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*facepalms* Yet another one of my short, silly pieces...


Kill la Kill fanfic:

"Rage Vent"

by Avi

Iori was idly walking down one of the many hallways of Nudist Beach HQ, when he was startled by a sudden gust of air, seemingly from nowhere; a gust strong enough to blow the lower half of his lab coat off to the side.

He pulled down his hemline, and looked around hurriedly. Fortunately, there was no one around to see his indiscretion, unintentional though it was. Iori thought nothing of it, and continued on his way.

That is, until it happened again... And again. Over and over, over the course of a week.

The final straw happened in full sight of most of Nudist Beach's troops; there was a gust of air from under Iori that was so strong, it nearly stripped him of his lab coat, and he ended up flashing everyone in the general vicinity.

Iori was not amused.


Inumuta was browsing through some structural diagrams of Nudist Beach HQ on his monitor, when he noticed a familiar figure enter the room, out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey, Iori. Ever notice how odd the ventilation system in Nudist Beach is? There are ventilation shafts everywhere; it's a security nightmare-"


Startled at his friend's tone of voice, Inumuta turned around just in time to see Iori, armed with a dress form taller than he was, rolling up his sleeve, and storming towards Mikisugi's office.

Inumuta was not the former Information and Strategy Chair of Honnouji Academy for nothing. Moments later, he was carrying Iori over his shoulder, away from the command centre, while the blond boy was swearing more than Inumuta had ever heard, the entire time he'd known him.

"Let me go!" snapped Iori. "Honestly, who else would install ventilation shafts for the sole purpose of standing in front of? Only him!"

He pointed an accusing finger at Mikisugi, who had just walked out of his office, with Tsumugu close behind him.

"Huh. I always wondered how you managed to make your clothes fly up all the time," commented Tsumugu, while Mikisugi had a 'guilty as charged' look on his face.


The next day, Inumuta discreetly handed Iori a map labelling all of the air vents in Nudist Beach (while Iori started wearing underwear underneath his lab coat, regardless of regulation).



I know, I've used this gag before... I'm just amused at the thought of Mikisugi installing extra vents in NB HQ just so his lab coat will fly up. XP