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"Okay, for the last time, I said I was sorry." Emma explained, once again, and she was nearly dragged by Regina down the street.

Their, well, predicament, started during their magic lesson. Regina needed a few things from her vault for a spell. 'Being cautious' she had said. Though Emma decided to take advantage of the fact that the brunette forgot to mention not to touch anything. So she started to wander, touching things here and there, until she found two shiny bracelets. They were thin, silver with and identical design on each. On the inside it looked like some dead ancient language. But Emma didn't know, they just looked cool.

So, Emma decided to take them. Cause, what harm could come from putting on a bracelet? Nothing, of course. So she slid one on, looking at it slightly side to side in the light. Deeming it acceptable, she grabbed the other one and headed towards Regina, who went deeper into the vault.

"Hey, Regina." Emma called as she walked to the women, who was looking over a table with a few objects that looked, intricate? Emma would just stick to calling them weird. Regina hummed in acknowledgment, but didn't look up from where she was trying to find the Chezire crystals.

Emma quickly grabbed Regina's arm and slipped the bracelet onto her wrist. Regina reacted quickly, but not quickly enough, because the bracelet was already securely on her.

"There. See? Now we have matching bracelets." Emma said, with the amusement of a kid.

"Emma! I told you not to touch anything!" Regina hissed. She tried to pull the bracelet off, but it didn't seem to budged. Great, this was all she needed.

"No you didn't." Emma replied, still a smile on her face. Obviously she didn't get how serious this might be.

"I told you last time, and I would have thought that you might get the fact that the rule still stands!" Regina said, finally dropping her arm in defeat. This thing wasn't getting off anytime soon. "You can be such a child sometimes."

"Hey, nothing happened, what's the big deal?"

"The big deal, Ms. Swan, is I don't know what these do, and they seem to be stuck on us."

Emma's eyes widened at the comment, and as she tried to get hers off, realized that they were stuck. Emma cursed under her breath as she decided to try and get Regina's off. She put it one right? So maybe she can get them off? Makes sense, right?

"What are you doing?" Regina asked as Emma went to grab her arm again. With Reinga pulling away from Emma, and Emma grabbing out towards her, they hit each other with their bracelets. They tinged as they touched, and instantly they glowed red. It was only a moment, but it caused panic in Regina. These were her mothers, so she had no clue what they were for.

Regina and Emma both tried to pull back when they touched, but somehow they couldn't. Looking down, the bracelets seemed to be stuck together. The glow was gone except for the place the jewelry touched one another.

"Ah, is it too late to say sorry?" And that leads us to now, Regina dragging Emma down the street towards Rumple. He knew her mother more than she did, and she just hoped that he knew what these were.

The bell jingled above them, as Regina stormed towards the front desk. She get there before Rumple even had time to come from the back.

"Explain this." Regina said, as she forced their conjoined wrist onto the table with a thunk.

"Ah, I see you are stuck, hmm? In a bit of a, sticky situation?" Rumple said, smiling amusingly.

"Cut the crap, tell us what this is, and how to fix it."

"Cranky, are we? Fine, I'll tell you what it is, if only you resolve it here. Because I think this could be rather amusing." Emma and Regina both looked confused. How could fixing this be amusing?

"Fine." Regina said, looking at Emma, who only nodded, not fully sure what was going on.

"Okay, so these are the Bands of Veritas, who is the goddess of truth. These bands hold two people together who hold a secret from each other."

"So we just have to tell a secret and we're free?" Emma asked, thinking this was too easy.

"Not necessarily. No one knows what the secret is that had bound the bands together, so you basically have to keep guessing secrets until they, well, unstick."

"Oh, well this is exactly how I planned to enjoy my evening." Regina said sarcastically and rolling her eye's. "Let's just get this over with, shall we? Who is going first?"

"Oh, no, no, no, your majesty. I have just the thing to make things more amusing." Rumple replied. Before Regina could disagree, not wanting to have to deal with anymore magic, he left into the back.

He came out moments later with a small vile with a clear, slightly green liquid. "What's that?" Emma asked, staring at it intently.

"Truth Serum. I thought it would make things move along quicker, don't you think?"

"No." Regina said immediately. "I am not taking that."

"What's wrong, Regina? Got something to hide?" That shut her up, and she stared at some of theā€¦ interesting objects, trying to get her mind off of the inevitable embarrassment.

"Okay girls, bottoms up." He handed Emma the vial first, in which she took a small sip, the handed it to Regina, who did the same. It tasted like sour candy.

"Now, where shall we begin, hmm?" Rumple mused, looking between the two women. He felt like a game show host at the moment. To Truth, or not to Truth, starring Rumpelstiltskin. "Okay, have any of you done something recently to upset the other?"

"This." Emma replied, pointing to the bracelets.

"I purposely spilled my coffee on your mother last week." Regina looked smug at the fact.

"You did? She went on about her ruined sweater for weeks after that." Emma was, even though she wouldn't say it, slightly amused. It was fun to watch her mother panic over clothing.

All three of them looked over to the bands, which still haven't budged from their wrist, and were still connected.

"Then on with the questions then. Most embarrassing moment?" Emma and Regina glared at him at the pathetic question. But with the serum, they were forced to speak.

"Sometimes, when Neal and I were stealing some things from the store, I would put a pillow under my shirt and pretend I was pregnant. So when it was time to leave with the goods, I was going to fake being in labour, but as I pretended to break my water, the pillow fell out. So, not knowing what to do, I yelled, 'Oh, no! My baby was a pillow all along!' and ran out. Neal didn't let it go for weeks" Emma said, blushing slightly at the memory.

"In the enchanted forest, when I was the queen, I would bring many of servants to my bed chambers. I had so many to choose from, it was spectacular. But one day I decided to have a bath with the maiden, and before I know it, my father walks in with important news. Let's say he learned to knock." Emma couldn't help but laugh a little, and Regina let out a small giggle.

"Well, next question. Recently, what have you done that has had hidden intentions?" Rumple smiled at this. There was something he wasn't going to tell the two women, but he knew what their confession needed to be, but why not have some fun before then?

"Dating Hook." Emma replied.

"Giving you magic lessons." Was Regina's answer. Emma looked at Regina surprisingly. She was quite happy that Regina agreed to teach her magic, but knowing she got something else out of it, she wondered what. Though she wanted to ask Regina when she could tell her and not be forced to.

Rumple smiled at the two confused ladies, thinking it was time to ask the question he knew would fix the problem. He wanted to ask more, but he thinks that Regina would have his head if he continued. So, looking at both of them, he asked, "What is the biggest secret you've been hiding from one another?"

Almost as if it had been planned, they both replied with the same answer. They were just worded slightly differently

"I'm sort a in love with you."

"I love you with all my heart."

They both smiled at each other, than at the bands as they split apart. Neither women pulled away though, instead they held each other's hand, looking lovingly into the others eyes.

"Really?" Emma asked, sort of happy this whole ordeal happened.

"We are both under a truth spell, it's as truthful as we're going to get."

Both Emma and Regina continues to stare into each other's eyes, lost in the chocolate browns and the green hues. Rumple just took the bracelets that had fallen onto the floor, and left them two in the room, wonder which True Love couple he would use these on next.