Well, I kind of want to give credit of this to my friend but since I hate the RoyEd ship...well, I kind of hate her.

RoyEd is love, RoyEd is life. So cute. All of the cute.


Roy and Ed: (Stare while backing away slowly)

NM: Welp, second yaoi fic...I wrote the first one in middle school but I actually liked the ship, let's see how well this goes…

SLIGHT AU WARNING!: The internet and computers and all that junk exist but everything else is the same!

Enjoy this awful fic!

Ed and Al were walking out of a library in central when Ed noticed that one of the computers was on. It was on an odd website called 'Youtube' and was playing a really annoying song.

"Never gonna give you up…"

Played quietly through the computer's speakers. Ed smirked as he got an idea…


Roy looked at the new grey monitor on his desk. The office had to keep up with the times, or something like that, and so computers were given to pretty much everyone who had their own desk. A notification had popped up that he had gotten an email. He opened it and saw a link to a video. Roy clicked the link and music began to play.

"There's no strangers to love...you know the rules and so do I…"

The music continued. Roy watched the video in silence.

Why the hell would Ed send this to me?

He thought before deciding to turn Ed's prank against him. He smirked and picked up the phone. He dialed the number to Ed's room in the military dorms. Ed picked up the phone.

"Hello?" The boy asked.

"I didn't know you thought of me in this way." Roy said, trying to contain his laughter. He could almost hear Ed's anger emanating from the other end before he heard the phone slam down on the receiver. Roy chuckled at Ed's reaction before putting the phone down and closing the video. "Just another day."

That didn't suck as much as I thought it would. I still hate RoyEd. EdWin!

Ed: Why did you write that?

NM: Tumblr, writer's block, my manga I'm writing-

Ed: Wait, what was that?
NM: Um...Tumblr..?

Ed: No, after that

NM: Writer's block?

Ed: After that!

NM: Oh...the manga I'm writing!

That's right everybody! I'm writing a book! I already started a Tumblr blog about it! The url is NotDemonHentai and I'm almost ready to begin work on the first volume! So, go check that out and don't worry, because I won't be leaving fanfiction anytime soon! Even if I write a book!

See you next time!

Ed: Hurry up already!