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Chapter 1: Broly's New Life

Broly, also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, was feeling quite lost in reference to his current situation. A moment ago, he was beating the living crap out of Frieza back on earth. The next thing he knew, the rage in his own heart had suddenly vanished, and he found himself standing inside of a prison cell with three girls in black-and-white prisoner outfits.

The first one Broly noticed was Meiko Shiraki. She was tall and muscular with a slim waist and a large bust that would make any guy crazy. She wore her silver hair in a bun, and other than her very undersized prison clothes, the only other item she had on her person were her glasses.

Next was Mari Kurihara. She was a tall and slim girl with a medium-sized bust. Both her eyes and her long hair were black due to her Japanese heritage. She was frequently described as one of the most beautiful students in the school. Like the first girl, Mari's garbs were also quite undersized.

Lastly was Hana Midorikawa. She was of average height with a slim build and a medium bust. Her straw-colored hair was styled in a bob-cut, and she had brown eyes. She was athletic and somewhat muscular despite her small frame. Her garbs were, just like her other two companions, too small.

All three girls had shocked expressions on their faces upon seeing Broly appear before them from thin air.

Towering at almost ten feet in height, he had massive muscles that were unbelievably defined to compliment his incredibly tall frame. He had spiky green hair that extended straight up from his head, defying gravity. His eyebrows were also the same color as his hair. He had a scar across his left cheek, left bicep, and an "X"-shaped scar on his left pectoral. There were also two scars on his abs. He was wearing purple skin-tight pants, along with a green fur pelt draped around his waist that billowed on the backside. He was also wearing boots with white borders and green stripes at the tips, as well as black armbands with white ridges. However, what stood out the most were his ominous-looking eyes, which had neither irises nor pupils.

"WAAAAAAAAH!" Broly was immediately greeted by the sound of startled screams, which lasted for a full minute.

Before he could start ranting about the pain in his ears, three voices caught his attention.

"W-WH-WHAT ARE YOU?!" The trio of terrified girls simultaneously screamed/stuttered shakily.

Broly blinked twice in confusion and scratched the back of his own head. He then looked right and left before he turned back towards the girls and pointed at himself, causing a tick mark to appear on each of their foreheads.

"WHO ELSE, YOU BIG DOLT?!" They all roared in unison before quickly covering their mouths upon remembering that they were addressing a giant that could probably tear them to shreds.

"I'm a Saiyan," He replied with a neutral expression on his face.

"That doesn't tell us anything! Now then, answer the question properly!" Meiko demanded angrily as she finally regained her composure.

Broly scratched his head in confusion before asking, "What's the proper answer?"

The three girls face-faulted. Apparently, his common sense had deserted him when his innocence was restored.

"Maybe I should discipline you until you cooperate, pig," Meiko said darkly.

Just as the grey-haired girl was about to attack, Broly suddenly burst out into a laughing fit. This only served to anger her further as she rushed towards him with twice her normal speed. When she reached him, she jumped up into the air before doing a flip and extending both of her legs out for a drop kick. She then slammed both of her feet into the Legendary Super Saiyan's face, only for him to continue laughing like nothing had just happened.

"Durhurhur! That's definitely new! Most people on other planets call us Saiyans 'dirty, worthless monkeys', or 'stupid apes'. It's probably because of our tails," Broly laughed in good humor.

'Other planets? Monkeys? Apes? Tails?' She didn't have much time to contemplate this before she suddenly felt a sharp pain the likes of which she'd never experienced before in her shins, ankles, feet, and toes.

She then noticed that her prison shoes had just shattered into thousands of pieces, and some of them had lodged themselves into her feet from when they had made contact with Broly's face. She also saw that her ankles, feet, and toes were just hanging there limply, signifying that all of the bones in those parts of her body had been shattered into nothing more than dust. Even both of the bones of her shins had snapped in half and were visibly jutting out from either leg.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Then she released a bloodcurdling scream that could be heard throughout the entire school before passing out from the pain.

Meiko's scream had caused the Legendary Super Saiyan to cover his ears and wince in agony. After recovering a moment later, he looked down at her in anger, only for it to completely disappear when he saw the condition that she was in.

Broly then facepalmed. "I don't think that I will ever understand the people of this planet. She should've known this would happen if she were to ever hit a Saiyan, and yet she still did so," He muttered.

"THAT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW WHAT A SAIYAN IS, YOU MORON!" The other two girls roared in comedic anger.

"Oh, I guess that I had forgotten to tell you, ahaha!" The Legendary Super Saiyan replied with a lighthearted laugh.

Hana and Mari both sweatdropped at his carefree attitude.

"First though, I am going to heal your friend's injuries. It's only fair that she also gets to hear what I am about tell the both of you," He stated.

The girls were shocked by this guy's kindness, and a blush made its way onto both of their faces. Mari, however, had a couple more questions.

"Don't you mean that you will help her recover? On that note, how can you do that without any medical supplies?" She asked in concern.

Broly gave both girls a deadpanned stare and said, "No, I mean that I'm going to actually heal her injuries. As for your second question, like this."

What happened next left the girls so shellshocked that their brains overloaded, shut down, and rebooted multiple times before finally being able to process everything.

He knelt down and wrapped his hand around each of Meiko's legs. Before either of her friends could protest, the Legendary Super Saiyan pushed the bones of the grey-haired girl's shins back into place.

A glowing, green light then formed around Broly's hands, which caused the lower jaw of each girl to drop all the way down to the floor. It also caused both of their bodies to tense up in worry, because for all they knew, he could be using this light to melt Meiko's legs off. Still, it's not like they could do anything to stop him, so they were going to have to wait for the results.

Almost instantly, the bones, along with all of the other wounds to both of Meiko's shins, started rapidly healing. After just a few seconds, they were as good as new.

Next he placed his hands on Meiko's ankles. As soon as he touched them, pain flooded the girl's body, causing her to regain consciousness and scream again. It was so intense that she hadn't even noticed her ankles moving back into place when he moved on down to her feet.

Upon touching them, the pieces of the girl's shattered shoes that were embedded into her feet and toes seemingly dislodged themselves. Said pieces then immediately fell to the ground as the wounds where they had been previously were also healed by the green light that was still surrounding his hands.

All Meiko knew was (physical) pain as it forced her to regain consciousness. She then screamed and wailed for what seemed like hours, though in reality, it had only been a few seconds. Suddenly, all of the pain just...vanished, and a blissful warmth washed over her entire body. She loved this intoxicating feeling, and she wished it would last forever. As soon as that thought had crossed her mind, though, it vanished.

"I see that you're awake," She heard a male voice say.

Her eyes shot wide open as she lifted her head up to the sight of Broly with her foot in his large hand. She then noticed Mari and Hana, who were standing next to him with a combination of shock, disbelief, awe, and bewilderment on their faces. It seemed that witnessing Broly heal Meiko had left Mari and Hana dumbstricken.

"The pain should be gone now," The male's voice, which belonged to Broly, spoke to her once again.

When the Legendary Super Saiyan removed his hand from her foot, she started wiggling them, along with her toes.

"Sorry about your shoes and injuries. I also apologize for making you...er...well, wet yourself while I was healing your wounds," He said while looking away uncomfortably with a blush on his face.

Meiko blinked twice in confusion before looking down at her black-and-white-striped prisoner pants. She pulled them outwards and blushed madly at the sight of her cum all inside of them.

"Yeah, you kept moaning while I was healing your wounds. Soon after, you screamed something about being in paradise before you...well...climaxed," He explained to the girl, who turned her head towards the other two and received nods of confirmation from both of them.

"Did he do anything else?" The busty girl with grey hair asked the other two in the room, who shook their heads in the negative.

"Do it again. I don't know what you did, but I wanna see how you healed me," Meiko demanded, only to see a scowl form on his face, presumably because of her attitude towards him.

"Just so you know, a weak human such as yourself would only end up getting injured by attacking me. I am one of the strongest Saiyans to ever exist, and injuring me would be impossible for you. So with all due respect, stop trying to force me into submission. It's not going to work," Broly told her with a hint of annoyance.

A tick mark then appeared on her forehead.

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME WEAK, BASTARD?!" She roared angrily.

"All humans are weak when compared to us Saiyans. While we're on the subject, I think it's time I tell you all about the Saiyan race," Broly said, which immediately snapped Mari and Hana back to reality and caused Meiko to raise an eyebrow out of curiosity.

Seeing that he had everyone's attention, Broly began, "We Saiyans hail from Planet Vegeta and are the most powerful warriors in the universe. We love to fight above almost all else and can be identified by a brown monkey's tail. In the past, we worked as space pirates for a galactic overlord by the name of Frieza. We were sent to exterminate entire civilizations and sell the planets to the highest bidder under the name of our boss."

He then saw his audience rolling their eyes.

Ignoring their reactions, Broly continued, "If a panet's inhabitants possessed higher-than-average power levels, we'd send a Saiyan adult to wipe them out. However, inhabitants of planets with lower-than-average power levels were taken care of by either a Saiyan child or infant."

He then heard a sigh of annoyance coming from the three girls, which caused his left eye to twitch a couple of times in anger before resuming with the telling of his story.

"We all served Frieza faithfully for awhile, but when he saw how quickly our strength increased, he started to fear the rise of a Super Saiyan, which is a transformation of our people said to appear only once every thousand years. We are capable of erasing entire planets from existence with ease and are some of the only beings in the entire universe capable of opposing Frieza. To prevent this from happening, he blew up our planet, killing all but a handful of Saiyans who happened to be away at the time it was turned into space dust. I was a baby at the time of my homeworld's destruction. That is the history of the Saiyan Race," Broly finished.

In response, the three girls said the only word that came to mind: "Bullshit!"

Sighing, Broly let his own tail out of his pants, which had somehow grown back, and it started waving around.


After a few seconds of silence, the three girls fainted.

When the girls regained consciousness, they groaned while wondering why they had such a crazy dream, only to see the Legendary Super Saiyan standing a few feet away from them.

"AN ALIEN!" Mari and Hana both screamed at the top of their lungs, making Broly sweatdrop.

Meiko's reaction, however, was much different, mainly because she was ogling him. It was then that Broly's acute sense of smell picked up the scent of pheromones rolling off of her in waves, signaling that she was very aroused.

He never could get a read on that girl, and the fact that her attitude kept doing 180 degree turns only served to baffle him further.

With Meiko:

When Meiko had regained consciousness, realization hit her, and all of her anger was immediately replaced by awe. Now that she wasn't seeing red anymore, she was finally able to focus on his physique. She immediately noted that he was smokin' hot!

There was also the fact that she didn't really think of him as a man anymore. A male, yes. A man, however, is when one refers to a male human being. Since Broly isn't a human but rather a Saiyan, any dislike of men that she might or might not have previously had towards him no longer applied.

Wait, what?! Oh, right. The author was too impatient to go through with writing the long, boring process of slowly getting to know someone before falling in love, so he had decided to jump-start the process. Because of this, she now found Broly to be irresistible.

"So...you said that you're one of the strongest Saiyans to ever exist, and you also said 'we' when referring to Super Saiyans. Are you also a Super Saiyan? How strong are you, exactly?" Meiko questioned.

"I am the Legendary Super Saiyan, which is a transformation beyond any other form of Super Saiyan. It is also the reason for my physical appearance. As far as I know, I am the only Saiyan in existence with this transformation. It usually turns the user into a 'killing machine'. I was sent off to the other side of the universe as a baby because King Vegeta was afraid and also bothered by the fact that I was stronger than his son, Prince Vegeta. My father followed there and raised me, and doing what he said was all I knew until two new friends and a fellow Saiyan surviver named Kakarot showed me how much more life has to offer," He replied.

"So it's basically a godlike transformation. Can you change back to normal? Also, are all Saiyans as buff as you are?" The girl with grey hair asked curiously as a blush made its way onto her face.

Rather than telling her, he decided to show her by powering down to his base form...only for nothing to happen. Broly's eyes widened in disbelief. He tried again, but the result was the same. After several more failed attempts, he began to panic.

'What the hell?! Why can't I revert back? I've never had this problem in the past! ...Wait, I've never actually tried reverting back on my own before. So that means I'm going to be stuck like this for good, doesn't it?!' Broly thought as the shocking realization dawned on him.

He sighed, "It seems the transformation is permanent unless I'm injured too badly to retain it. Unfortunately, there's nobody with enough strength in this world to even scratch me."

"Hmm...well, I can work with that," The grey-haired girl quietly muttered to herself before turning to face the alien. "Sit down. I have something that I want to give you."

Broly raised an eyebrow in confusion but did as he was told. As soon as his butt touched the ground, Meiko wrapped her arms around his neck and smashed her lips against his own.

The Legendary Super Saiyan was stunned by the sudden action. However, he was still a male Saiyan, and if she wanted to be intimate with him, then who was he to deny her? He then returned the kiss, and it quickly deepened into a make-out session.

After breaking the kiss for some air, she smirked and said, "It sounds like Saiyans were hardcore, and that's something that turns me on. Still, it doesn't exactly seem fair that you made me feel so good without me even knowing. How about we fix that...killer?" She suggested seductively.

After a moment of thought, Broly returned her smirk with one of his own. "Yeah, let's...jailbabe," He replied, trying to keep the mood going by attempting to create a cool line of his own.

Meiko sweatdropped. Needless to say, the attempt had the opposite effect of what he was hoping for.

"Yeah...I think you should leave the one-liners to me from now on," She told the Legendary Super Saiyan, who blushed out of embarrassment.

After a moment, he regained his composure before noticing a pair of soft hands tracing over his abs.

"Heh, you're right, this does feel good," He chuckled, reminding the girl of what she had told him earlier.

Meiko looked up at him and smirked. "Oh? Then you're really going to enjoy the next part," She said with a wink.


Broly wrapped his arms around Meiko's waist before lifting her up. When the two were face-to-face with each other, the Legendary Super Saiyan locked lips with the grey-haired female prisoner. The girl immediately returned it before rubbing her tongue against Broly's teeth in the hopes of gaining entrance to his mouth. Needless to say, he gladly complied. Their tongues then clashed in a battle for dominance, and pleasurable moans escaped from their lips before they broke the kiss.

Then Broly's hands started to glow green again as he grabbed and held Meiko up by the ass with one of his hands. He slipped the other inside of her black-and-white-striped prisoner pants. He then slid her thong aside and inserted one of his fingers into her pussy before moving it up and down. He occasionally used that same hand to fondle the girl's breasts and nipples from underneath her prisoner shirt/bra to mix things up a bit. He even sucked and nibbled on the grey-haired female prisoner's hard, pointy nipples. In response, she elicited loud moans of approval.

Not wanting the Legendary Super Saiyan to feel left out, Meiko did the only thing she could while being held so far above the ground. She slid her feet inside of Broly's pants and began gently stroking his 20-inch boner while he was pleasuring her. The grey-haired girl wiggled them up and down on his member while spreading them out every once in a while before wrapping them around it. She then began tapping her toes on his massive erection, making him grunt in pleasure.

By this point, they were both getting close.

"B-Broly! Oh Broly!" Meiko barely managed to gasp out as she started stroking Broly's long, hard cock faster with her feet and toes.

This caused the Legendary Super Saiyan's grunts of pleasure to rise in volume as he increased the speed of his thrusts into the girl's tight, moist snatch with his finger.

Upon receiving one final thrust from Broly's finger, the female prisoner became lost in total ecstasy.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, AH! BROLYYYYYYYYY!" The busty Vice-President of the Underground Student Council screamed passionately before climaxing all over the Legendary Super Saiyan's hand.

After one more gentle stroke from Meiko's soft and delicate toes, Broly gave into absolute bliss.

"N-NGH! RAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The Legendary Super Saiyan roared to the heavens as he jizzed all over the female prisoner's feet and toes.


The two fell to the floor in each other's arms, panting heavily as they came down from their high.

"So I take it we're a couple now?" Broly asked with a grin.

"You bet your sweet ass we are. Besides, the author of this story was really excited to make us a couple, so he wasn't going to wait for character development, anyway. Then again, it is called a fanfiction for a reason," Was the reply he got from his new girlfriend before sharing another passionate kiss.

"The fourth wall has now officially been broken twice..." Broly sighed.

This was the sight that the members of the Aboveground Student Council walked into, as well as two other women who had passed out from nosebleeds.

Apparently, it was time for the first day of hard labor for the three girls from the Underground Student Council. Meiko then said two words that pretty much summed up their current situation.

"Well, shit."



Dead silence. Everyone who'd been chatting away outside had immediately become silent upon seeing Broly, who had been at least 20 feet away from Meiko a literal second ago, appear between his girlfriend's downed form and the Aboveground Student Council Vice-President's sword as it hit his chest and shattered into thousands of pieces.

Then everyone started screaming in terror.

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