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In a beautiful scenery where all that could be seen was blood spilled everywhere with various lifeless would truly think..this was hell...or heaven if you were fucked up..anyway in the middle of the corpses were two lone figures, one with bloody and tattered clothes with injuries that could kill as he supported himself on his knees looking helplessly, while the other figure simply stood emotionless completely unfazed.

You see Fairy Tail had finally reached Makarov, only for him to get killed in front of them and then unleashing Fairy Tail's wrath on the Spriggan twelve however thier strength was far superior as all of Fairy Tail had been killed except for Natsu who could only look on in shock and horror before lashing out at each member injuring a few but alas they were not defeated.

However before they could lay a hand on Natsu, Zeref had stopped them and personally fought with Natsu leaving the Spriggan twelve to watch and be surprised that the 'fairy' could actually lay a finger on thier Emperor.

But alas all those thoughts vanished as in the end Zeref had defeated Natsu before Zeref ordered the Spriggan to leave the two alone which they did.

"now that were alone..i can finally reveal myself" said Zeref as a cloud of smoke surrounded 'him' confusing Natsu who could only look in shock as a feminine figure came out of the smoke.

"Hello..Natsu-kun" smiled Zeref as she came out with her black hair reaching towards her wide hips and flowing beautifully while she wore the same clothes overall except she had bandages over her chest to cover her D cup breasts however they didnt cover enough as she showed a large amount of cleavage which could leave certain perverts in a bloody mess *cough*Jiraya*cough*.

"y-your...a girl..?" asked Natsu shocked with a tint of pink on his cheeks.

"as hurt as I am that you don't remember your Onee-chan Natsu-kun...I suppose i can forgive my precious little brother for forgetting me since it was all that stupid wretched Dragon's fault..."

"tsk but no matter i shall free you again and soon you will be the real Natsu-kun my precious ototo" finished Zeref dreamily as she blushed looking at Natsu with eyes that said 'Your mine!'

"Dragon..? Are you talking about Igneel!?" demanded Natsu furiously glaring at Zeref who flinched but remained calm albeit hurt under his intense gaze.

"yes..who else could it be.."

"tch...don't you dare badmouth him!" declared Natsu angrily as he rushed at her intending to punch her badly who dodged easily as she sighed before grabbing him as they both fell to the ground with Zeref on top.

"Get off me!" yelled Natsu furiously as he glared at the raven haired woman with murder in his eyes.

"please listen to me Natsu-kun, Igneel was not the Dragon you thought he was!" pleaded Zeref as her eyes soften while Natsu's glare calmed as he stared at her blankly.

"The truth is he sealed all your memories of me and your past before! He lied to you about everything! You werent just a random baby he picked up in a"

"You were my precious little perfect and caring...but Igneel...that wretched Dragon thought the most powerful mage! would endanger you!.."

"i admit...i could not control my powers so well back then..but you didn't care about that!"

" just helped me no matter what and was there for me...even though you should've hated me since I killed our parents because of my curse...but were always there..for me..that's why..i will always love you matter what.." said Zeref smiling warmly for a brief moment towards the shocked Natsu before it turned into a scowl again.

"until..he stole you!...stole you from ME! That stupid Dragon..ill never forgive him for changing you!" finished Zeref as she hissed cause she was pun intended with the rhyme.

"n-no...your lying!" said a shocked and confused Natsu as Zeref was yet again hurt by his words as she felt her heart being crushed from his distrust in her.

"Natsu-kun please believe me! I would never lie to you..!" claimed Zeref as tears were now starting to pour out of her eyes and seeing this Natsu contemplated and wondered if she was now telling the truth.

"even if it is doesn't matter anymore...Igneel died long time ago." said Natsu solemnly looking the other way as he felt a pang of pain in his chest seeing his sister crying because of him, and as much as he hated her he could never handle seeing a woman cry...even if she pretty much killed his guildmates and what not.

"I fine as long as you believe me my precious little brother.." said Zeref smiling warmly as she stared at Natsu passionately.

"but...that does not mean i forgive you for killing my friends.." said Natsu glaring at her again as she flinched as looked down sadly and a bit of jealousy at his care for the dead guildmates.

"Im sorry Natsu-kun...but it was the only way, you wouldn't notice me...or even care i existed..even in Tenrou island you didn't..." Said Zeref while Natsu could only look at her blankly taking in all the information.

"and the love you felt for you're guildmates...I...I was jealous! you should feel like that for me! Not them!" finished Zeref fiercly as she looked at Natsu with possessive gaze.

"s-so...all this...just cause you were...JEALOUS!?" yelled Natsu at the end pissed at her while she looked down sadly at his glare.

"I...cant believe its all my fault..?" choked out Natsu as he starting blaming himself for his friends deaths since in the end Zeref wanted his attention which he did not give and it cost him his friends..

Seeing her brother blaming himself she widened her eyes before rushing at him and embracing him "it's not! It's mine I couldn't help it seeing you again after 400 years and not even caring about killed me.."

"I wanted to leave you alone...I really did...but the way you cared for your guild mates such as Scarlet...or that Strauss or even some other women from other guilds! was the same way you did with I was being replaced!" hissed Zeref with jealousy blazing in her eyes as Natsu listened quietly.

"It went to the point where it was just unbearable...i just wanted you precious little Natsu-kun...I should've been the center of your attention! Not anyone else.." finished Zeref as she hugged him even more tightly scared if she let go he would disappear.

"I see..." said Natsu as he pushed her away ending the embrace which hurt Zeref at being denied by her precious little brother.

"Either way...there is only one way to settle this." declared Natsu standing up wincing at his injuries as his flames burst out with lightning crackling around it sending shockwaves to the surrounding area but this time the flames seemed to have changed colour shocking Zeref who looked at him hurt but reluctantly getting ready to fight again.

"black flames..? So this is the effect of eating my magic..a normal mage would be dead by now...but I suppose it must be cause he is my brother which made him compatible to use Death Magic as always did surprise me Natsu-kun.." thought Zeref solemnly as she thought back to hers and Natsu's fight where Natsu had ate her death magic.

"Lightining Fire Dragon's...Death Roar!" yelled Natsu as he spewed out black stream of flames with a lightining dragon spiraling around it destroying the ground beneath it as it went towards the death mage at breaknecking speeds.

"Natsu-kun...please stop this.." said Zeref as she smacked the roar away without batting an eye but suddenly she was surprised as a flaming fist came onto her face "Lightining Fire Dragon's Death Fist!" finished Natsu before Zeref was hit straight on her face creating a shockwave before flying back as her body lit on black flames burning her..

"huff...huff..did i get her...?" said Natsu as his flames withered away leaving him defenseless before he dropped to his knees completely deprived of any magic he had before.

"im surprised..." said a certain voice behind Natsu widening his eyes.

"to use your roar as a distraction then suddenly surprise was certainly unexpected to say the least..however in the end you should know that, this level of power will barely affect me Natsu-kun..." finished Zeref grimly as her clothes looked tattered but overall she seemed unharmed by Natsu's spell.

Natsu laid on the ground silently tired as he coughed blood "because of her..Fairy dead...Happy...Erza..Gramps...everyone...!" thought Natsu as he tried to get up only to fall down once more all his strength leaving him "its no use...i-i cant get up...I cant kill her...she's my only family left..." thought Natsu as laid on the ground as if life had left him.

"Natsu-kun...just stop it...please don't make me hurt you anymore.." said Zeref as she looked at her fallen brother with regret and worry.

"Nee-san.." coughed Natsu as he looked at his sister while she looked at him wide eyed at being called like that for the first time in decades..

"Natsu-kun..." said Zeref looking at Natsu lovingly as she moved closer to him to help him up but suddenly stopped as he looked at her with regret.

"Im sorry...for not remembering you..." said Natsu with guilt and remorse as Zeref looked at him tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"but...there is only one way to settle..this.." finished Natsu as he suddenly requipped a katana in his hand.

"Natsu-kun...?" said Zeref wondering what he was gonna do before her eyes widened once more.

"I can't..rather..I don't want to kill you..I understand what you did...even if it wasn't the best choice...but all my friends are dead, even Igneel..."

"what im trying to say is that...I...dont have any purpose anymore.." explained Natsu as Zeref's eyes widened even more as he spoke.

"but..Natsu-kun! you do have a purpose there is gotta be something! Please don't do this! Y-you..want to kill me right!? Avenge your friends! Please just live!" pleaded Zeref knowing what he was gonna do.

" much as i want're still my sister...i guess slowly my feelings for you are returning even if my memories arent...but i just cant forget and forgive what you did..." replied Natsu solemnly as Zeref could only listen in shock.

"Im..tired of this...please just let me end it, I dont wanna live in order to kill my sister who I love and who also killed my friends.." finished Natsu looking at her with an apologetic look.

" for me..?" choked out Zeref sobbing uncontrolably.

"I look at you...and I sister...but friends killer." added Natsu looking at her with regret and tint of hate.

"Natsu-kun..." Zeref's eyes widened as Natsu pointed the katana to his abdomen.

"goodbye..Onee-chan." said Natsu giving her his signature grin before bringing the blade to his stomach coughing up blood as he took one last look at Zeref who was wide eyed tears streaming down with a hand on her mouth trying to control her sobbing.

"NATSU!" yelled Zeref rushing to his lifeless body in shock..

"no no no no no NO! Why Natsu-kun...WHY! I could've given you everything!" said Zeref holding Natsu in her arms..

"it's all my f-fault..." thought Zeref looking at the dead Natsu with tearful eyes before Natsu's body suddenly shined in a dark light before being enveloped in darkness shocking Zeref as she backed away before the darkness disappeared along with Natsu's body.

"wha.." Zeref could only look in shock as her 'brother' disappeared nowhere to be seen..

In a clear bright place which you would think is a hospital..cause well it is always white but alas it is not a hospital but a blank space with a lone figure laying in the middle before his eyes suddenly shot open.

"What the!?...where am I..?" thought Natsu as he looked around seeing nothing but white "last thing i remembered was..." thought Natsu as he remembered the events before sighing.

"well..this must be afterlife or something.." said Natsu before he suddenly spotted a figure closing in at him.

"I see you're awake Natsu-kun." spoke a feminine voice as she came in the view "who are you..?" asked Natsu surprised looking at the goddess of a woman who had white hair, with white eyes and eyebrows and light skin while she wore a complete white kimino which hugged her body showing her curves and also revealing a bit of cleavage with her DD cups.

"Me? Well im known as alot of things but in your world i suppose it is Kami-sama?" answered Kami eyebrow raised while Natsu could only look in shock "no wonder...she looks like a goddess as well.." thought Natsu while Kami blushed at his lusty gaze before he snapped out of it.

"K-Kami-sama..?...i see..."

"well? What are you waiting for...send me to hell already." said Natsu devoid of any emotion surprising Kami.

"hell? Why would you think you're gonna go there?" asked Kami curious as Natsu merely sighed "oh i dont know maybe cause my life suddenly became a living hell? I would only assume its fitting to make me suffer even more.." answered Natsu while the hate and anger in his tone send shivers through Kami.

"Natsu-kun..." thought Kami sadly looking down as she sighed before looking back at him "to answer your question, your not dead..." answered Kami smiling warmly.

"huh? How?.." said Natsu confused as he raised his eyebrow in confusion as Kami sighed.

"you were summoned" replied Kami

"eh...? By who?"

"That would be me." said another voice as a figure emerged in the view.

"Uchiha i already told you i would take care of this." said Kami narrowing her eyes towards the figure.

"hmph for a God you sure are slow." replied the figure as Kami gained a few tick marks while Natsu could only look on eyebrow raised.

"Natsu is good to finally meet my only descendant in person..well or in spirit.." said the figure as he stood in front Natsu who was only confused even more.

"Uchiha..?" asked Natsu in confusion "hai..Uchiha, you see you are my last descendant on is only fitting." replied the figure smugly.

"huh..?...who are you!?" asked Natsu frustrated with everything that's happening as Kami sighed for the umpteenth time.

"Madara i already told you it is not the time yet-" Kami tried to say but she was cut off "your wrong. now is better then any other time." interupted Madara as Kami got annoyed yet again but decided not to comment.

"Natsu, im your ancestor..Madara Uchiha and I will help you take your revenge on Zeref, and not only that but your family can come back as well.." said Madara shocking Natsu but all he cared about was 'Family' 'come back'

"how! How can they come back!?" asked Natsu hastily.

"You see since Kami-sama here feels guilty for what she has done she has finally decided she will help you and not make your life miserable like she has done you will be send back in time and have a second chance." explained Madara with little interest as he talked like he was talking about the weather while Kami nodded grimly looking away from Natsu in guilt who could only be shocked.

"s-so...I can see them again...?" asked Natsu as if it was a lie.

This time Kami decided to answer Natsu herself as she said "hai sorry it is all my fault, if only i had done something about all this, then maybe you wouldn't have suffered as you did.."

"I dont care about all that, I just want to see them again.." answered Natsu as his hair foreshadowed his face while Kami simply nodded in guilt.

"but...I dont want revenge.."

"She is still my sister after only family.." said Natsu as Madara frowned while Kami smiled warmly.

"Very well..but know this...even if you do get send to the will still be weak, and thier is a chance they will die again" added Madara with an emotionless gaze towards Natsu.

"I know that...that is why..this time I will get even stronger..!" declared Natsu determined as Madara smirked.

"I believe I can help you with that.." said Madara smirking.

"how..?" asked Natsu curiously.

"simple. You are the reincarnation of me, all i need to do is merge with you and then your power will grow tremendously..of course you will have to train to get used to it." answered Madara surprising both Kami and Natsu.

"Merging!? You never said anything about that Madara! You were just gonna train him!" yelled Kami losing her cool

"this is for Natsu to decide Kami-sama." replied Madara ticking her off as he mocked her.

"tch..Natsu-kun what will you do..?" thought Kami as she looked at Natsu worrily.

"very well..i dont care as long as I can protect my friends this time" answered Natsu with determination as Madara smirked while Kami glared at Madara for manipulating 'her' Natsu. "but.." began Natsu getting thier attention.

"what's the catch?" asked Natsu narrowing his eyes at Madara who smirked while Kami could only look in guilt at the now different Natsu who's once cheerful smile left him.

"simple. revive the Uchiha clan, bring it back to its glory. I dont care how you do it as long as you do." finished Madara while Natsu stared before nodding slowly.

"great. then lets not waste any more time." said Madara before offering his hand to Natsu who accepted before they were both engulfed in a bright blinding light before dying down as the area was now filled with white smoke.

"...Natsu-kun...?" asked Kami as she looked at the figure standing in the smoke before the smoke cleared showing Natsu he had his eyes closed but that's not all as his hair had grown longer and had streaks of black running through his pink hair (basically what his hair looked like when he left for one year except more longer like Madara).

"Madara better not have lied.." thought Kami as she approached Natsu who suddenly opened his eyes which shocked Kami as she noticed the difference.

"t-thats..! Sharingan!" Exclaimed Kami in surprise as Natsu stared at her with no emotion before speaking.

"So this is how it have so much power.." said Natsu as his eyes morphed into mangekyo (think Sasuke's mangekyo).

"whew...for a second i thought Madara took over your body..." said Kami as she sighed in relief.

"i see why you would think that..." answered Natsu as he had Madara's memories in him as well, but suddenly he clutched his head in pain "Argh!"

"Natsu-kun!" with that Kami rushed to his aid helping him up as he fell unconscious due to the pain.

"all of Madara's memories and powers must've been too much for his mind and body to handle so suddenly." thought Kami as she came to a conclusion.

"it seems Natsu needs training to control his power...*sigh* all this because of that accursed God..." thought Kami with hate towards Ankhseram that was the source that started everything. "if only i had killed him when i had the chance...then Natsu-kun wouldn't have had to suffer so much" with that final thought she disappeared along with Natsu to God knows where.

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