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The other thing is, surprisingly, that I suck at melee-fight scenes. Ranged fighting with guns or magic? Easy. Melee with a hammer, while also keeping the fighter below overpowered, is neigh impossible for me. So, to those of you who complained that Egil was overpowered: Here, this is your end result. I hope you enjoy being one reason for the extremely awkward fighting-scene.

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Blood on the Wall

The room, for all that chaos hang in the air, remained deathly quiet.

The Leapers made no sounds, likely because they were all dead or unconscious. The Jotunn made no sounds, as it stared at the comparatively tiny students, and neither did the students dare make a move or speak a word, mostly for fear that it would somehow be what it took to trigger the trespassing giant's rage.

Egil could feel his heartbeat spiral out of control. In front of him stood a Jotunn. A creature of Jotunnheim that had someone managed to break into the academy. Why? Why was it here? Had it been after him and Elise, or was it all a coincidence? Regardless of the reason, he knew this was bad, horrifyingly bad, and for so many reasons that he was unsure whether or not they all could not just be one and the same.

He could already feel his hair stand, raised like a forest from his head. Not even the braids and ties could hold it down, and he did not have the mental peace of mind to hold it down. Glancing at his sister, he found her likewise uncaring for her hair, instead pale with fear as she stared wide-eyed at the giant.

"Hrrrrrr hrrrrrrr hrrrrrrr!" what sounded like churning gravel betrayed the Jotunn's amusement, as it chuckled at the sight of the terrified and stunned beings before it. Eyes as yellow as gold, with beads as black as coal glared down in a twisted grin. Predatory fangs, some protruding from the mouth itself, glinted in the light from the lamps; "Boss was right; Hela's little chickens left the pen. Me gonna make you into chicken-mush!"

There was most likely nothing worse the giant could have said, because this more than anything meant the Jotunn was here for them. This wasn't a coincidence of any kind; this was someone who had found out Egil and Elise had left Helheim, and grabbed the opportunity with a claws and nails.

"Evacuate the room!" the giant's amusement temporarily became surprise when a new voice called out from somewhere above, roughly on level with its left shoulder. Egil recognized the voice before he did the sight, and found Yukio having emerged from one of the upper entrances to the cavernous room. Both firearms were out and pointed at the giant, who only seemed once more amused at the tiny human defying it. How long had he been there? "Get OUT!"

That was all it took for the students to react. Renzo, who was closest to the entrance, bolted before Yukio's last word had finished its echo. The rest followed his example, even as gunshots started ringing throughout the hall. Only one refused to even move, causing Egil to hesitate in his own escape.

"RIN! He said to run!" he growled, grabbing the half-demon's arm; "Yukio can-"

"LITTLE CHICKS DON'T RUN!" the Jotunn roared, launching himself from the pit as if Yukio's bullets failed to even get its attention. The massive black body crashed into the upper walkway, very nearly turning Bon into a smear underneath it; "LITTLE CHICKS GET EATEN! BOSS SAYS SO, YES HE DOES!"

It rose above them, half-naked above the waist as the pelts of bears and other animas covered it underneath. Bones of birds, mammals and even fish dangled from the rope holding it all up. Each toe, seven protruding from each naked foot, bore long claws common for trolls. Also dangling from its waist was a club, longer than a human being, which ended in a boulder tied up with thick ropes.

It all pointed to something else than Jotunnheim. Egil had never heard of black-skinned ones from that place, only those looking like the common mountain giants. Only one place had black-skinned Jotunn, as far as he knew.

"What the Hell is that thing?!" Rin yelled, leaping back as the Jotunn started for them. Egil was already running as well, only not away. He was terrified and felt like his heart was about to burst out through his ribcage, but there was also a sense of…certainty. He had been taught how to deal with this, even if only in theory.

"It's a Jotunn!" Elise replied, her voice as frantic as the son of Satan's. Her hands were already waving through the air, seemingly grasping at nothingness itself; "It's a really big mean pile of shit with teeth!"

"How'd it get in?!"

"Doesn't matter just run!" Egil yelled, split between providing an example of his own words, and standing his ground. Being who he was, the son of Balder, god of Light, there was nothing for him but to choose the latter, and suffer the consequences.

Elise, however, seemed to not have heard her brother. She was frozen to the spot before the Jotunn's onslaught, wide-eyed in terror as the massive creature thundered towards her. Already the maul was freed from its belt, soaring through the air as it aimed to smear the white-haired girl across the concrete.


"ELISE! RUN!" Egil screamed, his voice caught between terror and protective rage as he impacted his sister, shoving her aside with the force of a charging bull. Even as his back hit her, Egil's hands withdrew Bani from within his uniform, unfolding the warhammer from its compacted size to full.

He only managed just that, as the maul hit him. Or rather, it did not hit him, as it had attempted to track Elise when she was moved. As such, it pounded the floor only a few centimeters from where Egil stood, the tremors sending the god-child stumbling back. Screaming in rage at a missed kill, the Jotunn drew its foot back and kicked forward, impacting Egil in the ribs. The massive foot impacted him with force that would have killed, if not torn apart humans, and but instead sent him soaring through the air.

The pain lasted only for all but a brief span of seconds as he flew, during which he didn't yet fully understand what had just happened. He couldn't see where in the room he was, only that all noise and sound seemed to have merged, and his vision swam with colors and bright flashes.

Then he hit the wall, and the pain overwhelmed his mind. The room vanished, and the air was ripped from his lungs as he felt bones break and muscles tear. The worst was his head, which felt like it was being ripped open and stitched back together repeatedly. The magic inherent in his blood was all that was keeping him alive, and even then it was having difficulties keeping up with the raw physical trauma.

Still, the pain was already receding, even as Egil could feel his bones reknit and his torn muscles mend themselves. It only slowly became apparent to him that he was currently stuck vertically on the wall, imbedded in the crater formed when his body did not simply smear across the stone. It was, however, very much slick with blood, and he could only imagine the sight anyone watching was presented with. Thor…himself could…probably not have done that…Shouldn't…either. Fenris' cock that…hurt. Hurts.

Then, as his body finally rejected the pieces of wall stuck in him, Egil felt how first his head dipped forward, then his left arm when it healed itself and dangled limply into the air. When the his body was no longer supported by either arm, he felt the air in his face as he simply fell forward from the wall.

Someone screamed. It sounded like it was his name, but he couldn't be certain.

He wasn't very high up on the wall, but it was high enough that his tumble through the air allowed him a full turn, letting him crash hip-first into the ground.

Once the most overwhelming pain had ceased clouding his mind and vision, Egil was able to sit against the wall, numbly aware of the noise coming off from ahead of him. There were roars, yelling and the same repeated note of gunfire. The latter was likely Yukio, still believing he could take down a Jotunn with the same means as any demon.

There were screams too. One particular scream was far more familiar than the others, those being of the panicked humans somehow not yet evacuated from the room. Elise wasn't the one screaming, much to his simultaneous relief and worry. It could mean so many things until he actually found her, and the steady tremors going through the ground only served to make it all the harder for him to get up.

The screams came from Izumo.

When his eyes refocused and became clear once again, Egil found first his sister to be unharmed, remaining more or less where he'd shoved her to the side. He then followed the sound of the screams, and found the dark-haired girl swinging through the air, one leg held in the iron-fisted grip of the giant.

"YOUZ NOT CHICKIE, JUST LITTLEZ BUG!" the Jotunn declared as if the girl had deliberately done it offense. Izumo, on her part, changed back and forth between screams for help and demands to be set down. The latter became pleas soon enough when it was evident that she could not make the barbaric giant obey her; "I STOMPZ ON-!"

The Jotunn's victorious laughing turned to howls of pain in the blink of an eye. Egil was, for but a moment, unable to understand the reason for this until the man-eating giant turned, slapping at his own back with both hands. Izumo apparently forgotten. By Yggdrasil, if I don't get her out of there quickly-

His thoughts snapped when he saw what the Jotunn was slapping at. Dangling by the jaws, teeth sunk deep into the thick hide of the giant's back, Garmr had appeared, and was causing the Jotunn far more agony than Yukio's bullets likely ever could. The Hound of Helheim's pitch-like black fur already gleamed with the black blood running from the tear he had made in the monster's back.

Then Izumo was no longer in the giant's hand. At some point, in some moment where Egil had not looked, the girl had been discarded, tossed aside like a picked bone when she clearly did not serve as proper leverage against the hound. Now, somehow Rin was kneeling on the ground, not far away, holding the unconscious and bleeding girl in his arms.

The son of Satan seemed struck with horror. Horror, and a rage Egil very much felt himself.

It was one thing, terrible though it was, that the Jotunn and trolls would try coming after him and E. That much they had both been prepared for when leaving Helheim, though it had at the time been nothing more than one of numerous risks they were taking. Yet still, it had been a risk they were taking.

Izumo had never been asked.

Reaching into the air, Egil grasped at what little magic he retained. Bani, flung from his grasp when the Jotunn had kicked him, answered his beckon and returned to his hand with a thwack, as metal impacted flesh. The slightest flickers of dancing sparks already ran across his arms.

"Rin, see the others to safety!"

"What do you – What're you gonna do?!"

Egil wasn't actually certain of which reply would fit. He didn't have one, and didn't really think he needed to specify why he was already now running towards the thrashing Jotunn, Bani gripped firmly in both hands. The golden hammer, in its complete form, was a true work of dwarven art. The shaft was long enough that one needed both hands to properly swing it, and the head was enchanted iron, made so that it would not break regardless of what he hit.

In some ways, he supposed it resembled what Mjolnir was meant to have been. In others, he knew it was nowhere near the power of Thor's hammer. One against the other, he knew Thor would win.

But the Jotunn before him wasn't the god of thunderstorms and lightning. It was a simple, brutish monster that deserved naught but to be put down like the beast it was.

He struck the Jotunn as Garmr sank its teeth into the giant's shoulder. Swinging Bani horizontally at the Jotunn's right leg, avoiding its left as the giant kicked at him again. This time, he knew to dodge, and exploited that now all the weight was on just one tree trunk-like leg. The golden warhammer impacted on black, tough hide, easily pulping muscle underneath. The bone was still somewhat intact, however.

"GAAAAAAH! LITTLE RAT GONNA DIE!" If there was such a thing as a voice capable of crushing granite, Egil would not doubt the Jotunn possessed it. The roar echoed through the cavernous room, and he felt as his very being vibrated from it; "LITTLE RATZ GONNA DIE NOW!"

Twisting around at a new angle, the giant finally got a hold of Garmr, and flung the hound away like so large a sack. Garmr managed a turn in the air, landing solidly on his paws with elegance few cats could match. Liquid embers dripping from its maws, the hound of Helheim changed straight back into the fray as had nothing happened.

Egil, meanwhile, had become the sole target of the Jotunn's wrath.

He didn't know what Elise was doing, or if she had fled, but he didn't have the chance to check. Meaty fists the size of boulders pounded the ground, cracking the floor as they attempted to smear him like a bug, or grab him in a deadly embrace. Egil, for his part, wanted nothing to do with either, and spent much more energy simply avoiding the attacks than he did striking back.


Egil, in his mind, had once considered several witty remarks and replies to that kind of threats. He had never imagined that simply not being caught would require far too much of his attention for him to actually stop and speak.


So when Garmr struck, and buried his fangs in the Jotunn's arm, Egil was finally granted a chance to hit back. Even as the giant reeled and swatted at the stubborn hound, he used his own momentum, spun in place and swung Bani with full force, downwards on the squarely planted foot.

Skin broke, muscle tore and bones shattered as the hammer fell, and to the Jotunn, Garmr suddenly no longer mattered. Egil withdrew his hammer from the crater-like wound he had wrought the giant, leaping out of the way as monster did its utmost to smear him across the concrete.


He stumbled.


The world, to Egil at least, seemed to slow down as the hand not dragged away by Garmr grabbed for him. The meaty hand already showed signs of where bullets that were likely no more bothersome than needle-pricks had struck, black skin leaking blood of equal color. The hand itself was large enough that it could and would easily hold him, and he doubted he could simply break loose if first the giant caught him.


It was likely not so much the bullets striking the giant as it was the flash of blue fire sweeping across Egil's vision. At first, he feared he had died, and that what he saw was in truth Niflheim's icy flames and fog. Then, the fires passed him by, and he realized that what actually occurred was Rin. That…idiot. I told him to…to…

Slowly, the hand the Jotunn had stretched for him slid off its wrist, no longer attached as skin, muscle and bone had been cut cleanly through. Egil, for a moment as he was slumped on his rear, could but stare in wide-eyed disbelief as the hand fell to the ground, just beside where Rin now stood, burning blade unsheathed and held at the ready.

And Rin too, was aflame. Is this what Elise saw in the garden?

"Come on, you can't just lie there!" Rin yelled, even as he nimbly leapt backwards to avoid the thrashing Jotunn's attempt at stomping him.

With one foot crushed, the other leg severely hurt and only one hand yet attached to its arm, the giant was growing panicked. And with the panic came feral rage.

"Rin! You're on fire!"

"Yeah I noticed!"

That answer, such as it was, did not exactly invite further questions. Neither did the still very much alive Jotunn, as it frantically swatted at the two, ignoring Garmr even as the hound's bite was bleeding it dry. Much could likely be said about the hound, but he was stubbornly loyal and ferocious above all.

"Where's my sister?!" the terror was absolute when he did not see her still.

"She took Izumo out of the room." Rin called, running behind the Jotunn, drawing its eyes from Egil; "She's safe, don't worry."

"Thank Yggdrasil…" even in this moment of danger and adrenaline roaring through his body, Egil found a measure of peace in that knowledge.

And with the giant's attention on the source of the blue flames, drawn like a moth as it was, Egil took off, warhammer held at the ready as he leapt at the wavering monster. Aimed at the chest, he swung the hammer with brutal force down.

When it connected, there was a sundering scream of agony from the giant, as ribs broke and organs were crushed. Bani had imbedded itself in the Jotunn's chest, and lodged itself between the ribs. Much as he heaved and tore, Egil could not free it, even as the giant's thrashings turned far more desperate, and Rin became all but forgotten.

As such, when the massive creature toppled forwards, Garmr still dragging it down by the arm, Egil had no option but to jump. Even so, he could not get out of the way as he landed on the cracked floor, and the lights dimmed around him as the tumbling body of the giant came down hard.

Everything had happened way too fast.

One moment, Rin had been expecting Egil to be dead. The giant monsterhad kicked him through the room and into a wall, after all, so how the Hell wouldn't he had been dead? Then again, he was forced to remember the few dozens of hammers the white-haired boy had dropped on him and Yukio earlier.

What with him and his sister not exactly being humans either.

And now, after finally having brought down the insanely huge, man-like giant or monster or whatever the fuck it was, Rin could only watch in horror as Egil failed to get out of the way. When the giant collapsed, it did so on top of the boy, with a crash that shook the room to its foundations.


Yukio's voice only now stated getting through. Turning in its direction, Rin saw Yukio approaching at full sprint, both pistols still held at the ready. How long had he been here? When had he even arrived? Or, had he been here all the time? There were gunshots earlier…Shit, he was here all along?


"Rin, get that sword sheathed!" Yukio hissed, stopping a meter away from him. It took a moment before he realized what his brother meant, and then promptly did just that. Shit, if any of the others had returned while he'd been…If they'd seen him, that would definitely mean some heavy explaining, not to mention a shitstorm of questions and accusations. And now Egil was underneath that thing; "Are you alright?"

"I'm- yeah, I'm fine, but Egil-" he started, pointing at the seemingly very-much-dead giant.

"I know, I saw…" Yukio sighed, now looking at the huge body as well; "How do we…get him out from underneath that thing?"

"Do you think he's okay?" Rin asked, shoving at the corpse. Regardless of how much effort he put into it, he could just barely budge the skin, let alone actually move the fucking thing. When he looked at his brother, Yukio was leveled such a flat stare at him that it actually made Rin stop trying to move the body; "…what?"

"Brother, can you even…" Yukio cut himself off; "Look at that thing. Whatever it is, there is no way Egil survived-"

"Survived what?" the voice wasn't either twin's, but instead belonged to the new arrival. Both glancing up at the same time, Elise met their stares with one of her own to match. The girl looked horrifying, as well as horrified. Her steel-grey eyes wide with trepidation and lingering fright, and every strand of hair standing as if she had been electrocuted; "Where's Egil? Where's my brother?"

Yet, despite clearly still being scared shitless, the girl was way scarier to Rin than the giant he'd just helped kill.

"Under the…giant thing…" he sighed, knowing it would only take her seconds to process his words before the grief struck, or maybe denial.

"Wh…He's…underneath the Jotunn?" she demanded, voice slowly turning from fright to frustration and anger. Rin nodded; "Was he alive when…"

"Yes, he just didn't…get out of the way…"

"…For fucks' sake, and you actually made me think he was dead!" she snarled at the both of them, shoving them aside as she stepped up to the corpse of the…Had she called it a 'Jotunn', just now? Wait, she'd done that when it had appeared, hadn't she? Did that mean she knew what kind of creature this was? "Egil, stop fucking taking a nap in there and come out."

And then she kicked the dead body, as if that would make a difference. Rin was still just trying to decide whether she had ended up in denial, or if he was missing something. He couldn't even budge the damn thing, so what was she…

The corpse started to rise. Rin's train of thought exploded more than simply derailed, trying to understand what he was looking at.

"I am not taking a nap!" it was Egil's voice, sounding like he was more irritated than injured. And he was lifting the dead body! Even as the dead giant's body looked like it was performing some weird sort of yoga, Rin could see in the space underneath, a pair of feet planted squarely on the floor, cracks spreading in cobwebs from each foot; "My hammer got stuck in its chest!"

"You're not attached to the hammer, dumbass!" Elise swore, even as Rin was still struggling to understand. It didn't help matters that the massive, creepy dog he'd seen attacking the giant was now helping the boy haul away the corpse. God, this was definitely the definition of fucked up, if he'd ever seen it; "Why didn't you jump?"

"I did."



"That's not what it…Forget it…" she drew in a heaving breath, then released the whole thing in a long, drained sigh; "Are you okay?"

Egil, emerging from underneath the corpse, rolled his shoulders with a nod. He was more or less covered in blood from head to toe, and the white hair had turned pitch-black. So had the rest of him, really, so it wasn't because it just looked like he'd dyed the fucking thing. Shit though, how the Hell did he even-?

"I am fine, yes." He nodded again, then looked around at what was now a ruin of a room; "Son of a whore though, how by the Hel do we explain this?"

So yes, not what you were hoping for/expecting, most likely, but when it comes to melee-fights, I just don't have any real experience writing them.

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