Independence Day UK

By Mathew Weeks

Based on characters created By Dean Deviln and Roland Emmerich

July 2nd

It was chaos on the HMS Yorkshire the crew ran to and fro above them the sky was on fire over fifteen miles of sky was burning above them. An ominous shadow passed over the English Channel.

"I need to speak the Ministry of Defence now we've just spotted one of these over the channel! We're estimate it's heading for London an eta of twenty five minutes!" Captain Rogers said urgently into the radio.

"Sir!" a radar operator shouted. Rogers turned around. "Another has been spotted one the French side looks like it's heading for Paris!"

The Prime Minister sat in his office on the telephone. "Yes your majesty I'm dissolving parliament until this is over and reforming it immediately with a collation government. The leader of the opposition is on his way and should be here in a few minutes we'll be doing a press conference then."

An aide ran in. "Sir we've got a visual over south west London. It's slowing down and Sky News have got a live feed of the London one."

Kay Burley was in the Sky News chopper she was looking at the fireball in the sky. "Yes Bob we can see it a massive ball of fire slowing down over London. Richmond and Twickenham are covered by this huge shadow. Oh my God!"

Out of the fire the front of a massive hull of a spaceship emerged. The ship continued to emerge as Londoners ran screaming in all directions. Traffic started to crash as London was plunged into darkness. The ship centred over Nelson's Colum.

The Prime Minister sat open mouthed he stood up and walked out of his office and heading for the front door of Downing Street where a clamour of press where waiting.

ITN news where in panic Trevor McDonald took a deep breath and in a voice that surprised him.

"Well we have now discovered what these fires in the sky are alien space ships. Ladies and gentleman you have heard that correct alien ships arriving over cities around the world now we have heard that four more have arrived over Mexico City, Beijing, Perth and Lima this makes ten so far including the ones over Washington, New York, Rome, Moscow, London, Los Angles there are more sightings unconfirmed heading for Bombay and Jerusalem although many more around the world have been spotted." The screen changed to show New York, Rome and London. "We are now going over to Downing Street."