When Aoi Asahina got into her car that beautiful summer morning, she was expecting nothing more than a peaceful day of swimming at the beach, training for her next swim meet...

She wasn't expecting a life changing experience that would ultimately change her completely.

Aoi drove her car down the highway, happily listening to the radio on her car, being careful to mind other drivers. This was her favourite time to be at the beach. There was never anyone there around this time of the day, allowing her to have the freedom to be alone as she swam. And as she did so, she felt relaxed...not imperfect...at a whole...

But those thoughts were shot out of her head when she heard yelling and wild splashing. Blinking in confusion, she frowned at the beach. Maybe...it was just her imagination... She was surprised to see an impossibly fat man leaving the beach. Odd...But he was leaving, so she wasn't going to question him...Shaking her head, she found a parking spot and prepared to head to the water...

That's when she saw it. A tiny figure struggling on the surface... The figure was wildly splashing, attempting to escape, obvIously not able to swim! Aoi leapt into the water, swimming as fast as she could through the cool water. She saw the figure dip under the water and not come up. 'Who was that?!' Aoi thought anxiously to herself. Taking a deep breath, she dove under the water, determined.

Harry Potter had never been more terrified in his life. Nothing was worse than the utter helplessness he felt as he struggled to stay afloat, watching his uncle leave him alone.

Then, he went under...It was so dark...He couldn't breathe...This was it...He was going to drown... Everything went black as he lost consciousness...

Aoi, after pushing with everything she had, caught the little one as he sank, dragging his far too light form to the surface, letting him get some air before placing him on her back and speeding back to Land. 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what's this little boy doing here?!' She panicked internally. 'Where's his parents?! Why was he drowning?!'

She finally got back to land and had the opportunity to inspect him. He was sickly pale, thin, and had bruises covering his body. He was also unconscious and not moving! Aoi remained calm. She knew how to deal with this situation. She wasn't a lifeguard at the public pool for nothing! She knew CPR. Placing her hands in the correct position on his chest, she pushed again and again, causing him to cough and sputter, water shooting out of his mouth as he sucked in air. Aoi sighed, relieved.

Harry gasped for air as his eyes opened. He saw that he was in...sunlight...? He could breathe again...? Confused, he looked to see a worried looking woman. She was really pretty...She had tanned skin and chocolate brown hair. She was wearing blue shorts, white socks and sneakers, a white t-shirt and a red jacket. And she was also soaking wet. Did she...?

"Little boy..? Are you okay?" She asked, her voice dripping with worry. Harry wasn't sure how to respond, so he kept his mouth shut in fear. Then, he began trembling. Even though the sun was out...he was cold and wet...It was awful... Aoi frowned. "Awww...You poor thing, you're freezing!" She said sympathetically as she picked him up. "C'mon, honey, I have some towels in my car that'll dry you up and warm you up, okay?" Harry, on top of traumatised and cold, was now dreadfully confused. She shouldn't be helping him! So he reacted the only way a child his age could. He let out a whimper, a sniff, then began sobbing his heart out. Aoi, as she carried him to her car, gave him a sad look. 'Awww, the poor little thing's scared to DEATH!' She thought. Wordlessly, she pulled out one of her towels and wrapped him up like a cocoon, leaving only his cute little face poking out. "Shhh...It's okay, honey." She whispered softly, holding him close and rubbing his head. "It's over now. You don't have to be scared anymore...I've got you, little guy."

Harry instinctively cuddled towards her warmth, attempting to feel safe. He succeeded, as Aoi started rocking him back and forth to calm him, successfully muffling his cries. The towel was warm...The pretty woman was kind and warm...And all this just confused him more... His eyes began to close...

"Little boy? What's your name? Please stay awake...for me?"

Harry looked up at her with shocked eyes, his consciousness dwindling and he slurred quietly, "H-harry..."

Aoi smiled widely. "Harry, huh? You know what? I really, REALLY like that! It's easy to remember, it's cute, and it fits you perfectly!" She giggled. "You've got this really long messy hair, so I guess you could say you ARE kinda HAIRY, huh?" Harry felt his lips adjust into a foreign position and he began giggling softly at her joke. Aoi grinned, closing her eyes and tilting her head. "I'm Aoi Asahina! Buuut, you can just call me Hina! And I'm gonna be your best friend!"

Jul 9Harry looked up at her in confusion. "M-My best...f-friend...? But...I...I can't have friends...I'm a freak..."

Aoi looked at him confusedly. "Hmm...nope. If you were a freak you'd be a horrible person. All I see is an adorable bundle that deserves happiness." Harry let out a soft squeaky sound as he blushed and looked down slightly, the towel cocooning him making the gesture just that much cuter. "Aaw look at you...okay Harry...there's something you have to explain to me." She said, gently but seriously. Why was he drowning? Who put him there?

However, when she actually voiced her question, the response was far from what she had been expecting from the little sweet quiet adorable boy... "I-I can't...he'll hurt me...then I won't get to see you!" He said, in distress. Aoi realized this made sense.

He'd been abused horrendously, making him act this way. She fought back the tears of both great sadness and burning hot anger as she adjusted her hold to ensure he was nice and comfy in her arms. "Oh, honey..." She whispered softly in his ear, stroking his cheek.

"A-and you're the only nice person I've met...I don't want you to go..." he told her sincerely, making Aoi squeal and hug him really close, kissing his head.

"So cuuute! But baby, you aren't going back to him."

Harry looked at her in confusion. "B-But...why?" Aoi smiled lovingly at the cuddly little cocoon in her arms.

"Because you're staying with me, silly!" She replied happily. Harry's mouth dropped open in shock at the thought of it. This lady...wanted to keep him? Even if he could do freaky stuff? Aoi looked at him and patted his head. "Close your mouth kiddo, you'll catch flies!" Harry squeaked and clamped his mouth shut, not wanting any flies in his mouth. Aoi let out a soft "Awww..." at the cute little sound he made. "It's just an expression dear. Now...are you hungry?" She asked, noticing his stick thin figure. Harry looked down as his stomach growled in response. He blushed and looked away with another squeak. Aoi let out a delighted squeal. "Oh my GOSH, I just LOVE that sweet little NOISE you make! It is SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE!" Harry blushed and looked down sheepishly as Aoi set him in the back seat, buckling him in. She was gonna show him the magic of DOUGHNUTS!

After making sure her cute cuddly little cocoon was buckled in nice and snug, she gave him another kiss on the forehead, giggling as he let out a small "Eep" and blushed again, looking down at the floor of the car.

Aoi squealed happily, hugging the flustered child and taking off, eager to feed him. Harry couldn't even see out the window with his size though... Aoi had never been so utterly delighted in her entire life! She couldn't believe how she had found this absolutely beautiful child! She already cared deeply...she hoped he liked her as well...the donut shop came into view and she grinned. "You're in for a special treat, honey." She cooed lovingly to the child sitting in the backseat of her car.

"W-what is it Miss Aoi..?" He quietly asked from the back seat. Aoi smiled and with rainbows in her eyes she replied,

"DOUGHNUTS~!" Harry tilted his head curiously at her reaction to these doughnuts. They must be good if she had this reaction... Aoi giggled. "You're gonna LOVE them." She assured him gently. Then she frowned. "Oh! Are you nice and cozy? I can turn the heat on for you if you need it."

"T-that'd be...nice..." Harry responded, still freezing and wet. Aoi grinned and turned up the output.

"There you go...That a little better?" She asked gently, smiling at the backseat passenger.

"M-much better...thank you miss Hina..." He said as she pulled up to the drive thru and got out her credit card. She smiled fondly at Harry. She already had such a strong soft side for this sweet little boy...She was never letting him go.

She ordered a batch of regular glazed, just to ease him into it. She parked her car and stepped into the backseat with the box. "Look what I've got, sweetieeee!~" She sang happily, opening the box of pastries. "I brought our doughtnuts!" She took one out and gently placed it in his hand. He looked at it curiously. It was shiny...and soft...it was bigger than his hand! Aoi gently coaxed him into it. "Go on hun.." Timidly, the little boy opened his mouth and took his first bite of the first actual decent piece of food he had ever been offered in his short lifespan... His face broke out into a foreign grin and he giggled, taking another bite and another, and soon the doughnut was gone. Aoi giggled and patted his head. "Good job! I guess you liked it?"

Harry looked up at her and nodded happily. "It's so yummy!" Aoi giggled.

"Aw, I'm so glad!" She kissed his forehead. "Now, do you want another? Or is your little tummy full?" She gave his belly a playful poke.

"O-One more...?" he asked the older woman, who complied, handing him another one to nom on, which he did. He wanted as much in his little tummy as possible.

Aoi smiled warmly. "Hopefully you don't get as addicted as I am. I'd have to pay a lot of money in doughnuts!" She joked, petting his head.

"Oh...I wanted a few more..." he said deflatedly.

Aoi simply grinned and gave him one more. He looked so happy... "You deserve these, really. You've been through a lot..." She said softly, holding him in her lap.

"I do...I really do...?" he asked Aoi, who grinned and nodded.

"Of course!" She replied with a giggle. "You're a sweet little thing, you deserve a little treat!"

"Sweet..? I'm...sweet?" he asked her again, only eliciting a hug from Aoi.

"Of course you are...you're polite...and tiny...and tiny...and cute...and tiny.." She caught herself rambling and giggled. "Weeell...You get the picture, right?" She said playfully, tapping his nose gently. Harry giggled and shuffled closer, and Aoi laughed. She hugged him even tighter. "Just...Too...CUTE!" She exclaimed, tickling his tiny body happily. After a while of his nonstop giggling, Aoi just cuddled him close, cradling him in her arms like a baby as she rocked him back and stayed like that for a bit, before Aoi realized he'd fallen asleep against her, grinning. "Awww..." She cooed, ruffling the little boy's hair. "I love you soooo much..." She said to him softly, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Subconsciously, the little boy moved closer to her and nestled up against her. "EEEEE! So cute...! My little cuddle bug..." She picked him up and held him gently. She cared so much for him...she wanted so much to help him...she hoped his little heart would be up to the transition! She was NEVER letting this one get away. She giggled and gave him a playful poke on the nose. "I hope you'll get used to me~! 'Cause you're stuck with me for life." She said with a closed-eyed smile.

And with that, she decided to head home. She'd call and tell why she couldn't make it to lifeguard duty. But for now Harry, was the most important. He would need her to be there for him...He was so damaged and in such an utterly fragile emotional state...It was so heartbreaking... But Aoi knew she was cut out for the job! She would raise him right. She'd show him the love he needed. She would give him cuddles and kisses and doughnuts aplenty Oh! She bit into a donut and sped off, eager to return him to his new home! She smiled happily. This was turning out to be a pretty good day...