(With Spencer) when I got out of the jet, their plane left and my plane arrived. I hopped on and waited anxiously while one of the fastest planes in the world flew.

He just as quickly thought 'I need to see my agents and find out where Star is' and he set up the video call. A young girl's face popped up, her voice was more stern than it should have been.

"Sir, it's nice to see you but I know that's not what you want to hear; Its the Triad, which means we'll need to be quick. Will you be going in?" He nodded, "Yes, and tell the boss that he won't be able to stop me"

He stood up and ended the call getting dressed into his more work-like uniform. He wore it at the BAU before but only when he had long work hours at his other job (which is where he spent most of his off time except with his mom).

The outfit consisted of a white elbow sleeved shirt, gray vest and tie, and his usual black pants. He put on a suit jacket so his agents knew he was serious today.

Spencer grabbed his phone out of his pocket and flipped it open. Now that he knew who had her, Hotch would need to know that he needed more days. If he hadn't gained more confidence due to his last year commanding the OSCD then he would be shaking.

"Hotchner." He shook his head, 'still doesn't check the caller ID'. "Hey Hotch, I'm gonna need more than 2 days, 5 maybe." His 2nd boss clearly was worried but didn't make it super obvious. "Why? Nothing happened I hope?"

"No, ever-" suddenly the plane jerked making him fall back into the bathroom door. "Reid! What's happening?" He moved up to the cockpit ignoring Hotch until he knew what was happening.

Opening the door he cursed. Outside the window were Triad fighter planes, which he did not want to see right now. "Hotch, I may or may not call you back. Work on the case, don't worry about me, and do anything stupid."