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Chapter 6: A Dark Swan can indeed save an Evil Queen;

Henry woke up with a jerk, with the storybook falling of the bed with a loud thump. He then unclenched the author's pen from his right hand. From what he could tell he must have wrote more of his family's story while he slept. He was rather surprised just how comfortable the bed was. Considering he is mother's castle in the enchanted forest and not in his bed back home in Storybrooke.

He reached over the side of the bed to grab the book so as to see what he had written. He flipped through the pages until he spotted the new editions. It told the story of his two mothers' finally coming together and their true love and soul mate connection has created new life. And also Hook's plan to break through the command that Emma made over his heart.

'Looks like I am going to have to show my mum's the new pages. They need to know about hook's plans and of course that my adoptive mother is pregnant by my birth mother.' Thought Henry as he memorised every word.

Meanwhile Hook opened his bleary eyes to find himself lying on the floor of the kitchens. How he got there he couldn't remember but he suspects that it had something to do with the many empty bottles of hard cider strewn all around him. He pushed himself of the ground, stumbling slightly. The only thought rattling around his alcohol soaked brain was trying to find where Regina had hidden his heart.

So he walked out of the kitchen into the long hallways, and he walked into the first room he came across. Which as it turned out was the room that Snow and Charming were currently residing. They were currently spread out on the bed stark naked twined together in a tangled mess of limbs.

He left that room only to bump into Henry. "Watch it mate!" exclaimed Hook.

"No, you watch it! I know what you are up to hook. You won't find your heart anytime soon. My mums are heroes, even if one of them is the dark one. I don't give a shit if you think you have some sort of claim over Emma. She is not your possession, and she isn't responsible for giving you a happy ending.

I may be the author but I have no control over what your destined happiness is supposed to be. All I do is write it all down, what I have seen and sometimes I get visions of what is going to occur. But one thing I do know is that my mum's belong together. They love each other.

And the two of them finally getting together has been a long time coming. It is something the fates have had planned. So you need to come to terms that Emma isn't your true love. She never was and never will be. Besides you are not worthy of her in the slightest." explained a rather angry and frustrated Henry.

Hearing what Henry said about him not being worthy of Emma set him into a flying rage. He snatched the story book from Henry's hands, not really caring if his hook leaves a slash mark over Henry's hands. Causing Henry to scream in pain as the blood started to gush from the wound from the hook tip.

Hook though didn't get the chance to do much of anything with a sharp pain in his chest. It felt as though his heart had been squeezed. After a burst of agonising pain he collapsed on the ground clutching his chest as he was slowly dying. But before he died he saw the raged filled face of Emma Swan. "Swan, please don't do this! I love you, I promise I won't hurt the boy anymore…."pleaded Hook before Emma crushed his heart in her hand.

Allowing the dust to fall in waves. Over the pirate's still form. "Henry can you let me look at your hands please?" asked Emma as she approached the whimpering Henry. Stepping over the pirate lifeless body in the process of reaching where Henry stood.

"Ma what are we going to do with his body? How are we going to explain this to everyone else?" questioned Henry as a distraction from the warm but slightly painful tingling sensation of Emma's magic as she healed the wounds in his hands.

"Tell the truth. You know your mother she can always see through our lies. As for his body, we can give him a pirate's burial. Not that I think he deserves one after what he just did to you. But it is the least I can do for him." Replied Emma her voice getting a cold ice like tone to it.

Emma looked at her hands they were starting to get a shimmery look to them, the act of crushing the pirate's heart taking its toll on her own heart. 'Despite what he did and has done he was once a good friend. Well sort of, I can't really be certain his limited kindness and willingness to listen to me really counts as friendship. Since he always expected a reward of some sort. Be it sexual or material.

Anyway that doesn't matter, my skin is starting to look similar to gold's did when he was full on dark one here in the enchanted forest. As much as I want to get rid of this darkness, it is rather freeing though.' Thought Emma as Henry recovered the storybook.

"Ma, he was awful towards you. Do you really think we should give him a honourable funeral?" replied Henry.

Emma gave Henry a thoughtful look, before responding to his question. "I know he treated me badly, at least now I do. It took me becoming the dark one to save your mother for me to realise it but still I do think we should at least send him off out to sea in a small rowboat with the two coins on his eyes for the ferryman in the underworld.

He might not deserve that sort of send-off but it is what is expected of us as the good guys." Returned Emma.

"Yeah, you are right ma. It gives me hope that even though you are the dark one now you still consider yourself one of the heroes." Replied Henry enthusiastically. Emma and Henry then walked into the kitchens to get something to eat. Following the heavenly smell of freshly cooked bread and bacon sizzling.

When they eventually reached the kitchens they were greeted by Snow and Regina working seemingly effortlessly making their breakfast. While Charming and Belle set the table ready for them to eat. Once all the cooking was done and everyone was seated and enjoying their meal Regina spoke up from the comfortable silence. "Where did you go earlier Emma? I was worried when you weren't in bed beside me when I woke up."

"I couldn't sleep the voices of the former dark one's were clamouring inside my head. So I took a walk around the castle. When I saw Hook attack Henry, I lost it. So I summoned Hook's heart and crushed it in front of him, even when he begged me not to." Explained a slightly tired looking Emma. She looked as she was struggling with her battle with the darkness within herself.

Regina sat quietly contemplating what Emma told her, while a shocked Snow responded. "It's okay sweetheart, I am sure you didn't have any other choice right?" questioned a worried Snow. From what Emma could sense, her mother was also a little disappointed but more worried than anything.

"I honestly don't know I know that it was wrong. But I just couldn't control myself in the moment. I figure that it was worth it, I protected Henry and I prevented hook from finding a way to get around my orders I gave through his heart. He was a pirate through and through. He would have found a way eventually." Returned an eerily calm Emma.

"I would have done the same thing Emma, all we can do now is burry him and make our way to Camelot." Consoled Regina. After their meal they retreated to their respective rooms to freshen up as best they could in a castle that didn't have indoor plumbing much to the displeasure of both Emma and Henry. Once ready they followed David and Snow who had moved Hook's body into the large log pile set like a funeral pyre.

"I know this isn't the pirate's style of funeral but it is the best we can do considering we are nowhere near a large body of water. Shall we say a few words?" explained David once Regina had thrown a few fireballs into the pyre to get it started.

Not surprisingly no one said a kind word for the man once known as 'Killian Jones.' Instead they all gathered together in front of the long free standing mirror. Holding hands Regina and Emma touched the glass of the mirror while chanting the spell hey found in the books.

When they all next opened their eyes, they found themselves in the forest area just outside the Camelot castle walls. Then they promptly fell onto their arses once the impact of the transportation had hit them. Snow and Charming groaned and rubbed their backs as they slowly got to their feet.

While Regina and Emma got up gracefully with assistance of their magic which they could feel grow stronger the closer they were together. For Regina had landed on top of Emma. This had Emma looking at her with a wicked smile that put Zelena's to shame. Henry and Belle were not as graceful but were lucky enough to land on a softer surface then the rest of the group.

They dusted themselves off and took a look around the forest area that surrounds the castle of Camelot. They were too distracted to realise that King Arthur and his knights had surrounded them with their swords pointed at them. "Who are you? And what are your intentions?" Questioned King Arthur, as he glared at the group.

"I am Queen Regina of the dark kingdom of the Enchanted Forest. This is Queen Snow and King James of the light kingdom of the Enchanted Forest, their daughter Princess Emma, and our son Prince Henry. With us is Princess Belle of the kingdom of champagne. We have come here seeking the one called Merlin." Regina formally introduced their Enchanted Forest titles. 'Fucking foreign royals. Never seem to respect or understand who I am. This King, I get the impression he is devious. This whole area is shrouded in dark magic.' Thought Regina as she awaited the king and his knight's response.

"You say you seek Merlin? Well I am sorry to inform you that he has somehow managed to transform himself into a tree. Come follow me, we will have a welcoming feast then I will lead you to what is left of Merlin." Replied Arthur, giving his best fake smile.

They followed Arthur and his men into the castle, where they were directed to the guest rooms in the castle. "Feel free to freshen up before the welcoming feast, I will have one of my servants to come and get once the feast is ready. Oh and this feast is also a ball so dress accordingly." Informed Arthur before leaving the group to their own devices.

Regina, Emma and Henry took advantage of the time given to them to explore the guest rooms the king had provided. Taking a step out onto the grand looking balcony. "Wow look at all those colourful flowers out in the meadow…" said Henry in awe.

"They are pretty I will give them that, but I wouldn't suggest walking amongst them. They are full of coercion magic. One whiff of those multi-coloured poppies and you will be easily manipulated into believing anything anyone told you." Replied Regina who could sense the magic that surrounded the field from where she was standing on the balcony.

Emma nodded in agreement as she too could sense the dark magic now that she had become the dark one. Granted her saviour light magic has been fighting the dark magic that comes with being tethered to the dark one's dagger. Emma knew that Regina had the dagger on her, and it made her warm at the thought that the woman she loved with all of her heart was the only person she could trust with it. She also knew that both Regina and Henry would do anything in their power to help Emma defeat the darkness and come back to being herself.

"How do you sense the magic from all the way over here mum? Is it like something you can just feel or can you see it in the air?" inquired a curious Henry. He was leaning his back against the balcony railing while he awaited his dark haired mother's reply.

"It is more of a feeling. And a bit of familiarity considering my long history in using dark magic. Come on, let's find out what the style of formal wear the citizens of Camelot are fond of shall we?" replied Regina, with a genuine smile on her face from talking with her son. Regina and Henry go take a look while Emma remained in the room she shared with Regina. Emma walked over to the large queen sized bed and sat down on the edge. Holding her head in her hands as she valiantly tried to block out the ever persistent figment version of Rumplestiltskin.

'Look at me dearie! You know you want to know what I have to say. Do you really think it is wise to let your queen wonder of on her own with so many handsome men around? What about that smarmy king? Don't you want to make a deal with me? Come on dearie I can be of service to you and you know it!' was what the vision of gold was saying to her on a constant loop. It had been ever since they entered the castle walls.

"ENOUGH! I SAID NO GOLD! LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" shouted Emma into the quietness of the large room. She was still shaking her head that was held in her hands as she continued to try and shut out the most vocal voices of the dark ones that came before her that was in an eternal battle with the shreds of her light magic.

Upon hearing a loud shout coming from the room across from them Snow and David pushed their way into the room. They then cautiously walked across the room to sit on both sides of their daughter. "Emma, shhh…you are going to be alright." Said Snow in her most soothing voice, as she gently rubbed circles along Emma's back.

David just wordlessly wrapped an arm around Emma's waist to lend his silent support, as he felt that nothing he said would be able to take away the many voices that his eldest child fought with within her mind. Neither gesture went by unnoticed by Emma, who in turn relished in her parents support.

In a short amount of time later when Emma was able to calm herself down enough to at least block out the voices for the time being. She then leaned into David's welcoming embrace. "So Emma, what would you like to war to this welcome feast and ball tonight? Shall we go all royal attire with you dressed as the princess you are or would you prefer to wear a suit similar to your father's?" gently probed Snow.

"I think I will go as a princess tonight. It is something Regina hasn't seen me as yet. I know I wore a ball gown to the ball I danced with hook when I travelled back in time. But Regina didn't see me that night she saw what disguise past Rumple placed upon me. She called me a street rat; I was both offended and turned on by it. Of course it was her outfit and voice that turned me on…" explained Emma, she stopped the line of thought before she embarrassed herself any further in front of her parents.

"I saw that dress in the book and I vaguely remember it from that night. Hmm, how about one of our other family colours? Or a combination of our red, white and gold?" suggested David.

"Ah yes I like that idea, what do you think Emma?" Returned Snow as she turned to look Emma in her eyes.

"The combination of the three colours would be good I think." Replied Emma as she waved her hand over her body as a cloud of dark blue smoke engulfed her. Then revealed Emma in an elegant modern ball dress with just the hint of Enchanted Forest fanfare and embroidery. It had an elegant scoop neckline that was modest in the chest with a gold lace trim.

It also was mid-length in the arms; the waistline clung to her sight curves in the most flattering manner. With the skirt part flaring out in a 17th century style. The main colouring of the dress was a mix of red and white in an effortless blending of the two colours with the gold embroidery intertwining through the swirl of colours. If you looked closely enough the gold embroidery was in the shape of their family flower the Lyon Flower.

Emma then did a slight twirl so that her parents could get the full effect of the dress. Both David and Snow gasped in awe at just how beautiful their daughter had grown up to be. Just as Emma finished twirling Regina and Henry entered the room. Regina couldn't help the lustful look that graced her face, as she struggled to maintain a sense of control over herself. "Wow mum you look beautiful…so are we all going to go with the red white and gold colour theme?" said Henry when he noticed that his adopted mother wasn't going to speak anytime soon.

Instead she flicked her wrist to bring a startled Belle into the room, and then flicked her wrist once more to get them all into suitable formal wear that was in a similar style to Emma's dress. They all turn to admire each other's outfits in approval. It was at that point that one of Arthur's knights knocked on the door to the room. "The feast has begun, shall I escort you all into the grand ballroom?" said Sir Galahad.

"Certainly my good sir." Replied Belle as he took his waiting arm, she was followed by the rest of the group out into the hall. Through the west wing of the castle until they were lead into a vast grand ball room with sweeping stairs and delicately decorated tables and chairs in one part of the room with a vast open dance floor where a small stage was erected. Where a small orchestra was playing their instruments in a welcome tune.

They followed the knight to the table they were assigned for the evening festivities. Once all the guests and locals were seated the King stood up from his seat to give an announcement. "I would just like to welcome our guests and to inform our fine citizens that the famed saviour has finally come to our fine kingdom. With her arrival we can only hope that the curse that has been placed on us will be broken. The curse that has plagued us since the Evil Queen cast her dark curse that swept our neighbouring realm the Enchanted Forest. So let the feast begin!" exclaimed Arthur before taking his seat once more.

Once everyone had ate their meals, the orchestra started up a lively tune, which prompted the king and his wife Guinevere to walk out onto the dance floor. After a couple of turns, the rest of the crowd started to pair up and join the royal couple. David held out his hand in a silent request for Snow to take his hand. She does gratefully and they join the other happy couples on the dancefloor. Henry offered his hand to Belle who happily took his hand and he led them both to join in on the dancing.

Finally Emma stood up from her seat, she then walked over to where Regina was seated facing the growing crowd. "Would you do me the honour my Queen and join me in a dance?" Asked Emma, with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"I would love to." Replied Regina as she took hold of Emma's hand and they joined the lively dancers. Emma gracefully led them through the current dance holding Regina close to her body in a loving embrace. As they sway, spun and swiftly fluttered across the dance floor sweeping past Snow and David, Henry and Belle and the host King and Queen.

Halfway through the second song one of the knights on duty who had been closely watching Regina and Emma had finally figured out that the woman currently claiming to be the 'saviour' was in fact the infamous Evil Queen. Who had her black knights burn his childhood village after they had refused to give up the location of Snow White. He burned with rage in his heart. He was determined to get his long overdue revenge.

He charged through the dancing crowd unsheathing his sword as he strode over to where Regina and Emma were about to share a tender kiss. "DEATH TO THE EVIL QUEEN!" shouted the unknown knight as he slashed his long sword in Regina's direction. He got the edge of his sword to about 3 centimetres from Regina's throat before he was stopped by Emma's dark magic. He was held frozen in place barely able to move his eyes or breathe as he struggled against the magical hold on him.

"I don't think so, no one dares to attack my queen and expect to survive it!" stated Emma darkly. She then set the knights sword on fire and relished in the sheer unvoiced terror on the knight's face. By this point Arthur had joined the gawking crowd around them. He could feel the dark fury coming of in waves from the blonde who was giving his once loyal knight the most bone chilling look he has ever seen in his entire life.

"What is the meaning of this?! Can someone please tell me why my knight is being held by dark magic?" demanded the king.

"This pitiful excuse for a knight dared to attack my Queen Regina, unprovoked I might add. I am merely giving him his rightful punishment for that act. It would be wise for you to leave me too it lest you wish to suffer the same fate?" Supplied a calm but furious Emma. Arthur gave a slight nod to the head in respect leaving them too it. Regina though calmly placed her hand upon her dark saviour's arm before quietly whispering into Emma's ear.

"Let him go, he won't come after me again." Whispered Regina so only Emma could hear her.

"Oh I will make sure of that my Queen." Emma whispered back. Emma released the knight but not before sending a blast of her magic at him that will ensure he dies a slow and painful death unbeknownst to him. Regina then took Emma's hand then engulfed them in her signature purple smoke to take them to their shared room away from prying eyes.

Meanwhile the rest of their group decided to continue on with the festivities so as to not draw any more attention to them. In their room Regina pulled Emma in for a lustful kiss. Which Emma eagerly reciprocated. They awkwardly made their way over to the bed making sure to not break their heated kiss.

Regina then broke away from the kiss to push Emma onto the bed; she flicked her wrist so that their clothing disappeared. For she had her mind set on rewarding her saviour for preventing that knight from killing her in front of the entire kingdom of Camelot. "You my dear are in need of a reward for saving your queen." Said Regina in her most seductive voice.

"I will always save you Regina, no matter the cost." Replied Emma with all the love she could into that single sentence before Regina climbed on top of her on the bed. Making sure to press her entire body onto Emma's so that their very sensitive clits met. She leaned down to crush her lips into Emma's waiting pink thin ones, as they moved their bodies in sync with each other's.

Neither said another word as they thrusted their hips together seeking their mutual orgasmic bliss. For the only thing on their minds was the other's pleasure. And their intense need to connect with each other on a deeper level. Soon enough they came together in a shuddering orgasm. Regina then stilled her hips in a languid manner as they slowly came down from their high, leaning their foreheads together while they caught their breaths.

Emma then flipped them over so that Regina was now the one on her back, as she wanted to explore every millimetre of her queen's olive toned skin. She wanted to worship Regina in the way Emma knew she deserved. She kissed Regina's lips briefly then began to kiss her way down her throat, her collarbone and on down to Regina's full breasts. She then took one of Regina's nipples into her mouth sucking it hard before giving it a light nip eliciting a deep moan from Regina's lips.

Emma then let it go before doing the same to the other breast, to which Regina moaned once more this time she arched her back lifting her very wet centre to try and entice Emma into giving her what she so desperately wants. Emma lifted her head to give Regina a wicked smile, for she knew exactly what Regina was trying to do. But Emma wasn't ready to do so just yet.

Instead she continued in quest to worship Regina's body. She continued her way down trailing kisses along the way teasing Regina's navel, her pelvic bones and finally she reached her destination. Emma swiped her tongue through Regina's wet folds, licking around the aroused clit, Regina moaned in both pleasure and frustration because she was more than ready for Emma to pleasure her in a way no one else has been able to do.

Emma eagerly obliges, taking her clit into her mouth licking, sucking and nipping; causing Regina to grind her hips into Emma's face as she panted and moaned Emma's name. Just as Regina was about to come for the second time that night Emma eased two of her fingers into her throbbing centre. She continued to suck on Regina's clit while she thrusted her fingers in and out until finally Regina reached her climax in an earth shattering orgasm. Regina's juices gushed out into Emma's eager mouth; she drank in every last drop before slowly making her way back up Regina's body to give her a lingering kiss in which Regina could taste herself on Emma's tongue.

They deepened the kiss then finally broke apart for much needed oxygen. Emma then rolled onto her side pulling Regina with her. So that they were now spooning with Emma holding Regina close to her body. Emma then whispered into Regina's ear "I love you, and I know it will be you who saves me from this darkness." She then kissed Regina's neck softly before they both drifted off to sleep.