The two assassins one again got used to a chaotic life as not even a week after the 8 year old assassin Lambo joined their family another strange character came to Namimori.

Nagisa had been called away for a few days, so Tsuna was walking alone when a young woman rode up on an old pedal bike. She was beautiful, but smelled like Okuda after a long day in the lab. She pulled off her helmet with a flip of long purple hair and a flirtatious smile.

"It's pretty hot out huh? Here, take this." The strange woman tossed a can of soda at him before riding away as quick as she came. The brunet considered the can for a long moment; wondering how a sealed canister could give off such a strong, toxic scent. After a moment, he carefully placed the can of death inside of his bag and continued on his way home.

Reborn was in the kitchen when Tsuna got home. The infant turned to him with a blank smile. His face was covered in bugs, stag beetles to be precise. The two locked eyes for one long, tense moment the baby just daring him to say something. The beetles brought to mind fond memories of hi former teacher crouched on top of a pile of porn dressed up in a stag beetle costume. Tsuna kept the eye contact as he sat down across from Reborn. He took the poisoned soda out of his back and placed it on the table between them, the metallic tap ringing in the silence.

"A strange woman gave me this. Tall,, purple hair, most likely wants me dead?" He prompted. The tiniest twitch in his home tutor's expression was the only sign he was disappointed in Tsuna's lacke of reaction.

"As a matter o fact, my minions just reported to m that Poison Scorpion Bianchi is in town." He said. Tsuna raised an eyebrow.

"Shouldn't the 'last heir' of the Vongola Family's location be top secret? What are they even doing?" Reborn only tilted his head.

"She's most likely here for me. We used to date and I'm afraid she never quite got over me." Tsuna carefully kept a blank face at that revelation. By this point it was a matter of pride than anything else.

"Okay, sure. I don't want to know. Does that make her your problem or mine?"

"She's trying to kill you." The infant deflected, an infuriatingly cheerful expression on his face. The brunet groaned in reply, smacking his head against the table.

"That's not an answer! Does your job involve keeping me alive or not?" He only received a blank smile in response. Finally Reborn got a reaction out of Tsuna. This was the most fun the infant's had since becoming Tsuna's tutor. He had an annoyingly good poker face. His blue haired companion Nagisa had an even better one. Speaking of…

"Where did you say Nagisa went?" He asked, casually changing the subject and avoiding giving a proper answer.

"Family emergency. He'll be back in a few days." Tsuna muttered into the table. He didn't say anything else, even when Reborn pressed. It took real effort not to sigh at that. The two boys were cagey at best about anything that happened in the last year. He was going nowhere fast with Tsuna's tutelage. He didn't even know what the brunet was already capable of!

"Italian Pizza delivery!" The shout was accompanied by a frantic ringing of the doorbell. Lifting is head from the table Tsuna scoffed.

"That's ridiculous. It's like she's not even trying 'Italian Pizza delivery'." He mocked, deciding to head upstairs.

"Why don't you open the door?" Reborn asked, feigning innocence. He was rewarded by a wholly unimpressed stare.

"…Why would I do that?"

"If nothing else it would amuse me" Tsuna sighed and shook his head in disappointment.

"That's not happening." Reborn pouted.

"At least you're cautious. That's a good trait for a mafia boss to have."

"I'm not going to be a mafia boss." Tsuna called over his shoulder.

The man guiding Nagisa through the secret passages looked awfully young for an elite Yakuza. His hair was still bleach blond, like a high school delinquent, and he lacked the confident stride of someone more experienced. The secret passage took them straight to the heart of the Shinsei Group's compound, right into the boss' office in fact.

The head of the Shinsei Group was another man. Just as young as the one who lead him here. He greeted Nagisa with a bright grin.

"Wow! You're a lot smaller than I expected! My name is Shinsei Yasu! I called you here about a…job?" His introduction faltered slightly by Nagisa's lack of outward response and all around appearance. He wasn't wearing the standard military styled uniform Class E preferred, instead he wore a black jacket, hood pulled over his head and black slacks. A mask covered the bottom half of his face. Only cold blue eyes were visible.

"I was sent by Class E. You may call me Blue." He confirmed. Yasu relaxed slightly.

"Right… Thank you, by the way… We heard you guys don't really accept a lot of Yakuza contracts." Nagisa nodded.

"We are very particular about our contracts. If y friends in the office believe you're worth our time, I'm willing to hear you out." Yasu nodded seriously.

"Right, well we better get down to business." He gestured for Nagisa to sit down across from him while the blond Yakuza went to stand at his right side. He handed the bluenet a folder for him to look through.

"I recently took over this group after my father died. The old man was already taking us in a good direction and I want to expand on that. Unfortunately, some of my father's council… don't feel the same. They never really liked what my father was doing but couldn't go against him openly. Now that I've taken over they're getting bolder." Yasu glanced to the side as he paused for a moment.

"Of course, while they are making a nuisance of themselves that's not the real reason I called you guys. I called you because I discovered they have been using the Shinsei name to run a human trafficking ring without my or my father's notice." He said, anger clear in his tone. Nagisa hummed, looking over the folder's pages carefully. The evidence was carefully put together and fairly indisputable. There were several photos of the targets luring away young women and girls, bribing authorities and threatening witnesses.

"When my dad took over, one of the first things he did was ban human trafficking. These guys decided to just keep on doing it and keeping the money to themselves!"

"It sounds like you have enough evidence of their misdeeds to prosecute them yourself. So why ask us?" Nagisa finally asked. The Yakuza boss fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Well… a lot of people were unhappy about change. I'm not as well liked as my dad was and these guys are actually pretty popular. It's just better for everyone if we just let this all die quietly, instead of airing our dirty laundry. Every memory of this group sign a will stating that ay money they have is given over to the group and we'll avoid civil war." Nagisa gently closed the folder and set it on the desk between them.

"Very well. Do you have any preferences towards their deaths?" Yasu sighed in relief at his acceptance.

"Not really. Just wait until they go out. After they're dead call me and we can go quietly release any of their victims." The bluenet nodded as he stood to leave.

"I'll be in touch." He said as the blond came to lead him back out.

When Tsuna woke up the next morning he just knew it was going to be a bad day. Bianchi wasn't likely to give up that easily and he wasn't exactly prepared with any good countermeasures against the insane woman. He'd done his research the night before (as much as could be done under Reborn's watch.) even consulting Okuda in a late night phone call (Hidden in the bathroom when he thought the infant hitman was actually asleep.). Poison Scorpion's toxins were mostly unknown or just extremely aggressive versions of common poisons, so aggressive in fact, that they can injure or kill through skin contact or even just breathing in the fumes. Unless he wanted to carry around a gas mask he didn't have many options. Reborn was far too amused by his floundering to be of any use; the jerk.

Gokudera and Yamamoto met him outside his front gate. It was a bit strange, considering Yamamoto lived closer to the school than Tsuna did. Now that he thought about it, he didn't actually know where Gokudera lived, he would have to ask him later.

"Good morning Juudaime!"

"Yo Tsuna!" Tsuna greeted the two and they started off to school. Their walk was filled with idle chatter, the brunet managing to hold up his part of the conversation even while keeping all his senses alert for possible attacks. He thought he caught her scent a few times, but she seemed unwilling to approach.

She made her move halfway through the school day, just after home ec. Swapping out Kyoko's riceballs wasn't a bad idea. Like so many others, she probably assumed he had a crush on the school idol and it would be impolite to refuse an offer of food. Too bad Bianchi try again.

"No thanks Kyoko. I think some of your ingredients were spoiled." Kyoko looked down at her riceballs, disappointed and confused.

"Really? I didn't notice…" Yamamoto laughed, managing to disengage from a group of girls that swarmed him.

"Tsuna's sense of smell is crazy good."


"Yeah it's wild." Kyoko turned to Tsuna in awe.

"That's amazing!"

"It's not that amazing…" Tsuna said awkwardly. He's never been very good at accepting praise. He could hear Bianchi's teeth grinding.

Finally, Bianchi just broke into his house.

"Why won't you just die already?" She yelled, hurling various toxic food items at his head. Tsuna dodged them as best he could, but a few household items were reduced to goo, having been use as shields.

"Because I like being alive? Can't we just sit down and talk for a bit?"

"Sure! When you're dead!" Tsuna would have sighed if he wasn't busy trying to stay alive.

"Look, I get it. You want to kill me so Reborn can be with you. But killing me wouldn't achieve that, it would just make him hate you." The thought of Reborn hating her froze her in her tracks. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Explain." She demanded. Tsuna collapsed onto the couch with a relieved sigh.

"I'm Reborn's job. If I die and he fails to complete his mission then who's fault would that be? He's got a perfect record and woe betide who breaks that streak." Bianchi frowned, glancing at reborn who said nothing to contradict the brunet's words. Finally she sighed.

"Fine. But I won't be too far away. I'll be back Reborn." Finally she was gone, and Tsuna just wanted a nap. As if on cue there was a loud thud from the hallway and he groaned.

Nagisa stared miserably into his hotel mirror. Once again he had to dress as a girl in order to assassinate his target. As useful as it was it never got easier. He would always see himself all dressed up and see his mother's dream. The daughter she always wanted. Her second chance at the life she wanted for herself. It brought back bad memories.

He wandered through the neighbourhood his targets – Sanigawa Toshio and Terukawa Kosuke- frequented, trying to give off the appearance of 'recently homeless teenager who wouldn't be missed' until they showed up to take the bait. The bluenet received plenty of stares, unfortunately his targets weren't among the onlookers.

He passed the mouth of an alley when he heard the sounds of a struggle and a young girls voice muffled by someone's hand. His targets had already found a victim of their own it seemed. Nagisa glanced around, making sure no one was paying attention before he ducked into the alley.

"Hey what are you guys doing?" He asked, playing the part of a clueless girl for now. The alley's occupants all turned s one to stare at him, allowing the bluenet to see their victim fully for the first time. she was the same age as he was with long purple hair and matching eyes. She looked at Nagisa with fear in her eyes, seemingly torn between begging for help and telling him to run.

"We're just having a little fun girlie, wanna join us?" One of his targets, Toshio, said. He was trying to sound as inviting as possible. Nagisa tilted his head, playing along.

"She doesn't look like she's having a lot of fun though. Why don't you let her go?" The two targets shared a look.

"Grab her too." Terukawa let go of the girl and made a grab at Nagisa, only for the assassin to dodge him and head for Toshio and the girl. In one quick motion he pulled a knife from under his skirt struck Toshio's wrist with the butt of the blade, forcing him to let go of the girl who quickly ducked away. She turned back to stare at Nagisa with wide eyes. The bluenet gave her a soft smile in return.

"You should run away. Quickly." She froze for just an instant before he took off, darting past Terukawa and out into the public.

"Goddamit! You fucking bitch!" Toshio growled shaking the pain out of his wrist. With the civilian hostage gone Nagisa wasted little time in dispatching his targets. He went after Terukawa first, since he was closer to the entrance. He stabbed him quickly though the heart, yanking the blade out and slashing Toshio across the throat before he could do much more than register his partner's death.

Nagi returned to the alley with two police officers, worried about the blue haired girl who saved her. She had to stay with one of the officers while the other ventured into the alley, they wouldn't let her go with them. He returned shortly with an odd expression.

"Thank you for reporting this incident young lady. The other girl you described isn't there but the two men you described are. Would you like an escort home? Nagi shook her head. Her parents would be furious with her if she did that.

"Alright then. Stay safe." As she left she overheard the officer speak into his radio.

"Two bodies discovered in XXX neighbourhood in an alley…"

True to his word, Yasu rescued the kidnapped women he could find and even sent them off with plenty of money to put their lives back together. Nagisa returned home to yet another new face lurking aroung their household. Tsuna greeted him with a look of utter exhaustion.

"Apparently Gokudera passes out every time he sees his sister, who's also Poison Scorpion Bianchi and in love with Reborn."


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