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"Nagi-kun, Tsu-kun! Time to wake up!" Nana Sawada yelled up the stairs to her two boys. Only one of them was actually her son though. The other one was Nagisa Shiota. He had been a classmate of Tsuna's at Kunugigaoka Academy. Now he was a student at Namimori along with him. She had been shocked when her son had come home from school and told her everything. The discrimination and isolation, the moon incident, and most importantly, how their class had been charged with eliminating a threat to the world, who was also the teacher. To say she was srprised would be an understatement; she had sent her son away to the high ranked Kunugigaoka as a sweet-tempered, if timid boy and an assassin returned to her, bringing along his blue haired best friend and fellow assassin. Apparently the existence of Class 3E had been completely wiped out for the sake of secrecy so the class members had to repeat the year at other schools. Nagisa had been invited to stay with them by her Tsu-kun, apparently his relationship with his mother wasn't very good. Nana, being the sweet woman she was, welcomed him with open arms. She already considered the boy to be her second son.

"Okaa-san? I tried to wake Tsuna, but it didn't work. I'll take over here. Maybe you'll have better luck?" Speaking of her blue haired house guest, Nagisa stood just outside the kitchen already dressed for school. He was gesturing to the nearly ready breakfast as he spoke. Nana took his offer with a wide smile. It had taken her quite a bit of time to get him to call her Okaa-san but now that she had, he seemed happier. His mother didn't know what she missed out on. As Nagisa dutifully set the table she went to wake up her own son. No matter how good his grades were now he would still sleep in until he was nearly late for school, and Nagisa, the ever-dutiful friend would wait for him.

"Tsu-kun! It's time to get up!" She yelled at the snoring lump on her son's bed a few times before she finally resorted to pouring a cup of ice cold water on his head. The lump stirred and finally presented itself as her son.

"Sorry Kaa-san, I'm awake now." The brunet said rubbing his sleep-crusted eyes. She sighed exasperated at his antics.

"Honestly, you stay up late and then you sleep like the dead. It wouldn't be so bad but you don't make only yourself late you know. Nagi-kun always waits for you." She lectured, thinking of the flyer she found in the mailbox this morning. While his and Nagisa's grades were top of the class, her Tsu-kun could use some pushing in other areas of his life; his sleeping habits for one. And he always pretended to be bad at P.E. But Nana had seen them training at night. Before she could threaten her son with a live in home tutor, Nagisa's voice drifted up the stairs.

"Okaa-san, Tsuna! Come here a moment please!" His voice didn't sound any different but Tsuna had a strange feeling something was wrong.

(With Nagisa)

Nagisa didn't really know what to make of the black suited... infant, emitting traces of bloodlust he found in the hallway.

"Um... May I help you?" He started with. The blue haired upstart wasn't sure how to handle the situation. He was sure the kid was dangerous, but did he want to be treated as such or should he pretend to underestimate him? What did this... person expect to see from him?

"Ciaosu. My name is Reborn, I'm a home tutor. Who are you?" Reborn? What kind of name is that? Nagisa would look it up later, for now.

"I'm Nagisa, I live here..." The infant tipped his fedora to cover his eyes.

"I see." He said in a squeaky voice. The silence stretched out. Until finally.

"Okaa-san, Tsuna! Come here a moment please!" Nagisa summoned backup. As his reinforcements came down the stairs, Nagisa used Class E's secret gesture for dangerous, a tug to his left pigtail. Tsuna's senses seemed to be a fifty fifty chance. He was the first person to notice the god of death when he stood in their midst and he recognized him as a threat immediately. At the same time Tsuna has had difficulties sensing bloodlust or killing intent aimed directly at him. It was something that baffled and concerned all three of their teachers. Tsuna rubbed his eye. Message received. Nagisa winced as Tsuna decided to assess the threat the easy way, through provocation. His face met the floorboards with great force for his efforts.

"I didn't call for a home tutor yet though." Nana said, seemingly oblivious to the acts of violence.

"I planned to introduce myself anyway Ma'am." Reborn told her.

"Oh my, how polite." Nana said. At this point Tsuna and Nagisa decided it was time to leave the strange 'home tutor' behind and get to school before Hibari tried to pick a fight with them. As they ran out the door Nagisa noted the infants presence.

"Well, that was odd. What do you think Nagisa." Tsuna said to him as they slowed their pace.

"I have no idea." The bluenet replied, and he didn't really, unless it had something to do with Class E, but it wasn't like they had a bounty yet.

"What a strange baby." Tsuna mused only to be shocked by the squeaky voice beside him. Looks like his senses were poor today.

"I'm a hitman." The fedora'd infant said.

"Oh yeah? If that were true. What would you be doing in Namimori?" The tone Tsuna used masked the honest nature of the question, inwardly Nagisa applauded his best friends abilities. The more dismissive or beligerent you acted, the more the target would be willing to reveal.

" I'm here to train you to be a mafia boss." Reborn said with no small amount of satisfaction as his words stopped Tsuna in his tracks.

"I refuse." all of his previous character had been wiped away and he motioned for Nagisa to follow him as they tried to get away from the tiny hitman. Hitman! Nagisa realized where he recognized Reborn. He was on the list of top class assassins Nagisa had studied. He was only really popular in the mafia. Before they could escape to school they were blocked by Namimori Idol Kyoko Sasagawa and an unknown girl wearing the Midori middle uniform. The two girls cooed over the infantile hitman.

"Ah, he's not my brother, he's just visiting and Kaa-san took him in." Tsuna said in answer to Kyoko's question.

"Ah I see. Well, I better get going to school, see you two there!" She said speeding off before Tsuna could suggest walking together. The unknown girl also took her leave.

"If we don't get going we'll probably be late. I don't feel like dealing with Hibari-kun today." Nagisa said. The two had decided to try ignoring the hitman for now. It was easier said than done. The two were hyper aware of the toddler. He was sizing them up. Nagisa could assume the hitman was caught off balance by Nagisa's presence as well as Tsuna's own reaction of blunt refusal instead of a large freak out (like he did so often in class E) Outdated information? Most likely Reborn was going to take the school day to observe and rethink his strategy.

They reached the school just in time to see Kyoko speaking with Kensuke Mochida, an upperclassmen and the captain of the kendo club. He was obviously flirting with the girl, and getting annoyed with her continued obliviousness, obviously taking it as a rejection. Kyoko was just an innocent girl. As Mochida became more annoyed with her lack of reaction to his hints Nagisa and Tsuna decided it was time to intervene before Mochida did something he would regret.

"Kyoko-san!" Tsuna greeted as he stepped up beside her, much to Mochida's displeasure, Nagisa only received a confused glance from the kendo captain. It ws a glance Nagisa had gotten used to a long time ago. It appeared whena person was trying to figure out his gender. Nagisa only sighed at that, though he greeted Kyoko with just as much enthusiasm as Tsuna.

"Sawada-kun, Shiota-kun, what's up?" She asked with a smile.

"What about you Sasagawa-chan? You ran off so quickly we didn't get a chance to ask if you wanted to walk to school together." Nagisa asked the girl. Her eyes widened slightly as she tilted her head.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't think of that. I was meeting Mochida senpai about some commitee activities." She apologized with a sweet smile, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"That's alright, maybe next time. It's boring to walk alone after all." Tsuna offered with a smile. Kyoko Sasagawa was such a sweet innocent girl, it just made their protective instincts kick in. As Kyoko happily agreed Nagisa led her away up to their classroom chatting amiably. Mochida seemed to turn his annoyance at Kyoko into anger at Tsuna. A challenge to a duel wasn't something Tsuna was used to. Unfortunately no one gave Tsuna the chance to refuse.

"So what are you planning to do?" Nagisa asked him during class.

"I don't mind taking a fall. I'll probably just let him beat me." Was Tsuna's blithe response.

"Hmm...Will that make Reborn back off or push further?" Nagisa questioned.

"I honestly don't know. But with such an unpredictable variable it's better to go with normal protocol." Tsuna said. It wasn't so uch protocol as Tsuna choosing to keep the status quo. Nagisa didn't say anything further.

Reborn watched the fight from above in the large gymnasium. He watched as Tsuna arrived obviously unwilling. But there was something off in his body language. Something... There! It was the way the boy held himself. He looked like someone who has already lost. But it also held no weakness. He wasn't afraid. He was going to throw the fight. Reborn briefly considered shooting him with a dying will bullet only to toss the idea aside. Unfortunately, his information was outdated. Tsuna may not be the kind of person to have many regrets anymore. It was a foolish idea to attemp using one of his special bullets in front of most of the school when he wasn't sure of the outcome. He would just have to wait and see. With Tsuna throwing the fight Reborn wouldn't be able to completely gauge Tsuna's current abilities. It was a small comfort that purposefully losing the fight meant he had abilities he wished to hide

"And the winner of the fight wins Kyoko-chan." At that declaration Tsuna's demeanor completely changed.

"Kyoko-san is a person! She isn't some thing you can use as a prize for some silly competition!" This statement certainly earned him the support of the female population in the looked on with approval. Although he was shocked as Tsuna seemed to win the match almost accidentally. Even Reborn would have beleived it if it weren't for the purposeful way he calculated his trips or falls. This job certainly became more interesting.

The three assassins sat facing each other in Tsuna's room as Reborn explained exactly why it had to be Tsuna.

"Well, I guess I have no choice then...Is what you want me to say? Fat chance. I refuse." Tsuna said finally showing what was behind his mask.

"You have no choice Dame-Tsuna." Reborn said in his squeaky voice.

"I can do what I want to do with my life. I will not be forced into the mafia, far-off blood relation or not."

"I still have my orders. I will train you to be a mafia boss no matter what." Tsuna decided arguing with the 'worlds greatest hitman' would prove fruitless.

"You can train me to be one. But I refuse to take that career path." With the argument finally finished they retired to bed.


Oh my god it is so hot! anyway, I won't be doing full chapters for each episode. I'll either to short drabble style things for episodes I don't have a well of ideas for or I'll just skip it andyou can assume it happened essentially the same probably sans the Dying will bullets. Yes he will be shot a few times. but not nearly as many.