Hey guys, for this one I changed the ouat plot slightly, Emma never brought back Marian, Robin just left Regina for her sister. It was just quicker to do it that way. Sorry for any mistakes.

SUMMARY: Emma seems to think Regina is jealous, and wants to actually be with her! Let's hope her plan to find out works.

I sat in the booth closest to the door in the diner. I had my morning coffee that was already half way finished, in which I sipped occasionally. Usually by this time I would have already been at the office, getting a head start on the paper work for the day. But today, I found myself distracted by a certain, agonizingly, disgusting site before me. I could go on but here I am, sitting, watching this moment and hurting myself more and more as I watch. I find myself unable to move, even as my heart is ripped layer by layer, brick by brick.

It's of Emma and that god forsaken Captain Eye-Liner who has nothing better to do then to drool all over the blonde. Its nerve racking to watch him talk to her, flirt with her, touch her, in all the ways that I am only aloud to do!

Why is it every day that I have to watch their relationship blossom and bloom, and all I get is a wish. A wish that I could be a replacement of Hook. That I could talk, and laugh, flirt, kiss, hold hands and everything that I wish to do. But I only have those precious moments in my dreams. I may have that one wish, but that does not mean it comes true.

My shoulders slump as my thoughts worsen. Less of a daydream between my love and I, and more to how that is just a taunting illusion. One that I have to remind myself that can never be true.

I stand up, taking my unfinished cup and throwing it in the trash. I walk past the jingling door, and head to the office. That's where I'll spend my day trying to get work done, and not think about a certain blonde.

I only manage to take a few paces away from the diner, before the diner's door opens more frantically, the bell moving rapidly back and forth from the force. I ignore it, thinking someone must simply be late for work.

It wasn't until the footsteps got closer that I tuned in to what was happening.

"Regina! Hey, wait! Regina!" A voice sounded from behind me. I stop slowly and turn around to see Emma speed walking towards me.

"Oh, thank god you stopped. I needed to ask you something." Emma said, a nervous smile on her face. I was curious as what she could want to ask me, but I was in no mood to talk to anyone. Especially to one who is part of the problem. But lo and behold, I will still listen. Because it might be important. Not because it is Emma.

"What is it, Ms. Swan? I have to get to the office."

"Oh, right. Ah, I wanted to know if you were okay. You've been acting strangely."

"Acting strangely. Thank you, dear. That has boosted my day." I begin to walk away, not wanting to deal with any of this at the moment. But apparently Emma had other plans, as she grabbed my arm, halting my moments.

"Wait? Are you jealous of me or something? Because if so, you can have Hook, I'm not a big fan of him. He thinks we're dating, but I constantly tell him that's not the case." Emma says, adding a light laugh at the end of her speech. I look at her dumbfounded, was she that stupid? She thinks I am jealous of her? That I want Hook? Oh, how that leaves a sickening taste in my mouth just thinking of such a concept.

"No, dear." I say, looking into Emma's forest green eyes. "I am not jealous of you." It's with that, I turn around and continue heading to the office.

"Hey! What does that mean? Are you jealous of someone else?" Emma yells out to me, I only smirk in response. "Are you? Who then?" I continue to ignore her, and I keep walking. If only she knew.

I watch as Regina walks away, her footsteps getting quieter and quieter as she heads to the office. I stand there even as she turns the corner, out of site. I can't help but wonder what she meant.

Who could she be jealous of? Could it be Robin? Almost about a month ago he left her for Zelena. Yes, Regina took it hard, but she got over it rather quickly. It almost seemed like she expected it, or didn't care. That makes me wonder if there is someone else.

Maybe it could be Hook. She might be jealous that he's the one who is my 'boyfriend' also known as 'stalker'? No, it can't be, that's just wishful thinking. There is no way that Regina, in any way, wants to be with me. Or…

Or can it?

If I think about it, Regina has been acting similar to how she just did back in the diner quite commonly. And, most of the time, it's within the time period of Hook bantering me about going on a date, or something along those lines. So, there might, maybe just a little, be some hope that Regina reciprocated her feelings. But I have to be sure.

Either way, I got a plan to find out.

I finally got myself to focus on my work after an hour. I was finding it very difficult to get a certain blonde out of my head. It was even more difficult to forget about the annoying pirate who tried to woo Emma with his filthy ways. She didn't deserve such trash. She didn't deserve that vile stinking, ass-kissing, no goo for nothing, ugly pirate! She deserves better,

Someone even better than me.

Damn, I'm thinking about her again. I start to shuffle through my papers, trying to sort from most to least important, and then work from there. I was hoping it would distract me as well. If I didn't get them all done today, then so be it. Right now I needed to go home and drink my sorrows away, just for the night.

Just as I was almost done organizing, someone knock on the door. Loudly, might I add.

"Come in." I say without emotion. I didn't have any meetings booked today, and I surly didn't want any visitors.

I didn't look up from my paper work as the unexpected visitor walked in. The door closed, and still they haven't gotten to whatever business they needed from me, so I decided to hurry the process.

"Please be quick, I want to cut the day short this evening."

"I will be as quick as I can." The voice said, and I whip my head up and stare at all to familiar green eyes.

"Emma? I mean, Ms. Swan, what are you doing here?" I tried to reply as calm as I could, but deep down I was a panicking mess. Out of everyone, I did not want to be talking to her at the moment. Not when I'm trying to no think about her. How is that possible when she's right here?

"I needed to get a few things, ahem, straight." Emma said, with emphasis at the end. Why though I did not know. "It's about how you acted today." Emma continued, walking closer to the desk.

Now, other than seeing Emma, that was something she really didn't want to do. "I'm sorry, Ms. Swan, but there is nothing to discuss, and if there was, I would not discuss it. So please, if that is all, you may go."

"Nah ah, you are not getting away with this. I know what happened back there. The same things that's been happening for a while." Emma replied with a smile that I didn't like at all, and I usually tend to like her smiles. What was she talking about?

At Regina's silence, Emma continued. "You always seemed upset whenever Hook was close to me, talking to me, so on and so forth. So I believe you are jealous."

"That is absurd."

"Is it?" Emma asked, now leaning on the desk, staring at me. It was terrible the amount of cleavage the new position gave. Way, way too distracting. "Because I don't think so."

"Ms. Swan, will you just-"

"How about I prove it?" And that caught my attention more so. Prove it? How? Did she get a video, or a picture or something? Those would be easy to deny. I could simply say I was having a bad day. Nothing to do with wanting to be with the blonde.

"And how do supposed you do that?" Emma didn't reply, she moved from the desk and walked over to the door. I thought I caught her in a bluff, and she decided to just leave in defeat. Oh how wrong I was, as she opened the door, and made a jester for someone to walk in. If I didn't want to see Emma at the moment, I for sure didn't want to see him.

Hook walked in with a slightly confused look on his face. I presumed he didn't know what was going on either. Interesting.

"Just admit it, Regina, you are jealous of Hook. Admit you have feelings for me." If that wasn't blunt enough, I don't know what is. I stare at her, looking probably something akin to a dear in the headlights.

Emma took my silence as some sort of refusal to answer, when in reality I just couldn't. She found out my secret and was just talking about it like it was the news. "Fine, if you won't say it willingly, this will prove it." With that, Emma marched over to Hook, and went in for a kiss.

I didn't really know what to do at that moment. Emma Swan was kissing Hook and gosh that made me furious. Though, it ended quickly and turned to a deeper emotion. Emma initiated the kiss. She was proving that she was with Hook, and no one else. She chose that horrible pirate over anybody else. What was that to say about me? That she chose him over me? Of course, I have killed, and done many wrongs, but at least I smelt better than he. And everybody thought Emma a lesbian anyways. I mean, all that Flannel? But this message was very clear. Emma knew I liked her, and was proving that she was taken.

I stood up, grabbed my coat, and immediately left my office. Screw the paperwork at the moment. It could wait. I didn't care if it was three in the afternoon, but I needed that scotch.

I slammed the door on my way out, and continued marching down the side walk. I listened to the clicking of my heels, trying to forget the moment that just transpired, but it wasn't working. All I could think about was the way Emma just boldly kissed him. Kissed him! By god if there wasn't enough heartbreak already in my life, Emma just had to get her share.

"Regina! Regina, wait!" I hear me, but I ignore it. I continue home at a faster pace. How I just want to be home right now, maybe curled into a blanket, sitting by the fire. And the scotch, I can't forget about the mind-numbing alcohol.

I was halted by all movements when someone grabbed my upper arm and spun me around. Emma stood there looking saddened and troubled. Why? I did not know.

"Regina." Emma breathed, as she gasped for air. Was she running? I didn't even hear her footsteps. "Why did you leave?" That made me lose it.

"Are you kidding me?" I exclaim, "You barge into my office, telling me that you know my secret, then just downright deject it by sharing spit with Mr. Handless over there!" I look away as quickly as the speech ended, afraid my tears would fall without permission.


"No, Emma. Leave it be." My voice watered, portraying the emotion I was trying to hide.

"Regina, that wasn't what-"

"Just go, please."

"No, I will not." Emma voice was strong then, no longer sounding like she was trying to sooth me.

"Please." I whispered.

"Oh, for heaven's sake." I hear Emma exclaim, before Emma reaches for the back of my neck, and molds our lips together.

I let out a gasp in surprise. Out of all the times I imagined kissing the blonde, it was so much better. I thought she would taste like some dessert, like a bear claw. But she tasted like cinnamon. Her lips were like silk: so light and soft. It was an amazing moment, but it couldn't last forever.

We broke apart slowly. Emma whispered a 'wow', and I let out an involuntary giggle. We both stared, wide eyed at each other, then burst out laughing. I couldn't believe this was happening, this was… great.

Emma stepped closer and hugged me, resting her head on my shoulder. I did the same, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Do you understand everything now?" Emma asks, not moving from the hug.

"I think I'm getting there."

Emma laughed lightly. "Good…" She paused. "…Because I think I confused the hell out of Hook."

At that, we both laughed.

Hoped you liked it.