Aoi pulled into her driveway in the small suburban neighborhood... It was a shame her beach visit was put on hold...But hey, she had a little cutie cuddled in her towels, so all was well. She reached into the back after parking, and picked him up, pulling him out. She looked at him and giggled when she saw he was fast asleep. "OMG you're so cute!" She exclaimed, cuddling him She noticed his eyes open slightly from the noise and promptly rocked him back to sleep. "Shhh...there, you stay asleep." She whispered. Harry nodded in response and snuggled closer to her, clutching to her jacket with his tiny fists. She payed him on the couch, kissed his head, and gushed "So tiny...So cuuuute..."

She grabbed her phone and snapped a quick pic, then went and grabbed a shirt of hers, slipping it over his head after taking off his towels. She of course took off the soaking wet clothes he had been in before. Soon he was all nice and warm on her couch, resting. And he was smiling! And snoring soooo cutely! She kissed his head once more, and then decided to pick up so it was all clean for him. Humming cheerfully, she began to pick up the various items strewn across the floor.

Shirt...towel...plate...bra...she might have to put that away... She soon had cleaned up the entire living room! Then she remembered she had to feed her fish. Oh! The fishies! She'd never really named them, but eh. Wait...maybe Harry could name them! Smiling and giggling, she decided to ask him about it later.

After accomplishing that task, then completely redesigning the kitchen so it wasn't a sty, she fell on the chair and huffed. She was messier than she thought... And cleaning was so tough! She'd have to try to be more clean in the future... Can't have Harry growing up messy! She thought to herself, skipping back to the living room and turning on the TV, careful to keep the volume low. She was watching a documentary on dolphins. "Agh! I want one!" She cooed. She looooveed Dolphins! It was a dream of hers to someday swim with dolphins. Dolphins were just...sooooo awesome. Better than Natwhals in her opinion.

Smiling, she turned to look at the sleeping child next to her. She had been so invested in watching the documentary, she hadn't noticed he had moved so that his head was resting on her lap. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!" She internally gushed, gently stroking his hair. 'Cute cute cute cute cuuuuute!' Harry began to turn a bit in his sleep, a displeased expression washing away those cute expressions. 'Wait...No...No, no, no, no nightmares! Make more cute happy faces!' She gently shook him, leaning down and calling, "Harry! Harry wake up!" Harry's eyes snapped open and he let out a frightened cry. He looked around, breathing heavily, with fear dripping from his voice before suddenly, he was shoved into someone's bust and cuddled. This, unfortunately, only served to frighten him further. He pushed on the figure, attempting to escape the hold...but he was REALLY weak. And the figure was holding him so tightly and relentlessly and...gently... He slowly slowed in his rapid breathing, and relaxed into her. Then he remembered everything. The water, the doughnuts, the car...And the pretty lady. Miss Aoi! Looking up from her chest, he saw her staring down at him with a sad smile on her face. "Hi, cutie." She said gently, ruffling his hair.

"M-Miss Aoi...? um...hi.." he said, cutely, causing her to force him back down to her chest and cuddle him.

"So, you feel okay? You're not in any pain, right?"

"n-no...b-b-but i had a bad dream.." he whimpered to her, trying to escape her chest.

"Aww, I know...Wanna talk about it?" Aoi asked sweetly.

"A-A-Am I allowed too..?" he asked, worried too.

"Totally!" Aoi replied cheerfully. Harry finally escaped her bust, and was laying on her chest, tiredly. "Now let's hear about that bad dream." Aoi cooed.

"U-Uncle Vernon was there...a-and he was hitting me...w-with a bat...and no one was there to help..."

Aoi's eyes widened. "U-Uncle Vernon...?"

"y-yes..." he whimpered, scared quite obviously of that name.

"Your...Your uncle...hurt you...?" She asked, horrified.

"H-He threw me in the ocean..." He whimpered again, close to more tears.

Aoi's eyes widened in horror. "So that's why..." She breathed. She glomped him again and started crying herself. "Oh my God, family should NEVER hurt each other!"

"B-B-But he did!" Harry sobbed, the memories rushing back.

"I-It's not right! Not right at all!" Aoi sobbed. The two sobbed against one another, Aoi rocking him and crying into his hair. It broke her heart... Why would could they?! Harry was such a sweet little boy! If she hadn't been there when she was...She felt sick... She swallowed it back however, and shushed Harry, effectively calming him down by the time she had calmed as well. Harry was now resting on her bosom, being carried and rocked, by Aoi. She never wanted to put him down. Under any circumstances... Continuing to rock him, she reached into her cabinet and grabbed a sippy cup from her childhood, filling it up with some milk and tightening the lid. Harry needed a stronger, less frail body. So Milk could help! Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of it... Like a baby, she held him, then placed the cup in his hands. "Drink up sweetie!"

Harry blinked, then obediently opened his mouth. "Ahhh..." He said softly.

Then she tilted the cup to his lips and he suckled, enjoying the taste. He smiled happily as he drank the liquid. Soon he was all full, and feeling nice and warm. He had little bits of dribble on his face, so Aoi wiped them off. She giggled at the little blush on his face. " about we just relax and watch some TV? Let's find you a favorite TV show!"

Harry sniffled and nodded. "Okay, Miss Aoi..." Aoi giggled.

"Aw, everyone calls me Hina. Call me that instead, kay?"

"Y-Yes Miss Hina..." he whispered, snuggling into her chest, which was soft like pillow... he felt himself be carried to the couch, and made to watch TV. He focused on the TV as much as he could, but Miss Hina was so comfy. He eventually just broke off into snuggling, enjoying hisself. Aoi giggled softly at how cuddly he was. "Look at how much of a teddy you are...ooh I just can't stand it!" she cooed.

Harry flinched. "I'm sorry..."

"No no no! It's an expression! I love how cuddly you are!"

Harry tilted his head. "So...Should I keep doing it?"

"Yes. Always. Forever" she persisted, snuggling him.

"Yay..." Harry said softly.

"Ohhh're stuck with me for good. I'll never let you go."

Harry smiled softly and teared up slightly. "T-Thank you...I like you..." he whispered, looking up at her.

Aoi giggled. "Aw, I like you too." She cooed softly. "In fact...I think I love you!" she cooed, tilting his head up.

The boy blushed and let out a small "Eep!"

"mwahahaha...i'mma tickle you!" she declared

Harry blinked. "Huh?"

And suddenly, she began relentlessly tickling him, all around his stomach and sides. He laughed hysterically at the tickles. He struggled and rolled around, his high pitched laughing coming off as adorable. Aoi giggled as well as she tickled him. Aoi was laughing up a storm as well. Eventually she stopped when his face was getting red. She wanted him to...y'know...Breathe and stuff. Harry panted heavily while Aoi once again pressed him to her bosom to rest. "T-Tickles fun..." he giggled out.

Aoi snickered. "Ticklish, are we?"

She lightly did so again, making him squirm. "No...No more...I'm tired of tickles..." He said softly.

"Kay then deary! Now, let's keep relaxing..." Aoi yawned, rocking him while watching TV. This time, Harry actually looked at the television set. It didn't take long for a nice sort of relaxation to set in, making them hazy and tired. Aoi smiled softly at the little boy. 'Cutie...i'm gonna care for you SO HARD!' she internally cheered.

Harry gave her a small, sleepy smile, then yawned cutely. "How about we take a nap, eh Harry?" She suggested. Harry smiled and nodded happily. She snuggled deeper into the couch, and pulled Harry close, covering her eyes. "Peek a boo!" She said playfully as she uncovered them. Harry cracked a smile and giggled. He liked Peekaboo! Aoi felt her heart hurt from how cute he was. After a few more rounds of Peekaboo, Aoi started to let the drowsy take over. "Okay...NOW it's naptime..." She said sleepily. Harry snuggled in, and closed his eyes...

Harry snuggled in, and closed his eyes... "Night...Miss Hina..." He said softly.

"Night babe..." She whispered, falling asleep.

Harry looked at the sleeping woman for a few moments with a small smile, then yawned softly once more. "I love you too Miss Hina..." He whispered. As if responding, Aoi smiled softly in her sleep. And then Harry fell asleep as well... He smiled happily. He was safe and happy... And Aoi was stepping into an interesting and humbling new role . A role she never saw herself in...