Chapter 2: Not much, but it's home

Lena hit the button for the 4th floor, eyeing her three new companions wearily.

"So, where're you from? I'm hearin' a little bit southern twang ." Harley asked, leaning her body against Lou.

"Oh- Texas. Yeah, I came here to...well to get away. Hence, illegal loft space."

"Sheah, Gotham's pretty far from Texas! What're you gettin' away from?"

Lena let out a small breath as they arrived to the 4th floor of the building.

"My dad."

Harley's head snapped up, her eyes trained on the young woman in front of her.

"Oh." Lena moved the protective gate at the entrance of the elevator, and the foursome stepped off and into the dimly lit hallway.

"Yeah, it's a pretty boring story. Just had to get away."

The jingle of Lena's keys perked up Bud and Lou's ears, which Harley had been petting until their attention was dragged to the door.

"It's not much, but it's home."

Harley looked around the loft, noting that it was as clean as the rest of the building, but the living room area had been painted a light lavender color.

"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen illegal housing so clean! First the lobby, then here."

A small smile graced Lena's pink mouth.

"Well, the building only has an owner. No cleaning crew or anything, so I asked if I could clean it up. It was a real sty when I got here. said as long as I don't expect to be paid, I could."

"Wow, you did a nice job! It looks great!"

Before anyone could say anything else, a loud growl/hiss combination came from a dark corner of the loft. Bud and Lou returned the growls, hackles raised.

"Oops!" Lena rushed over to the corner, and picked up a stout little black cat.

"Don't mind Gwen, she's not the happiest of cats. She didn't take the move from Texas all that well."

She stepped back to Harley, the cat firmly in her arms.

"Harley, this is Gwen. Gwen, this is Harley." Harley took in the black cat's green eyes and grumpy face.

"Hiya Gwen. Boys, be good!"

The hyenas put their heads down, and whimpered.

"Well, they better get along. There's no way I'm giving them back ta' J."

Lena quickly set Gwen down, and ushered Harley to the lone couch in the living space.

"I'll go get my first aid kit. Don't move, you've probably already hurt yourself more."

Harley watched as the plump brunette scuttled over to the only room in the loft, and rustle around for the first aid supplies.

The blond finally took notice of her injuries, noting the swelling of her ankle.

Great. What good is this ankle anyways?

Lena quickly made her way into the living space again carrying a black case by the handle.

"Ok, first things first, we need to get your ankle elevated. It's swelling pretty bad."

While Lena fussed over her, Harley watched her babies prowl around the loft, eyes darting to the windows, ears twitching with every little noise.

Bud had tried to sniff over by Gwen's litter box, but was rewarded with five claws swiping at his nose.

A hand was suddenly in her face, and white-hot pain erupted throughout her nasal passage, tears streaming down her face as she howled.


Harley reared back from Lena, only hindered by her raised leg, ankle wrapped in two ice packs and on top of a pillow.

"I'm sorry, Harley! Your nose needed to be set. I told you I was gonna do it. I'm so sorry!"

The blond wiggled her nose, feeling relief from the pain it had been in.

"Ugh, it's ok, Li. Just...make sure I'm payin' attention next time. I sometimes blank out, and don't realize what's happening."

Lena nodded her head furiously, regret lighting her chocolate eyes.

"Will do. I am sorry about that...does it at least feel better?"

Harley nodded her head, leaning back and making herself comfortable in the couches cushions.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely better now. Thanks Li."

"No need to check you over and treat the cuts on your body. Do you mind..?"

Harley shook her head, smiling at the red flush that crept up the other woman's cheeks.

With Lena's help minding her injuries, Harley slowly removed her jumpsuit, wincing every now and then.

Her jumpsuit and mask were tossed in the washer by Lena, leaving Harley in only her lime green bra and purple lace panties.

I forgot I put these on today. I was so sure Mista' J would love my plan...guess I'm the fool here.

"Hey Li, you got any extra undies? These...these are kinda' J's favorite colors. I don't really wanna think about him right now."

Lena looked as if she were heartbroken.

"Shit, no. I don't think I have anything that'd fit you...we obviously have different bandwidths, and my underwear would deff not fit you. you mind going bra-less and wearing a shirt? It'd be too big, but it'd be clean."

Harley thought it over for a second, and nodded her head.

"Yeah, sounds good. Let's get this over with, I'm tired. Say, you got anything the boys can eat?"

~Later that night~

After Harley's cuts had been cleaned of glass and treated, she was given a t-shirt that had some funky spaceship looking thing on the breast.

The babies had been given some dog food that Lena had lying around.

"My neighbor upstairs thought I would need it...I don't know why. She knows I have a cat, but she gave the bag to me a few days after I moved in. Eh, old people. Anyways, we can get something more to their tastes tomorrow."

Harley had been sitting on the couch still, watching the news on the little T.V. stationed against the lavender wall, when Lena showed up in front of her with a package of make-up wipes.

"No offense, but I don't want your face paint to get on my sheets."

She took the offered package and began sweeping it over her face, paying extra attention to her eyes.

It's always the eyeliner that never comes off.

The blond resurfaced from her cleaning, eyes focusing in on her host.

The blush was back.

Lena cleared her throat and motioned to the queen sized bed stuck in the corner of the flat, right under the window.

"So is it ok if we both sleep on my bed? I can't get comfortable on that couch, and I don't wanna stick you on it."

Harley let her hand fall to Lou, who was by her foot that wasn't elevated, whining for a pet.

"Course' not! I don't like sleepin' alone anyways."

"Cool...wasn't sure if you'd mind...well I'm gonna lay down. I'm beat. Go ahead and make yourself comfty. Good night."

The brunette padded over to the bed covered by red sheets, and rubbed her hand over Gwen's head.

"Night, Li."

Ok, so how was it? I feel like I'm not doing Harley justice.