in today's medicine. I love you, dear, but if your plan is to force Bella to do something against her will, you'll have to get though me. And I can see Rosalie and Emmett are siding with Bella as well. I will not stand in the way if there are tests to run but any attempt at termination of this pregnancy without Bella's consent I will not condone. I am not watching another child die".

This speech brought a hush to the whole room. Esme was usually quiet and soft-spoken and so rarely talked about the loss of her infant son we were all stunned into silence. Carlisle nodded, and then Edward looked even more broken which I didn't think possible, he knew he'd lost his only ally.