Since the beginning of time, magic has always existed in one form or another. In nature as life that sings in the wind as it rustles leaves in the trees and forests to grow, to the love and nurture of mothers and fathers give to their young as they protect and teach them about the life around them.

But magic's own history is not completely innocent in all aspects. Where one thrives with life it is taking the place of the one before it creating a cycle that isn't always balanced. Where one fight for the dominance of another in race or as natures own there is always struggles being made. In time magic is forgotten by most and lost, thrown away by those who couldn't or wouldn't understand her pleas for balance and left to prove them better and smarter unknowingly weakening her to where few could still feel her. As centuries past, more and more left unable to feel her in their veins, they turned their backs on their brothers and sisters for practicing witchcraft. Gathering together they set up their own communities and hid from the rest until the one came to reunite them heal magic until then they fell into the background.