Star Wars: The Last Airbender

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Chapter 3 · Return to Omashu


"That. Was. Torture." Ahsoka said as they left the group of, for lack of a better term, hippies behind.

"I couldn't agree more." Obi-Wan stated, clearly exhausted and annoyed.

"You know when we agreed to come with you guys, we didn't realize that experience would befall us." Anakin complained.

Sokka was in the front, leading the group up the hill. "Well, I can attest that the journey was long and painfully annoying, but now you get to see what's really important. The destination." He was just reaching the top of the hill and turned to everyone behind him. "Ladies and gentleman and space aliens, I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of O… Oh no." He said crestfallen as he waved his hand at the grand city behind him.

The rest of Team Avatar looked on in shock. The large and powerful city was under a new banner. The red and black symbol of the Fire Nation was draped over the front entrance of the city and their flags waved high and victorious. Smoke from the obviously new factories puffed out into the air and gave what must have been a beautiful city a murky, musky look.

"I'm guessing that's Omashu." Rex commented.

Aang shook his head. "I can't believe it. I know the war has spread far, but Omashu always seemed… untouchable."

"Until now." Cody said with a shrug. "is there anywhere else for us to go?"

"Ba Sing Se is the only Earth Kingdom stronghold left now that Omashu is taken." Sokka explained.

Katara walked over to Aang. "This is horrible, but we have to move on."

A look of determination appeared on Aang's face. "No. I'm going in to find Bumi."

Sokka sighed. "Aang stop. We don't even know if Bumi's still…" He trailed off.

Aang turned to him. "What? If Bumi's still what?"

"Uh, around." Sokka said, looking down.

Obi-Wan spoke up. "Look, I know you had your heart set on this Bumi, but I'm sure you can find another Earth Bending teacher. From my understanding there are hundreds."

Aang shook his head. "This isn't about finding a teacher. This is about finding my friend."

Anakin looked at everyone. "I think I'm going to have to agree with Aang on this one."

One by one everyone agreed, leaving Obi-Wan to go along with it. "Fine, I guess we're going in."


Far below the bridge and entrance into the city, on the edge of a cliff in the cavern, Aang used his staff to pry at a pipe cover.

"A secret entrance? Why didn't we use this last time?" Sokka complained, only to be hit with a green, smelly liquid after Aang successfully pried the covering off. "Ewwww!"

"Does that answer your question?" Aang asked in amusement, leading everyone into the pipe.

The Avatar used his staff and airbending to clear a path through the sludge. Katara used her waterbending while the Jedi used the Force with the clones behind them. Sokka, however, was on his own. All the excess sludge moved by the benders and Jedi rushed the nonbender and he was spitting and sputtering from it all.

Soon, they reached an exit hatch and made it into an alley of the city.

"Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be." Ahsoka said.

Last to come out was Sokka, completely covered in green sludge and groaning. He looked like some sort of creepy, monstrous creature.

Katara pulled water from a barrel and splashed him with it, drenching him but getting the slime off of him. Aang then swung his staff, a strong gust of wind following that dried him off.

As if the wasn't enough for him, two mini, octopus-looking creatures were stuck to his face.

Sokka screamed and pulled on the two creatures. "Ahh, they won't let go!"

Aang tackled Sokka into a wall and shushed him. "Shh, you're gonna get us caught. It's just a purple pentapus."

The Avatar stroked the top of their heads and the pentapus' let go of Sokka's face.

Anakin turned to the opposite end of the alley. "Guys, someone's coming." He whispered.

Aang quickly hid behind Sokka and Katara, pulling a bandana over his head to hide his arrow. Right on time as three Fire Nation guards approached, one holding a lantern and the other two wielding spears.

"Hey! What are you kids doing out past curfew?" The first guard asked.

"Sorry. We were just heading home." Katara said quickly and the group turned to leave.

"Wait." The guard spoke again, pointing at the back of Sokka's neck where red welts had developed. "What's the matter with him?"

Anakin glanced at the welts and turned Sokka around to face the guards. "Uh, he has… pentapox, sir."

"It's highly contagious…" Obi-Wan said as the guard got closer.

Catching on quickly, Sokka began coughing and moaning. "Ohh it's so awful! I'm dying!"

"And deadly." Katara added as Sokka stumbled towards the guards, coughing in their direction.

"Hey, I think I heard of pentapox! Didn't your cousin Chang die of it?" The second guard said as they took a few steps back.

"We'd better go wash our hands, and burn our clothes!" The last guard said and the three quickly turn around and run off in fear.

Aang watched them run with amusement. "Thank you, sewer friend." He said, stroking the little pentapus in his hand.


A royal barge sat docked in a port not too far from Omashu. On the deck of the ship was a single palanquin, flanked by two, completely identical elderly women. Along the deck floor, the Royal Guards were on their knees, bowing low before their Crown Princess.

"When tracking your brother and uncle, traveling with the royal procession may no longer be an option." One of the women said.

"May no longer be wise." The second said. Their voices were wizened and somewhat raspy. Clearly with years of knowledge and experience on their shoulders.

"If you hope to keep, the element of surprise." They finally said at the exact same time. It was almost eerie the way they talked in-sync with one another.

"You're right." Princess Azula said to her advisers. "The Royal Procession is dead weight. If I really want to catch my prey, I must be agile, nimble. I need a small elite team. It's time to visit some old friends."


The group of eight ducked once again behind a large stack of wooden planks. They were in what appeared to be a construction site near the top of the pyramid-like city. A pair of Fire Nation soldiers on patrol passed by, not noticing the group.

"Let's find Bumi and get out of here." Katara whispered.

"Where would they hold him?" Ahsoka asked Aang who was scanning the area.

"Somewhere he can't earthbend. Somewhere made of metal."

The group paused, hearing a rumbling sound that was getting louder and louder. Next to them were several large boulders, tumbling down a chute at high speed. Aang looked down at the group of Fire Nation civilians in the boulders path and, without hesitation, used his staff to destroy the rocks with a strong blast of air. Of course, this alerted the Fire Nation to their presence.

"The resistance!" One of the women shouted, pointing up at the group.

The other, younger woman spread her arms at Aang, tiny arrows flying towards him. Quickly, Aang jumps up to avoid the arrows which bury themselves in the stack of wooden construction material he landed on. "Guys, run!" Aang shouted as two Fire Nation guards climbed the nearby ladder to reach them.

As the rest of the group runs, Katara pulls water from her pouch and uses it to whip the guards, sending them back down the way they came.

At the same time, the girl was already up the ladder, running impressively fast towards them and raised her right hand at Katara. More arrows flew forward, forcing Katara to turn her water solid, letting the deadly projectiles embed themselves into the shield of ice. The girl then vaulted over the wall of ice and continued to chase them down.

Aang stopped running, letting Katara pass him before twirling his staff and sweeping a gust of wind at some construction scaffolding, causing it to collapse.

The girl saw the stack collapsing and quickly threw a sharp throwing star at the bottom of the wall. The star ricochet against the wall, avoiding the falling wood, and flew straight for the back of Aang's head.

Sensing the danger, the Avatar quickly turned around, twirling his staff and catching the star in it. The group stopped running behind him, there was nowhere else to go. Anakin and Obi-Wan moved to cover Aang as the girl had a clear shot of him. But before anyone could do anything, the ground beneath their feet opens downward, taking the team below ground and away from sight.

The girl sighed and just walked away. She was bored once again.


Ventress trailed behind Princess Azula as they walked through a grassy field just outside the mountains, full of large and small tents. People in colorful outfits worked about the camp, an eyesore in her opinion.

Azula stopped in front of a girl standing upside down on her index fingers. "Ty Lee, could that possibly be you?"

"Azula!" The girl said, happiness and excitement radiating off her. It was sickening to Ventress.

Ty Lee flipped from her stance, spins around in a graceful twirl and drops down on her hands and knees, bowing to her Princess. With that out of the way, she ran forward to embrace Azula in a warm hug. "It's so good to see you!"

"Please, don't let me interrupt your… whatever it is you were doing." Azula said, raising an eyebrow in wonder as Ty Lee flipped backwards onto her chest with one leg stretched out over her head and the other pointing towards the sky.

Azula glanced around. "Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? Certainly, our parents didn't send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in…" Nearby a platypus bear lays a large egg right in front of them, bringing a disgusted look to both Azula and Ventress. "…places like this."

Shaking her head, Azula continued. "I have a proposition for you. I'm hunting a pair of traitors. You remember my old fuddy-duddy uncle, don't you?"

Ty Lee, now with her feet resting on her head, giggled. "Oh yeah. He was so funny."

"I would be honored if you would join me on my mission."

At that, Ty Lee frowned. "Oh… I, uh, would love to… But the truth is," she flips herself upright in a fluid movement, "I'm really happy here. I mean, my aura has never been pinker!" She had a genuinely happy smile on her face.

Azula held up her hand. "I'll take your word for it. Well, I wouldn't want you to give up the life you love just to please me."

Ventress looked at the Princess. She's just gonna let her go? You're the Princess! Make her go! She thought, her fist balling up.

Ty Lee bowed in respect. "Thank you, Azula." She turned around and brought one of her legs all the way up, continuing her stretches while Azula started to walk away.

"Of course, before I leave, I'm going to catch your show."

Ty Lee's stance breaks as she gasps in panic. Ventress could feel the dramatic shift in her emotions, from genuine happiness to great worry.

"Uh… yea… sure… of course…" She agreed hesitantly.

Ventress looked from the girl to Azula before following behind the princess, casting one last glance back at Ty Lee as she continued her uneasy stretches.


"So, this is what's left of Omashu's people?" Obi-Wan asked as the group was led to a large, underground chamber full of people.

"What about Bumi?" Aang asked. "Is he leading the resistance?"

The leader, Yung, angrily balled his fist. "Of course not! The day of the invasion, we readied ourselves for battle. We were prepared to defend our city, to fight for our lives and for our freedom. But before we even had a chance, King Bumi surrendered."

Aang gave a soft gasp, a disconcerted look crossing his face. "what do you mean?"

"When the Fire Nation attacked the city, I asked King Bumi what he wanted to do. He looked me in the eye and said…"

"I'm going to do… nothing!" Bumi said, laughing and snorting like the mad man he really was.

"It doesn't matter now." Yung continued, raising his fist in determination. "Fighting the Fire Nation is the only path to freedom. And freedom is worth dying for."

Aang leaned on his staff, looking down sadly, but then turned back to Yung and looked at him. "Actually, there's another path to freedom. You could leave Omashu."

"What?!" Yung exclaimed, clearly not liking that idea.

Obi-Wan stepped forward. "I agree. You're directing all your energy to fighting an enemy that outnumbers you by a huge amount. That energy can be better used to retreating to fight another day."

"That gives you a chance to return at a better time." Aang said as Yung shook his head.

"You don't understand, they've taken our home! We have to fight them at any cost!" He said, gesturing to the cave ceiling.

One of the other resistance fighters spoke up in a soft tone. "I don't know, Yung, living to fight another day is starting to sound pretty good to me."

Another man stepped up. "Yeah, I'm with the kid and old guy!"

"…Old?" Obi-Wan muttered to himself, a smirking Anakin patting him on his back.

Yung looked at all the people around him as they whispered agreements amongst themselves. With a sigh, he turned to Aang. "Fine. But there's thousands of citizens that need to leave. How are we going to get them all out?"

"SUCKERS!" Sokka shouted, causing everyone to stare at him for his outburst. He smiled broadly, "you're all about to come down with a nasty case of pentapox."


One by one, with a bucket of water full of pentapi, the civilians were covered in the marks left by the creature's mark on their face, arms, and shoulders.

Once everyone was marked, Sokka spoke to the group. "The marks make ya look sick, but you gotta act like it too. You have to sell it!"

An old man hobbled passed him, leaning heavily on his cane while moaning in pain and holding his back.

Sokka grabbed Cody, putting his arm around his shoulder. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

The old man chuckled. "Years of practice." He said, tapping his wooden leg with his cane.

"Okay everyone!" Sokka shouted for everyone to hear. "Into sick formation!"

He and the other civilians began walking towards the gates of Omashu while Katara stayed behind to check on Aang. "Aang, what are you doing?" She asked after seeing him and the Jedi going in the opposite direction.

"No. I'm not leaving until I find Bumi." Aang said, turning back to Katara.

"We're going to help him look." Anakin said with a nod towards Rex and Cody. "It'll be easier if we split up, we'll cover more ground. Ahsoka with Aang, Rex and Cody, and I'll stick with Obi-Wan."

Katara nodded. "Be safe."

Aang used his airbending to propel himself into the air and onto the rooftops. Ahsoka followed easily with her Force-enhanced speed and athletic prowess. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan and Anakin moved along the streets silently in one direction, the clone officers going in another.


Aang and Ahsoka ran together through the streets, nimbly climbing up a house and balanced perfectly on the railing. Jumping across to the next rooftop, they spotted a large, white creature below, sadly pushing a turnstile.

"What is that thing?" Ahsoka asked, following Aang as he propelled himself down.

"Flopsie!" He shouted happily.

Hearing his name, Flopsie turned and reached for Aang with excitement, however his chains held him back. Whimpering, he ceased his attempts.

Aang jumped over the beast and used the water from Flopsie's bowl to freeze the lock on the chains. With a swing of his staff the lock was shattered and his friend was free. Flopsie grabbed Aang and pulled him into a big hug, licking his face with his large, wet tongue.

"This is King Bumi's pet." Aang explained to a confused Ahsoka. He proceeded to climb onto the animals back, gesturing for Ahsoka to join him. "Come on, Flopsie. You gotta help us find Bumi. Yip Yip!" He said, using the same command for Appa. Flopsie doesn't move, he simply uses one of his hind legs to scratch himself. "… Oh, right, guess that doesn't work with you. Let's go!"

At that, Flopsie finally took off with great speed, eliciting a surprised yelp from Ahsoka as she clung tightly to Aang.


A trio of Separatist C-9979 landing craft flew over Anakin and Obi-Wan's head. They were well outside the city of Omashu and were hiking up a steep, wooded mountain.

"Well, we found them." Anakin said, crouched low beside Obi-Wan in the tree line. The landing craft were dropping off hundreds of battle droids and supplies. They obviously planned to stick around.

"The Separatist have a lot to gain from this world. An entire planet full of humans with unheard of abilities? Not to mention the massive amounts of resources here." Obi-Wan mused, stroking his beard in thought. "If we can somehow get aboard one of these transports, they'll take us straight to the fleet above the planet."

"You're not seriously considering leaving this place, do you?" Anakin asked, turning to his former master.

"Of course, Anakin, we can't stay here. We must get back to the Republic, they need us. Besides, it's more dangerous for these people if we stay. The Separatist might leave to pursue us."

Anakin rolled his eyes. "You and I both know they'll never leave this planet now that they've found them. Look at this place, it's a gold mind. These people don't stand a chance without us."

Obi-Wan knew he was right of course. "I admit, they will only come back in greater numbers, but that's more reason for us to leave and tell the Council. We can come back with greater numbers and help these people."

Anakin nodded slowly. "Ok, valid point. But there's a lot of droids between us and that transport, and more on the fleet. Not to mention Grievous and Dooku. We can be stuck for weeks, maybe longer, trying to get back to Republic space." He threw up his hands, "we don't even know where in the Galaxy we are!"

With a sigh, Obi-Wan turned back to the amassing droids. There were indeed a lot of them. Nothing they can't handle with three Jedi and two clone officers. But still, the odds were stacked against them. And it's true that they were so far out of the known Galaxy that leaving here would make them more lost then they are now. "What do you suppose we do then, Anakin?"

Anakin shrugged. "We stay with the kid, Aang, and helped them end their war. Along the way, if we get the chance, we can worry about getting out of here. We can't just leave them, he's a kid for crying out loud."

Again, Obi-Wan sighed. It was clear that Anakin formed a bond with the Avatar and his friends, he could sense it. Anakin probably saw himself in Aang. A boy growing up as possibly the most powerful being around, training to protect the ones he cares about and the weight of the world quite literally on his shoulders… "Fine, fine. We'll stay and assist the Avatar. But if the opportunity arises we have to find a way to contact help."

"Works for me. Let's hurry back to Omashu."

Obi-Wan spared one last look at the Droid Army before following Anakin. The two moved swiftly down the mountains back towards the city.

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