Chapter 2: Say no to pine cones (they taste bad).

After a good night's sleep, Regina had woken to Emma sprawled across her body. 'Of course Emma would make her way to be laying on my entire body. Typical idiot she is. She is so noble and brave. Why didn't I notice just how often she had my back? And why did I have to say that she never had my back? She would have caught me out on that lie, why didn't she say something about me lying? She told me before she could always tell when I was lying so why not say something when I lied about her not having my back?' thought Regina as she rubbed unconscious circles on Emma's back.

"You know I could hear your thoughts just now?" mumbled Emma from her position on Regina's chest. Regina chuckled at Emma's morning grumpiness, it reminded her of their son Henry who is very much not a morning person. "Oh really dear, is that a new superpower of yours?" sassed back Regina, turning her head to see the time. That read 8.35am. "It is a good thing I don't have to be at work today or I would be running very late." Said Regina. Emma lifted her head up slightly so she could look Regina directly into her chocolate brown eyes.

"Speaking of which, am I still the sheriff? Now that I am the dark one would it be a wise idea?" asked Emma, as she snuggled in further into Regina's warm body. "I think you should keep the position, it might give you something to focus on. So you don't let the darkness overwhelm you. You're not used to the intensity of the darkness that is inside you now, but you have light magic still at your core being. I am hoping that if you have some sense of purpose, your inner light might be able to fight the dark magic that comes from being the dark one." Explained Regina.

Regina then pulled Emma as close to her body as she could so that Emma's face was only a couple of millimetres from her own. She then crashed her lips into Emma's having enough of the deep conversations for now. All she felt like doing was to fully put into action what she has longed to do ever since that day she took the basket of honey crisp apples to Emma's room at Granny's bed and breakfast. For seeing Emma in nothing but her white singlet top and red lace nickers her golden hair cascading down her shoulder's like it sometime does.

Just thinking about it had her become wet, so wet she was practically dripping. Emma sensing Regina's arousal, deepened the kiss as she snuck her hands down to the hem of Regina's singlet top. Letting her hands caress the soft skin underneath the cotton material. One of her hands made its way to one of Regina's breasts which she lightly traced a finger around the contours of it. Gauging Regina's reaction to this rather bold move on her part.

Regina smirked into the kiss as she felt Emma's wandering hands, glad that Emma was reciprocating and getting the hint that she wanted to escalate things far quicker than any other lover she had before. It was like Emma was able to read her more than she was capable of before becoming the dark one. 'Was Emma always able to read me so well? Oh god that feels good, her hands are like magic on my breasts.'

Regina getting impatient with the slow pace, flicked her wrist and had them both naked. Emma broke from the kiss when she felt her body now naked thanks to Regina's magic was pressed up against Regina's own naked body. Emma then made quick work of trailing kisses down Regina's neck, down to Regina's pulse point, not hesitating in giving Regina a noticeable hickey, as she let her hand continue its exploratory path along Regina's body, making its way to Regina's dripping wet centre.

Fingers finding Regina's sensitive clit, she gave it a quick rub, eliciting a deep moan from Regina as she had felt Emma's magic come into play as Emma rubbed her clit. Regina's own magic welcomed it, encouraged Emma's magic to mingle with her own. It wasn't the first time she had felt Emma's magic call out to hers and vice versa. Ever since magic came to Storybrooke. Regina had felt this undeniable pull towards the loyal Saviour.

If she were to be true to herself she had felt the pull to Emma ever since the first time they met with Emma's rather shy "hi." Regina reciprocated the actions that Emma was giving her, thrusting two fingers into Emma's core as she felt Emma doing the same for her. Both women moaning loudly at the sensation of feeling their combined magic working in tandem to what their fingers were doing. Emma pulled her into a crushing kiss, to drown out the moans they were both making as they thrusted into each other hips gyrating in synchronised motions.

Bringing each other into mutual orgasms magnified by the magic that was swirling all around them and inside them simultaneously. Then just as they were both reaching their big finish there was a loud banging and a crashing of Regina's bedroom door as Robin barged into the room with protests from Henry trying to prevent the impending interruption of his two mother's finally connecting in a way he always knew they would one day. Henry was rather thankful he didn't go beyond the top of the stairs because from the loud voices and moans had been any indication. There was no way Henry was going to walk anywhere near his raven haired mother's room.

'What did mum, ever see in the forest man I will never know. He isn't good enough for her. Dumb arse pine cone sniffer. So glad captain guyliner isn't here at the moment that would just make this situation even worse than it is now. I think I will just go on down to the lounge room and play my xbox, yes I think some saints row the third is in order.' Thought Henry as he crept his way back down the stairs.

"What the hell Regina? What are you doing with that vile dark creature?" shouted Robin as he barged into Regina's room, seeing Regina and Emma in the throes of passion. He impatiently stomped his foot as he waited for Regina to respond to his presence he did notice that there was a lot of magic swirling around the two women just as he saw that both Regina and Emma had climaxed together rather loudly. And it was only after that did either of them notice that he was here.

"Robin? What are you doing here?" asked a rather shocked Regina, Emma moved to sit beside Regina with a rather smug smile on her face. As she watched Robin's body language with interest.

"I came to see if you wanted to join Roland and I for breakfast. But I can see you are a bit preoccupied cheating on me with the new dark one. What did I ever do to you for you to disrespect me like this? You haven't really changed have you? You're still the Evil Queen. Certaiā€¦" Robin's words were cut off by an enraged Emma who had grabbed him by the throat again. Not even caring one single bit that she was still very much naked at this point.

"you will not speak to my Queen like that you stupid pine cone sniffer!" said Emma as she squeezed his neck tighter her free hand plunging into his chest and clenched around his heart pulling it free from its cavity. She let go of his throat as she held out the darkened heart out in front of him. "Emma, thank you for defending my honour my ever brave knight, kindly put his heart back in his chest. We wouldn't want you doing something you might regret later. Let me deal with this idiot." Instructed Regina in a soothing and clam voice.

Trying to calm Emma down, she was rather proud of Emma's control over her magic, but worried about just how quick Emma was to rip out his heart. "Yes my Queen." Said Emma as she pushed Robin's heart back into his chest giving it a tight squeeze as she did so. Causing Robin to hunch over in agonising pain. She pulled her hand back out roughly not caring if it hurt Robin even more.

Emma then went back to sit over onto the bed again, she flicked her wrist like she has seen Regina do many times she had clothed herself in an all-black outfit, brown leather jacket and tight pants and heeled boots included Emma had her chalky white hair pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head. She settled in to watch what Regina was going to do with Robin. She flicked her wrist a second time clothing Regina as well into one of the pantsuits she had admired Regina in.

"How dare you just barge into my house? I know for certain I never gave you the spare key. Have you not heard of picking up the phone and calling my mobile to see if I was available? What did you lose all sense of manner while you cavort with those merry men of yours out in the forest? Just because you and I are so called soul mates does not give you the right to disrespect me by pointing out that I have cheated on you. You and I are not exactly exclusive, considering you have knocked up my older sister, and you have the gall to call me a cheater when you convinced me to sleep with you in my vault while your frozen wife was just in the other room!

You knew I didn't want to be the other woman. What have I ever done to you, for you to just dismiss me as a crazy jealous ex in New York when I came to warn and rescue you from my wicked sister. I will not have you disrespecting Emma either! She is not a vile dark creature. She is my best friend, the birth mother of my son and now my lover. You will leave my house this instant, and if I ever hear you calling Emma any disrespectful names ever again be sure I will end you. You have never met the Evil Queen, but if you even look sideways at either Emma, Henry or myself you will most certainly meet the Evil Queen and you will regret it." Said Regina her magic was sparking all over the place as she struggled to keep it under control. With her emotions being as they were it was a rather difficult task.

At the end of Regina's speech Emma had gotten back off the bed and stood beside Regina and linked their fingers calming Regina's magic as soon as their hands met. And Regina was able to finally compose herself. Robin who was still trying to comprehend everything that Regina had just said and what he had seen, was standing there with a confused look on his face.

"I believe your queen told you to leave! Away with you." said Emma as she flicked her wrist engulfing Robin with the new coloured smoke that is unique to the dark one version of Emma. He was transported to the front of Regina's house. Where he looked around startled as he only just noticed that he was no longer in Regina's bedroom.

'What was all that about? Regina is fucking the dark one? There is no way I am losing my soul mate to the dark one. I wonder if hook is aware of this development?' thought Robin as he made his way back to where his son was.

"Emma, my dear you are getting better at controlling your magic. I must say I am impressed. You still need to learn to reign in your temper though. With all that dark magic coursing through you it might get a bit overwhelming." Said Regina as she pulled Emma close to her body.

"What are you going to do about the pine cone sniffer?" asked Emma as she melted into Regina's embrace. "Don't worry about him, we have more pressing things to be worried about like that one handed pirate of yours. What do you plan for him? And we need to get started on finding this Merlin." Said Regina. Emma pulled out of the embrace at the mention of Merlin. A slight scowl on her face.

"Why do you need to hurry on the search for Merlin? What am I to you?" asked Emma as she made her way over to Regina's bedroom door prepared to leave the mansion if what Regina said next was going to be along the lines of 'you're the saviour' as it would shatter her now slowly darkening heart.

"You are Emma, MY Emma, the birth mother of our son, my best friend and the only person who truly gets me. I don't need to hurry as you say with this Merlin. I just thought that you would want the darkness out of you as soon as possible." replied Regina as she walked over to where Emma was anxiously standing.

Emma relaxed her body after hearing Regina's words, as she felt Regina pull her into a rather tight embrace. Like Regina wanted to grab hold of her and never let go. It was a good feeling for the former orphan. To know that at least one person in her life didn't need her to be the saviour. All Regina asked of her was to be the person she had always felt she had been.

"I don't know Regina, yeah I would like to not be the dark one anymore and have to live out the rest of my now very long life. To see you and Henry, baby Neal and my parents all grow old and leave me all alone, truly the orphan I always believed myself to be.

That part I certainly don't want. But I do enjoy the whole not having to feel the weight of being the saviour on my shoulders. And I wonder if I hadn't become the dark one to save you from becoming it, would you have had sex with me if that wasn't the case.

I know you say you want me as more than a friend, but would have you ever looked at me like you do now if I didn't?" explained Emma, when they had stopped hugging each other. Standing only a couple of centimetres apart from each other.

"Emma, it is difficult for me to express my true feelings to others, you know my mother drilled into me the whole 'love is weakness' spiel. But that doesn't mean I don't feel them, I do rather deeply. I am in love with you too Emma, it's just that I am petrified that you will be taken away from me if I let how I feel for you be known to the whole wide world. Besides you still got to deal with your pirate. And I need to properly deal with Robin.

We should keep our feelings private for now until we deal with the other people in our lives first. How about we take a shower together hmm?" replied Regina. Hearing the words 'I am in love with you too' her entire face lit up brighter than the star on the top of a Christmas tree and all the lights on it combined. Her heart raced at the thought of sharing a shower with Regina, "oh yes a shower with you? Lead the way my queen." Was Emma's breathy response.

Regina chuckled to herself as she gave Emma a rather seductive wink as she made her way into her bathroom. Emma following closely behind her. As soon as they made it into the bathroom they quickly undressed and got under the hot stream of water, taking care to wash each other's bodies, which quickly escalated into a heated make out session, tongues dancing in a fight for dominance, Emma letting Regina win eagerly.

Their hands caressing the other's bodies as they kissed wantonly, only breaking away when air was hard to gather, they pressed their foreheads together; eyes locked onto the others as they let their hands wander further south, as they met the wet slick folds of each of the others centres. They gave a quick flick of their clits before thrusting their fingers into their lover's throbbing cores. Pumping in and out, drawing breathy moans from the two women as they brought each other to magically intensified orgasms.

They let each other ride out the orgasmic tides until they collapsed boneless into each other's arms bringing their arms around the other's waist in a tender embrace as they caught their breathes. When they had both stilled, they pulled out of the embrace with a light kiss to the lips as Regina turned off the shower. They exited the shower in single file, when the older woman handed a red fluffy towel to Emma. "thanks." Said Emma as she took the towel from Regina's hands.

"Your welcome dear." They dried themselves off before heading into the master bedroom where Regina walked over to her wardrobe to select something comfortable, yet elegant to wear for the meeting with the Charming's and their pirate mascot to start the search for Merlin.

Emma quietly observed Regina as she got ready admiring every inch of Regina's body. When she notice that the other woman had finished getting dressed she quickly flicked her wrist to re-dress herself in the black leather outfit from earlier. Setting her now chalky white hair into a tight bun at the back of her head. Showing of her facial structure to its fullest potential.

Regina smirked in obvious pride and lust at watching Emma use her magic to get herself ready for the day. She flicked her own wrist in a similar fashion to the blonde setting her hair and make up to its usual perfection. They came down the stairs and into the kitchen to see that Henry was cooking them all breakfast, he had set the table for the three of them, and was currently scrambling some eggs like he had seen Emma do while they were in New York.

"Smells good kid, what you got cooking there?" asked Emma as she took a good whiff of the delicious aroma of the food Henry was whipping up. "Just some bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs nothing to fancy, you are just in time these are nearly ready." Replied Henry not looking up from the pan as he continued to concentrate on the eggs.

Emma smiled brightly at the thought of the hot breakfast. And went to pour herself and Regina a hot coffee from the pot that Henry had clearly gotten ready. Making it just how she remembered that Regina liked and just as she was handing to Regina Henry plated the now ready breakfast onto the three waiting plates. Regina thanked the blonde and took a sip of the steaming cup. A smile lit her face as she was ever thankful that Emma paid attention to how she liked her coffee.

Once it was all plated up they each took hold of their respective plates to take their seats at the dining table. It was only when they had all sat down, Regina finally spoke up. Just as Emma and Henry were to put their first piece of bacon into their waiting mouths. "I am truly sorry about Robin earlier Henry, he shouldn't have barged in like that. And I thank you for going to the trouble to get this breakfast prepared." Said Regina. Who then began to eat her own breakfast just as eagerly as the other two.

Henry swallowed before giving his reply, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "I tried to tell him that you weren't awake yet, he just wouldn't listen. Even when I tried to close the door he just pushed past me, and practically ran up the stairs. I followed him and insisted that he leave as I never gave him permission to be inside, as soon as he got to your bedroom, I came down here and played my xbox for a bit, but I got hungry and I figured you and Ma would be as well." Said Henry before going back to eating his breakfast.

Regina contemplated what he said, gave Emma's hand a squeeze before calmly asking Henry a new question. "Did you by any chance hear or see Emma or I together before Robin rudely interrupted us?" she asked anxiously, worried that Henry might have seen her and Emma in the throes of passion. "I may have heard you when I first woke up and briefly on the stairs when I needed to use my bathroom but I didn't see anything. Why is there something you and ma need to tell me?" inquired Henry, his face taking on his adoptive mother's signature smirk.

Emma couldn't help letting out a snicker of laughter at Henry's facial expression and the look upon Regina's face. She looked like an impersonation of a tomato her face was so red in embarrassment. Emma feeling the need to save her lover from further embarrassment answered for her. "Not much to say kid, what is happening between your mother and I, well it is rather new. And we still have to take care of a couple beards before we can, make it anything official." Said Emma not missing a beat of Regina's reaction to calling Robin and Hook 'beards'.

Henry couldn't' help the burst of laughter from his blonde mothers use of the word 'beards' he found it all rather amusing, as he could see just how much his two mother's had looked at each other over the years, needless to say the countless times they have saved each other. Sometimes Henry thought they his mother's acted like an old married couple did, and the sooner they realised the quicker they could become the family he always wanted once the first curse had broken and he got over his dark haired mother being the Evil Queen.

After his laughter died down a bit he final gave them a reply. "Well it is about time you two got together, I thought I would have to come up with some kind of operation to get you together already. At first that was what I thought operation mongoose was all about, you mum; finding your happy ending with the hopeful help from the author. The one that was stuck in the book was a complete jerk, but this future author can clearly tell you, that you were looking in the wrong direction.

What or who ever gave you the idea that as ma said the pine cone sniffer could have ever been your true love or soulmate? And you ma, what were you thinking when you gave in to the pirate? You do realise he could be my true grandfather on dad's side? He did meet my dad's mother a few times before he was conceived who is to say that hook didn't sleep with Milah before Rumple did before he went off to the ogre wars?" said Henry as he finished off the last of his breakfast and his orange juice.

Emma and Regina remained silent for the rest of their meal, only occasionally catching a glimpse of the other's face whenever they took a sip of their coffees. They cleared the table and brought the dishes over to the sink while Henry took off to go get ready to go to his grandparent's loft to start the meeting to get the search for Merlin started.

Regina and Emma got the dishes done together Regina washing while Emma dried and put them away where they belonged. "What the kid said, it has me thinking about the two of us." Spoke up Emma. Regina's eyebrows lifted as she faced Emma as she was speaking "what about us dear?" said Regina after it seemed that Emma wasn't going to continue her sentence.

"Nothing bad, I just think he might be right. Anyway let's get everything prepared to go see my parents. You might want to bring the dagger with you. It just might get messy." Said Emma as she finished putting the last of the dishes away and Regina pulled the plug, then cleaning down the sink and the area around the dishrack.

When she finally done with cleaning she turned to Emma giving the blonde her trademark glare. The glare didn't seem to have an effect on the blonde, but then again it never really did, even before all the fiasco of her becoming the new dark one. "Pray tell, just exactly you might do that I will need to use the dagger?" asked Regina crossing her arms over her chest as she waited for the blondes answer.

"Oh I don't know, it all depends on how much they irritate me. I still haven't fully resolved how I feel about having a new brother, and then how they weren't too happy with my magic to begin with. No how much me having magic has helped save them and the town before. I am sure they will be even less happy now that my magic is dark. And to be quite honest I am not entirely in control of my impulses with the power of the dark one inside me now." Responded Emma, taking on a defensive stance of her own.

"Be that as it may, we still need to go see them. I won't let you get out of hand." Stated Regina, giving her no nonsense tone of that time Henry had come back downstairs now all ready in a clean pair of clothes and his backpack all set in his arms with the 'once upon a time' book packed inside. "Hey mum, ma you ready to go?" asked Henry as he stood in the foyer near the stairs that lead down to the front door.

"Yeah kid, we are ready." Replied Emma. "We will take my car, I am not getting in that death trap of yours anytime soon." Said Regina firmly. As she followed Emma and Henry out of the mansion. Regina checked that Emma's dagger was set snugly and safely in the inside pocket of her jacket. Since Emma was wearing all black now, she felt the need to don a red jacket of her own, it may not be a leather one like the former saviour wore but it still gave her some semblance of comfort and a little bit like the old Emma was still around.

They got into the Mercedes and took of down through the town to the Charming's loft, Regina pulling into a free space next to the cars owned by Snow and Charming, the three of them got out the car and made their way up the staircase that lead to the charming's apartment. When they got to the door, Regina felt a slight sense of deja-vu as Emma knocked on the door rather than use her own set of keys.

Emma was about to knock for a third time before it was abruptly opened by Charming, he looked dumbstruck to see Emma in all her new dark one glory. He just stood there as he stared at Emma making her feel nervous for some unknown reason 'why am I feeling nervous? What do I need his approval for?' thought Emma as her father finally shook himself out of his stupor and let the three of them in wordlessly.

Regina, Emma and Henry stepped through the doorway and proceeded into the lounge area taking a seat at the dining table, while Henry went over to one of the lounge chairs he pulled out the book and flipped through the pages as he perused any mention of Merlin in the infamous book.

Snow had just put Neal in his playpen when she turned to see Emma sitting at the dining table. "Emma? What? How? When did you get back? Where did you go? And what are you wearing?" exclaimed Snow, surprising everyone with just how stern and angry Snow sounded.

Emma was stopped from answering Snow's question when both Robin and Hook just barged into the loft. Hook looked around and saw Emma sitting at the table next to the Queen, he seemed rather sad, as he could see that his love was no longer looking like the kind women he had been in love with. All he could see now was his crocodile and it made his blood boil, especially when the reason that his own professed true love was now his long despised enemy was sitting there next to Emma looking all smug, like she had won the war.

"Snow, Charming, you need to get control of your daughter she is out of control steeling my woman and using her magic to strangle me not once but twice now!" shouted Robin as he charged on over to where everyone was standing. Emma was about to get up and rip out Robins heart once more for his insolence and rude behaviour. But Regina beat her to it, she got out of her seat and strode right on over to where Robin was standing she pushed her hand straight into his chest and pulled his heart out of his chest.

She held his heart in her hand, and looked at the glowing heart. 'Emma was right this morning it is a rather dark heart. it could rival my own dark heart. Hmm what has he been keeping from me then?' thought Regina as everyone but Emma gasped at the sight of seeing Regina revert to her Evil Queen ways so quickly. Emma was smiling wickedly and looked as she was proud of her Queen for doing what she did.

"What gives you the right to just barge on in to this apartment and blatantly shout your demands on my family? Yes that is right I said family. Snow, David, Emma, Henry and Neal are my family. And YOU don't get to just boss them around like you are in charge of them. My family and I are Royalty, what are you? Some lowly peasant who thinks he is better than us. Well this heart of yours tells me otherwise." Exclaimed Regina.

She squeezed his heart slightly and watched as he groaned in pain. "You are my soul-mate that is what gives me the right!" shouted Robin once more. Regina just placed his heart in the centre of the table not caring if the impact hurt the thief or not. Henry who by now had enough of Robin's outbursts for the second time this morning, got up and stormed over to where Robin was still standing in front of his mother. And punched him straight in the nose, breaking it. "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER'S SOUL-MATE! EMMA IS! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE STUPID FAIRY DUST TOLD YOU IT WAS WRONG AS IS TINKERBELLE. I READ THE BOOK YOU KNEW MY AUNT ZELENA LONG BEFORE SHE CAME TO TERROIZE MY FAMILY! YOU KNEW ABOUT THE GLAMMOUR NECKLACE YOU STOLE IT FROM ZELENA IN THE FIRST PLACE!" yelled Henry as he clutched his now sore fist.

Emma came over to Henry with an icepack wrapped in a tea towel and held it onto Henry's fist giving him a proud smile as she tended to his wound. She then used her magic to heal the slight cuts from where his knuckles hit Robin's nose. She then directed him over to the seat on the other side of her own and draped an arm around his shoulders.

Regina looked rather proud of him as well and mouthed a silent thankyou in his direction and then did the same to Emma for taking care of Henry after he had punched Robin. Then turned back to the thief who was pinching the bridge of his nose trying to stop the bleeding. "I suggest you leave and go get that nose of yours tended to. You are not wanted here right now." Said Regina in a calm tone of voice, void of emotions.

"But my heart?" sputtered Robin. "Will be fine and will remain here in my possession until you get yourself under control." Replied Regina. Robin nodded in acceptance then made his way back out of the apartment and off to the hospital where he could get his nose fixed. Regina then turned and walked back to her seat next to Emma. "Now let's get started with this search for Merlin shall we?" stated Regina looking directly into Snow's shell-shocked face.