After escaping the Dursleys, harry then went into the forest and started walking to his new home that he had started on building. Harry was thinking of the letter in the box around his neck and what it would tell him. Shaken from these thoughts when he saw the tree that he had planned to sleep in harry took out the box from around his neck and tapped the box while asking for it to grow.

After watching it grow to its right size harry opened the lid and took out the 2 letters. And stared to debate on which to open first and deciding on the one that had told him how to shrink and resize the trunk first.

Dear harry potter,

I know that some of this may seem strange or difficult to understand but I need you to listen to everything I say first alright sweet heart? My name is Maia and I'm known as both mother magic and as magic. Though few still believe or even listen for me. Many years ago the world used to be full of magic and life but as time went on the balance between man and nature right and wrong began to tip and I was left behind by many as they forgot about me and soon many lost their magic's and turned on those that still had it seeing it as started to get worse still to the point that the world could have ended because of the unbalance and in an attempted to right it many of my children went into hiding till it was safe enough to return. But after centuries less and less still believed and as they stopped they became more dependent on wands to help them as their magic grew weak. And as this occurs a problem will arise that will determine whether this earth will survive or not. Only my chosen, my son could right what will come to and have any hope of saving them. You harry potter are my son. I'm sorry their wasn't much I could do for you before, but I will help you learn your magic's and grow strong. You will always be connected to earth and animals of all types because of your place as my son and have many powers that others don't because of this I will send you to places that will help you learn but you wll always be able to come back here as this forest will be frozen in time so that no matter what time your in the forest will be the same. One thing though is that you are still lily and jame's son still as well and will have to learn there magic's and how to control them. Because you are my son you will become an immortal but will stop aging on your 21 birthday. If you ever need me all you have to do is say my name and I will come.

Love Maia.

Harry was shocked by what he and just read and stared into space a bit before shaking his head and opening the next letter from his parents:

Dear harry (prongs let),

Hi harry if you are reading this than we have died but were able to protect you for that I am sorry for no longer being there but am glad that you lived know that we will always love you know matter what son. In this box is everything we could think of including many books on magic and to go about learning them. Also you will need to go to gringotts to take a heredity test to see what you've inherited and your gifts. If you were placed with my sister then request to have them emancipate you. We love you harry

Love, Lily and (James) potter.

Harry put down the letter from his parents and decided to go to sleep and figure out everything in the morning.

The next day harry woke up early and went through the trunk and started to sort out what he would need when. Getting up, he decided to get gladius and sort out gringotts first.

Finding gladius and explaining where they were going harry picked him up and concentrated on gringotts. Appearing in front of the building harry shocked the goblins by bowing politely to them before entering and again bowing to the tellers before asking of he could speak to someone about his vaults and accounts.

Griphook came over to help him and brought him to his office and telling him that he would need blood so that they could see if he truly is who he says he is and if there is any titles monies properties' and gifts that harry would have along with anything that may needs fixed like blocks on certain magic's or potions/spells.

Slicing his finger for the blood, they were shocked for what the paper read.


What does the paper say , who should he descend from, gifts? And should he run into any potential friends in diagon alley. NO RON WEASLEY OR GINNY WEASLEY.