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In a scenery which could be described by the author but he's too lazy so the readers will have to work with their imagination, were two individuals who seemed to look like they had been walking for days on end, however as luck would have it they finally stopped on top a hill as they saw a large city in the distance from the hill with a huge palace in the middle.

"so that must be your empire eh?" said Natsu smirking as he sensed all the tiny fraction of magic the civilians, soldiers and other few had. Expanding the range of his sensory ability he smirked as he sensed the huge amount of magical pressures that radiated inside the palace.

"my~ my~ some powerful mages you have in that palace. Nee-san~" added Natsu surprising Zeref who stood with him before she calmed down staring at his blindfolded state "tell me Natsu-kun...what can you see?" asked Zeref curiously as Natsu merely turned her head towards her.

"a world of fire my dear Zeref...A world of fire." replied Natsu as indeed if we saw through Natsu's blindfolded state you would see everything lit on fire as if he was in hell. Of course Zeref merely titled her head curiously not knowing what he meant while Natsu just shaked his head.

"Don't worry about It~"

"sigh...well I think my private army might be coming soon to greet me...what do you propose in how I should introduce you?" asked Zeref curiously while Natsu put his hand on his chin thoughtfully before smirking.

"well firstly...can I fight them all?" asked Natsu with a cheerful grin surprising Zeref who looked at him shock "N-Natsu I don't doubt your strength but...the Spriggan 12 consist of the strongest mages from around the world! Even the strongest mage in Fiore is there...and there are even stronger people then that!" explained Zeref as Natsu yawned tiredly.

"ma~ ma~ it's a good way to introduce myself, oh yeah I want you to make me the 4th Spriggan." said Natsu suddenly while Zeref merely sighed at his stubborn state.

"why 4th? I thought you would aim for the first spot?"

"I have my reasons." that was Natsu's simple answer as Zeref sighed again. "even so...how are you so confident you will be able to defeat them all?" asked Zeref as Natsu shrugged "because I'm a badass."

"I don't doubt that one bit Natsu-kun but... you gotta be kidding me." deadpanned Zeref before Natsu just turned his head towards her as he explained his ingenious plan to her.

*a few hours later, inside the palace*

"welcome back, Your Majesty!" greeted 7 individuals who all got on their knees...well some of them as they looked at the figure with pure respect.

"rise my Spriggans." said Zeref with authority as they all stood up...well some of them.

"about time you returned, it was getting quite boring guarding this place." said a certain green haired individual who could shrink her kids.

"well since His Majesty is here...it's time I leave this palace and embark on my quest once more." said a red headed woman who is usually mistaken as Erza.

"don't be so hasty Irene, His Majesty has just arrived." said low-key Rayleigh aka August.

"so Your Majesty, what was the news you wanted to tell us?" asked Invel as he stared at the sitting figure on the throne.

"Natsu come in." said Zeref suddenly surprising them.

"already here~ it's a real shame though I expected all 12 members to be here...hmm." replied Natsu standing in the middle of all the spriggans who looked at him shock.

"what the? No one sensed him?!" thought August shocked as he stared at the individual as the same thought went through each and every one of them.

"how did I not sense him...? my sensory abilities are the best in all of Alakitasia!" thought a shocked Irene feeling her pride in her sensory abilities wither as she stared at the individual in surprise.

"my~ my~ Natsu, you certainly are impressive, seems it was a good idea to make you the 4th Spriggan after all." said Zeref shocking all them yet again.

"4th Spriggan..?" asked Invel surprised as that was his position.

"oh yes apologies Invel but Natsu insisted on being the 4th Spriggan so...well he gets it, of course your now the 5th one." explained Zeref casually as all the Spriggan members look at him surprise.

"eh? Just like that!?" thought Ajeel with an eyebrow raised while most of them thought the same thing.

"w-wha?" muttered Invel still surprised at his position being taken away before he gained his composure as he glared at Natsu "Your Majesty...I insist I get my position back...and leave this peasant as the last Spriggan." insisted Invel calmly as Zeref's eye twitched but he calmed himself since 'he' had to keep up appearances.

"well~ well~ how wonderful. How about this~ if everyone together manages to beat Natsu in 5 minutes then I shall show him the way out personally." suggested Zeref smirking as everyone looked at him incredulously.

"a-all of us? Surely your joking Your Majesty." said Brandish confused as everyone looked at him wondering the same thing.

"nope~" that was the only reply they got as everyone went wide eyed if they weren't before.

"His Majesty has alot of faith in his abilities...I wonder why..." thought Irene narrowing her eyes at the blindfolded Natsu who had an unreadible look on his face.

"eh? Why do we gotta stick up for Invel? It's his position he should defend it himself. Kihihihi" said Wahl Icht as he laughed evilly.

"that might be true but...the ice mage is weak." spoke Natsu as he sighed briefly as Invel's eye twitched.

"how did you know Im a ice-"

"guess." interrupted Natsu suddenly as Invel's eye twitched again before he smirked suddenly cracking his neck "very well...if it's a fight you desire...then I will gladly accept it." said Invel as Zeref smirked.

With that Invel rushed at Natsu intending on ending this arrogant fool once and for all only for Natsu to dodge surprising him that he could keep up with his speed, however he wasn't the Winter General for nothing as suddenly the temperature went sub zero freezing Natsu effectively while the other Spriggans jumped back as they watched the battle unfold while Zeref sat unaffected.

"that ought teach y-" Invel was interrupted as the ice around Natsu melted easily shocking him. "h-how? No one can melt nor endure my ice!" yelled Invel shocked as the ice completely melted as Natsu erupted in flames before appearing behind Invel who could only be shocked at Natsu's speed of light before he was knocked out easily with the hilt of Natsu's katana which had morphed into Natsu's hand instantly.


And with that Invel fell on the ground unable to move as everyone looked in shock while Natsu yawned and Zeref stared at Natsu proudly.

"h-he defeated Invel so easily! Who is he!?" thought Dimaria shocked as she licked her lips unconsciously at the new strong member of their team.

"He seems more then capable of joining us...but why does His Majesty want us all to fight him?... Surely he can't think he can defeat all of us?" thought August as he narrowed his eyes.

"well...thats one down...six more to go~" declared Natsu smirking as he turned his head towards all of them while they glared at the blindfolded 'fool'

"Hahahaha! This ought be fun! Entertain me you blind freak!" yelled Ajeel as he spring into action attempting to call sand forth...but suddenly Natsu disappeared as Ajeel gasped before coughing up alot of blood as he passed out on the ground with a huge cut in his stomach.

"I'd prefer if you didn't call me that Sandy-kun~" said Natsu as he appeared again wiping the blood off his katana not even glancing back at Ajeel's body before staring at the rest of the Spriggans who were now wide eyed.

"that speed...he is truly interesting!" thought Irene as she licked her lips in anticipation.

"you bastard! You will pay for that!" yelled Dimaria gritting her teeth as she suddenly summoned two huge axes before launching them at Natsu with incredible speed while he merely sidestepped as they crashed into a column crushing it before destroying a wall as they went outside before suddenly reappearing from the other side intending to hit Natsu again.

"interesting..." said Natsu smirking as he turned his head towards the axes before he slashed them both with his katana slicing them out of existence before he was sent flying courtesy of Dimaria's Liu Kang dragon kick.


With that Natsu groaned as he came out of the rubble that he created inside the throne room before cracking his back as he saw the smirking Dimaria "so she used them as a decoy huh...good stuff~" praised Natsu inwardly before his katana went into flames suddenly making everyone sweat from the sheer heat as he suddenly sliced the air before a crescent shaped flame went towards the shocked Dimaria who could only look surprised before "Mari watch out!" yelled Brandish before the flame shrinked in size before disappearing out of existence.

"I-I didn't need your help Randi!" huffed Dimaria as she folded her arms while Brandish rolled her eyes.

"it seems His Majesty wanted us to fight him together for a reason...and that we shall do." said August as he stepped forward before everyone followed knowing it was true while Natsu smirked as he got ready.

"*clap* *clap* simply astounding~" clapped Irene as she walked towards Natsu while everyone watched her.

"Natsu right?" asked Irene smirking while Natsu merely tilted his head curiously as Zeref's eye twitched in jealousy.


"I have a proposal for you, strong one." said Irene as Natsu tiled his head curiously while Zeref could only look in jealousy since she took the word 'proposal' differently.

"err...Okay...?" replied Natsu wondering what the hell was happening as Irene merely smirked further.

"I have decided you shall accompany me in my future quests." 'proposed' Irene proudly as she pointed at them surprising everyone.

"sounds more like an order...but meh couldn't really hurt...hmm sure~" answered Natsu with his signature grin which of course caused Irene to blush slightly because this is a mudafkn harem and Natsu's grin is a ladykilla cause he's a gangsta.

"so...? What kinda future quests?" asked Natsu curiously.

"well...firstly we shall visit a few places which will help me in my research in creating my own magic." explained Irene while everyone just looked at her wide eyed knowing that she would never even give a thought into asking someone and explaining something to them and here she goes doing that to this new individual.

"hmm interesting...she might help me alot with finding Madara's eyes... Very well~ miss?"

"Irene Belserion." introduced Irene smirking sexily as she shook Natsu's hand rather fondly as Zeref's eye twitched yet again.

"this is a start of a good partnership Natsu, I shall find you later~" finished Irene smiling before disappearing in front of Natsu as he raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"seems Irene wants no part in this...hmph very well, the four of us will be more then enough for him anyway..." thought August as he prepared to battle along with everyone else..

Before suddenly "enough! Everyone out! I need to talk with Natsu alone." declared Zeref suddenly as she glared at Natsu while they looked at the exchange confused before Zeref sent a glare at them causing them to bow quickly and rush out of the room while August quickly grabbed both Invel and Ajeel before disappearing too.

"ehhhh? Awe come on! It was just getting interesting!" groaned Natsu annoyed before noticing Zeref's glare as he suddenly did some kung fu style moves preparing to face her wrath in his ninja way.

"Natsu-kun~~what was that with Irene hmm?" asked Zeref sweetly as his form dropped turning back into a girl as she glared at him sweetly while Natsu sweated.

"I have no idea I swear." replied Natsu so quickly that even Flash would be jealous.

"didn't seem like nothing~ that handshake sure lasted long didn't it hmm? I didn't take you here to hook up with the girls in my army!" yelled Zeref comically as she shakes Natsu who's motion sickness kicked in as he suffered terribly from the wrath of Yandere-chan aka Zeref-nee...sama.

*7 years later*

In a place which could only be described as Lothric Castle from Dark Souls 3... Which I have already used as a reference in my other fic but Yolo. Inside the castle were two individuals, one was a male with pink hair and a red blindfold while he wore what could be easily described as Sasuke's post Akatsuki clothing.

The other individual was a female with black hair that reached her hips and deep red eyes that bore into your soul while she wore a rather revealing kimono which showed a tremendous amount of cleavage because this is Fairy Tail. Also she seemed to be In a rather comfortable position as she sat on the pink haired individual's lap rather fondly while hugging him tightly.

"Z-Zeref-nee..." called the individual uncomfortably at Zeref who seemed to be enjoying herself in his embrace.

"yes Natsu-kun~¿?" answered Zeref playfully as she played with Natsu's chest while running her fingers across it while Natsu could only be even more uncomfortable at this point.

"August is coming..." replied Natsu while Zeref sighed before getting off his lap as Natsu suddenly disappeared and reappeared near a column that was a few distance away from the throne while Zeref transformed back into her male form and sat on the throne with a bored look waiting for August before he opened the doors and approached her before getting on one knee in respect.

"Your Majesty." called August with full respect.

"Yes August?" replied Zeref her attitude taking a 369° turn as she turned deadly serious.

"we have news that the dead Fairy Tail mages have returned..." said August as Zeref raised an eyebrow while Natsu suppressed a smirk.

"not only that but they seem to be taking part in the Grand Magic Games that are coming up." finished August respectfully but before anyone could say anything.

"Natsu Dragneel!" yelled a certain someone as she kicked the doors open as everyone in the room sighed suddenly.

"Dimaria! We are in the presence of His Majesty! Show some respect!" scolded Brandish as she bonked Dimaria on the head who simply scowled before glaring at Natsu who could sigh as his head turns towards her.

"you blind freak! It is about time we settled things." said Dimaria as she pointed at Natsu while Zeref looked at Dimaria pissed off but held back as she gripped her fist tightly.

"hai hai~ I'll be glad to beat you again child, let's go outside~" replied Natsu casually as he walked out of the room with a pissed off Dimaria following him along with a sighing Brandish.

"when is she ever gonna learn." muttered Zeref sighing while August nodded.

Outside the palace in a vast open area that looked like a training ground...

"get ready to get your ass kicked this time Dragneel!" smirked Dimaria as she got ready while Natsu sighed again as he stood casually not bothering to guard himself.

"this...bastard! The audacity! How dare he take me as some lowly mage!" thought Dimaria as she started assuming that Natsu thought of her as nothing but an ant and etc.

"sigh, Natsu doesn't even look bothered to fight...Dimaria really needs to give up." thought Brandish sighing as she rested her chin on her hand while sitting on a bench staring at the two males.

"this time your going down Dragneel!" declared Dimaria before clicking her teeth as time stopped around them before she yelled "Take-Over: God Soul Chronos!" with that her body was engulfed in a shadow before cloaking her with it as only her jaw was visible now.

And with that transformation she rushed at the slow Natsu intending on punching the daylights out of him...only to be blocked by the blind Natsu who yawned shocking Dimaria.

"h-how!? No one can move in my world!" yelled Dimaria frustrated struggling to get out of Natsu's grip before suddenly a black katana formed in his free hand while Dimaria widened her eyes before Natsu put it against her throat.

"I see your still as weak as ever Mari~" commented Natsu pissing Dimaria off but she could not do anything due to the death grip before suddenly she slumped in defeat and time returned to normal as her God soul left her leaving her normal again.

"well...that seemed rather easy." muttered Brandish sighing as she had been watching them while also being unable to move due to the time stopping. But of course it didn't matter in her case as she only came to watch.

"how are you so strong...? You can't even see for God sake!" yelled Dimaria frustrated as she went on her knees and if one looked closely it would look like Dimaria was about to get some in her mouth from Natsu.

Of course Natsu being the gentlemen exquipped his katana before he bend his knees as he reached her level before petting her on her head as he grinned.

"your biggest weakness is the fact that you underestimate your opponents and overestimate your ability to stop time...maybe if you somehow improved on that you could've defeated me by now" advised Natsu like a wise master as Dimaria blushed from his action before looking down trying to hide her embarrassed face.

"well that was one of the fastest fights I've seen, done embarrassing yourself yet Mari?" asked Brandish lazily as she walked towards the duo.

Gaining a tick mark "oh yeah, why don't you try fighting hm? Bet you won't even last a second!" relented Dimaria as she glared at Brandish who simply sighed.

"I'd rather fight with Natsu in bed." replied Brandish shamelessly as blood leaked from her nose while Dimaria pokerfaced her while Natsu just laughed sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

However before any epicness could occur suddenly a certain red head usagi princess looking woman just landed in front of Natsu.

"err...sup?" asked Natsu awkwardly at the close distance between him and the red haired woman who had a very sexy smirk on her face.

"Irene? What are you doing here?" asked Brandish confused while Dimaria got up getting over her loss.

"Natsu, mind following me?" 'asked' Irene before she grabbed Natsu by his shoulder and launched herself in the air before flying out of the palace going God knows where.

"w-what the hell..." said Dimaria sweatdropping at the most random thing that just happened as Brandish shrugged.

"well back to boredom~" grumbled Brandish as Dimaria sighed.


"hmm...not that I mind the ride but...where are we going?" asked Natsu calmly as he had his arms folded while being taken across the whole landscape in extreme speeds by a certain scarlet witch.

"oh you will see...now." answered Irene before landing as she dropped Natsu on his feet who shrugged before he inspected the area with his sense which showed that they were in the middle of a dead forest and in front of them were ruins...but in Natsu's version everything was basically just on fire.

"ooo~ how interesting." said Natsu as Irene smirked "it amazes me how much you can see...without really seeing." said Irene chuckling while Natsu pokerfaced pouting which Irene found quite cute however she wouldn't mention that of course.

"well let's explore then. We are here cause of that right?" said Natsu before Irene nodded as they began to walk into the ruins before arriving at a trap door which blocked a path inside.

Removing the obstacle Natsu inspected the hole with an eyebrow raised while Irene could only ponder on weather they should go in or not.

"well..." pondered Natsu before shrugging as he jumped in.

"YOLOOOO~" yelled Natsu as he was going through the hole while Irene watched sweatdropping.


"ow! Son of a bitch!" cursed Natsu as his voice echoed all the way up while Irene sighed in relief before jumping in herself only to land on Natsu...



"language Natsu~" interrupted Irene on top of Natsu who was suddenly aware of their position.

"err...Irene?" called Natsu looking at the Irene who seemed to be stradling him while looking around casually as if inspecting the place which was pretty much too dark to see.


"not that I mind but...you gonna get off?" asked Natsu before Irene realised and blushed before getting up quickly coughing in embarrassment before her staff flashed and a bright light showed up enabling them to see..well in Irene's case as Natsu didn't need it due to his other heightened senses.




"let's look around shall we."

"exactly my thoughts." finished Irene still blushing as she quickly went to work so she could distract herself.

"ooo~ look look~" said Natsu suddenly as he held a book with dragon symbol which greatly resembled Mortal Kombat's...because it was basically that.

Opening the book he read about how there was a Dragon King Festival and how Acnologia, Humans and the Dark Mage fought aka everything which he already knew.

"well...that was a waste." said Irene sighing as Natsu shrugged before putting the book in his requip dimension and proceeded further into the jaws of hell before stopping as they saw a bright light erupting as they stood at a hill before they looked below which displayed a volcano which was creating nuclear effects.

"that's pretty cool." said Natsu as he stared at the volcano before he put his hand on his chin "or wait...in this case wouldn't it be 'that's pretty hot'? Hmm..." wondered Natsu as Irene sweatdropped before a giant whale of fire suddenly erupted out of the volcano alerting Irene while Natsu was still pondering about his pun.

"a fire whale? Never seen that before..." said Irene as Natsu snapped out of it as well before looking at it.

"ano giant whale-san~" called Natsu while Irene looked at him sweatdropping wondering why the hell was he trying to make conversation with this creature.

Of course the whale didn't reply as it fired a fire stream towards the couple as Natsu sighed before he ate the flames which shocked the whale as it roared loudly.

"seems it wont talk, well all we c-" Natsu was interrupted the whole place shaked before the place started to fall apart which blocked their entrance and any way out.

"well shit."

"this is most troubling...we are a thousand feet below ground if I'm not mistaken, escape would be difficult." said Irene worriedly as the place still shaked as more rocks started collapsing on top of them which they dodged easily while most fell inside the lava and burned up easily.

The fire whale suddenly launched itself towards Irene who prepared herself to blast it away only for Natsu to intercept it and... Eat it.

"woah." stared Irene in amazement as Natsu was consuming the whale made of fire with little struggle before he finished patting his stomach in victory.

"thank you for the meal~" thanked Natsu as he dodged another rock that was falling on him.

"well I'm glad you liked it because now we need to get out of here." suggested Irene as a sweat rolled her forehead while smiling nervously.

"I would like to but...this situation hardly seems to be in our favour~" replied Natsu laughing sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head while Irene sighed before she tried to calm down so she could think of a way out.

However suddenly the place shaked even more before a certain dragon suddenly came out of the volcano as it glared at the pair in all its glory surprising them both.

"w-wha...Acnologia!?" recognized Irene surprised as she did not sense him and he appeared literally from inside the volcano.

"well shit." said Natsu as a sweat rolled down his forehead while looking at the roaring Acnologia who seems to be speeding the process of bringing the place down.

Suddenly Acnologia began charging a Dragon Roar which shocked both Natsu and Irene as they wondered what they should do before Natsu sighed coming to a conclusion.

"well if I am to die~ then I shall atleast save you Irene-chan~" said Natsu as he grinned making Irene blush before widening her eyes.

"what do you mean...?" asked Irene serious.

"well...its been fun going on adventures with you~ tell Zeref and everyone, my humble apologies~" said Natsu as Irene gritted her teeth before she grabbed him by his collar in anger.

"I will not let you die Natsu...at least not alone!" yelled Irene in anger before Natsu smirked as he suddenly closed the gap between them shocking Irene as she was paralyzed by the electrifying kiss.

Before they separated with Irene in shock while Natsu was still grinning "always wanted to do that~ Kuhahahaha!~" laughed Natsu cheerfully as Irene looked at him still in shock.

"now then...be sure to do what I said Irene~ I'll see you on the other side!" finished Natsu as he pushed Irene out of the way making her dodge a big rock that was falling on top of her before she was consumed in a vortex...and the last thing she saw was Natsu's grin, a large boulder right above him and the dragon roar of Acnologia consuming him.

"NATSUUUUU!" yelled Irene as she suddenly appeared on land again before a large explosion occurred miles away from her location as she covered her eyes from the dust that flew due to the shock wave. Suddenly knowing what it was, she flew at tremendous speeds all the way back to the forest only to see a large wasteland with no trace of the forest nor the ruins before she dropped to her knees in despair and shock.

"Natsu...you fool!" cried Irene as she smashed fist on the ground creating a big shock wave as tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

"you steal my first kiss, save me...and die just like that!?... You bastard how could you..." thought Irene gritting her teeth before she let her tears loose pouring all her feelings out in the one place she lost 'her' Natsu.

*few hours later*

"w-what did you just say...?" asked Zeref shocked as he stared at the red headed mage who looked away solemnly while the rest of the Spriggan 12 stood behind her, some seemed sad while some seemed neutral.

"Natsu...he...Acnologia showed up...it happened all so suddenly..I-...we couldn't do anything..." answered Irene as she gripped her staff tightly before everyone dropped to their knees from the sheer pressure that radiated from Zeref.

Suddenly Irene was sent flying towards the wall before she crashed into it as she coughed blood while Zeref appeared again and held her by her neck, glaring at the enchantress with hate before dropping her harshly as August quickly went to her to tend to her but Irene put a hand up stopping him before getting up herself looking at the ground solemnly before disappearing.

"everyone...leave." ordered Zeref coldly before everyone left as quickly as they could while Zeref stood there gripping his fists tightly before he dropped his henge.

"Natsu-kun...w-why...?" whispered Zeref in shock before tears leaked out from her eyes as she drowned in pure despair.

"y-you said you would stay with me forever...yet..." cried Zeref as tears poured out of her eyes before she quickly wiped them away.

"Acnologia...!" cursed Zeref as her magic flared once more in anger "I will destroy her...!" declared Zeref coldly as her eyes went full red before she began to devise a plan which would enable her to defeat Acnologia...

"Fairy Heart...thats it... I can kill Acnologia once I obtain it. Time to prepare for a war..." finished Zeref as she stared over the horizon with cold eyes full of hatred...

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