Molly was swimming to the school, excited to play with her friends and to see Gil. Just then, she didn't see a tree branch that went under her backpack and into her top. The branch ripped her top off, leaving her bare chest exposed. She saw that her chest without her top, so she covers her chest up with her arms, hid behind a bush, hoping no one would see her without her top on. Just then, Nonny was swimming to the school when he saw Molly's top hanging from a branch. He grabbed it, reached for a needle and thread from his backpack, sewed up Molly's top and swam to find Molly to give her back her top. "Molly, where are you" said Nonny. Molly poked her head out from behind the bush and saw that Nonny had fixed her top. "Nonny, is that you" said Molly. Nonny saw Molly's head and swam over to her. "Hey Molly" said Nonny. "Hey Nonny" said Molly. "Did you lose this on a tree branch by accident" said Nonny, holding out her top. "Yes I did" said Molly, grabbing her top back from Nonny. Molly put on her top, got out from behind the bush and stood right beside Nonny. "Thanks for fixing my top, Nonny" said Molly, hugging Nonny. "No problem Molly" said Nonny, hugging her back. "Come on Nonny, lets head to the school" said Molly. "Sounds good, let's head to the school together" said Nonny.