(Isla Nublar-Jurassic World: Mosasaurus paddock)

The sun began to slowly rise up on the horizon of the ocean and turned the sky a bright orange color. Jurassic World lay in heaps of damage, with pieces of building scattered throughout, bones on the ground, and bodies rotting. The Indominus Rex had caused all of this, but was put to an end with the help of the T-Rex, Blue the velociraptor, and the Mosasaurus. The Mosasaurus jumped out of the water and grabbed the Indominus by its neck and dragged it into the water, drowning it. Or, so some think. Dr. Henry Wu mentioned that the Indominus had cuttlefish genes put into the Indominus to help accelerate it's growth rate, but proved dangerous when it gained the ability to camouflage because of the gene. However, what Wu didn't realize, was that the Indominus gained another ability, one that most thought would have made the Indominus too much of a force not to be reckoned with. It gained the ability to breathe underwater. The paddock was quiet and the water was calm, until something emerged from the water. A white arm with raven black claws came out from the water and grabbed onto the ledge. The arm began to pull up until the other arm came out and, using both arms, helped the Indominus Rex come out of the water. The hybrid shook of some of the water like a wet dog would. The 'Terrible King' then let out a screech that pierced the heavens. The Indominus Rex was alive and is now roaming Jurassic World.

(Somewhere near the coast of Costa Rica)

Buzzing. There was a buzzing sound nearby, slowly stirring Claire from her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes, but was blinded by the rays of light that entered the room through the blinds of the window. She slowly moved her arm onto her night table and began to move her hand around to grab the source of the buzzing. Once she found it, she grabbed a hold of it and then opened her left eye to see what it was. The buzzing was coming from her Samsung Galaxy s5. Her phone was buzzing because a representative from Apple was calling her to talk about the park. Claire didn't want to deal with another call, so she just let her phone drop on the carpet floor. Since she had woken from her slumber, Claire began to slowly stretch out her body, but when her arm hit something, she retracted her limbs immediately. She turned her head to see what she hit and it turned out to be the head of Owen Grady who was sleeping soundly next to her. Claire observed Owen as he slept. Owen was so calm and peaceful, breathing in and out slowly. It brought a smile to Claire's face seeing Owen so gentle and tender. She had the urge to kiss him to wake him up, but decided against the urge and let him sleep in peace. She tried her best to slowly get out of bed without disturbing the sleeping man. Sadly though, Claire's moving around stirred Owen from his deep sleep. He began to slowly move his head and then tried to open his eyes, but they stayed closed.

"You okay?" he asked with a raspy voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied.

"Someone call you again?"

"Yes. It was Apple again. That company has been the one that has called me the most. Can't they understand that I'm not going to speak with them anytime soon?"

"Well, you're going to have to talk eventually. You are the head rep from Jurassic World and they want answers."

"Why can't they take it up with Masrani Global?"

"Well, since Masrani's dead, you're the second highest official that can speak."

Claire then gave a sigh of annoyance and then got up from bed. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. The sound of running water was heard, signifying that she was taking a shower.

It's been three days since the Indominus Incident at Jurassic World. The tragic accident cost Simon Masrani his life, meaning that the weight of the future of the park had fallen upon Claire. Since then, her phone has been exploding with emails, phone calls, and text messages from many companies and even the governments of Costa Rica and America. They wanted press conferences, opening statements, to see if she would dispose the park to another company other than Masrani Global, which had withdrawn its ownership due to Simon's death.

Claire and Owen, after deciding to stay together, for 'survival' of course, rented out a small apartment for the time being. Claire said that she wanted to see if they could try to salvage whatever's left of the park and try to rebuild it from the ground up. Owen said that they'd need help from some of the others that worked at the park, since the T-Rex was loose, Blue was out there somewhere, and the pterasaurs were flying around. Claire agreed and called in Lowery and Barry for assistance. So, Lowery and Barry were allowed to stay with Claire and Owen in the small apartment, doing their best to avoid being a third and fourth wheel when Claire and Owen were sharing moments together.

Claire stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head, a white tank top, and white panties. She opened one of the drawers and in a few minutes, put on gray sweat pants and a white t-shirt. Owen smiled at seeing how Claire had changed since the Incident. She used to be about expensive blouses and formal white skirts, but during the Incident, her personal changed rapidly. By the end, she was wearing a purple tank top, her skirt was ripped, and, to everyone's surprise, she was still wearing her three inch high heels. Now, Claire wore more relaxed cothing, while still maintaining her level of formality.

Owen slowly got up from bed and began walking to the bathroom, but instead walked up to Claire and wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her right shoulder. This action made Claire chuckle slightly and smile widely.

"What are you doing Owen?" she asked.

"Just admiring how hot you look in sweats," he replied before he kissed her neck.

She shook her head and chuckled softly. She turned around in Owen's arms and blue-green eyes met bright green eyes. They stared at each other for about a minute before Owen spoke.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" he asked playfully.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," responded Claire.

Then, soft, lavender pink lips made contact with rough, salmon pink lips. Owen put his hands on the back of Claire's head and Claire put her arms around his neck as they intensified the kiss. They separated from each other and Owen smiled as Claire's face turned tomato red.

"I think I'll go and shower now," said Owen as he released Claire's waist and proceeded to the bathroom.

Claire kept her smile going until Owen shut the door. She looked at herself in a mirror that was hanging on the wall next to the closet. She unwrapped the towel and her bright red hair fell down a little above her shoulders. Claire barely recognized herself. She didn't had make-up on, her hair wasn't done like she normally did, and she had scars on her face that she received during the Incident.

She saw that she was a changed person. For starters, she bonded with her nephews, even though it wasn't supposed to happen the way it did, she realized that the dinosaurs on the island were actual animals rather than assets, and she recognized that no one is ever in control of anything.

Claire pulled her hair back into a ponytail and put on some foundation on her face. Once she finished touching herself up a little bit, Owen stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Claire looked at him through the mirror. She tried her best to act like she wasn't looking at him, but Owen knew what she was doing. Claire observed his torso and abdomen. He had a scar that ran diagonally across on his firm chest and a few scratches on his ripped abdomen. She also noticed that he had a few cuts on both his forearms, probably from handling the raptors when they were young.

"I have some on my back if you want to see them," he said as he turned around.

Claire walked away from the mirror and walked up to Owen's back. She saw the diagonally traced scars that were scattered on his back. She traced a few of them with her delicate fingers and felt Owen stiffen up. Owen had never had the scars on his back, or his chest and abdomen, touched before, so now that Claire is doing that, he felt strange.

After a few minutes of silence, Claire stopped touching Owen's scars and let him get dressed. Owen out on a white t-shirt, boxers, a pair of black gym shorts and decided to stay barefoot. They left their bedroom and proceeded to the living room of the apartment. There, they saw Lowery, who was sleeping on the couch with a T-Rex plush toy next to him. Claire couldn't help but smile and giggle at sleeping Lowery. She'd never seen Lowery in a tranquil state, so it was kind of fun to look at.

"I'm very tempted to take a picture right now," whispered Owen.

"Except you won't. Lowery deserves this. If it weren't for him, the T-Rex wouldn't have been able to fight the Indominus Rex," whispered Claire.

"That's true, but come on. It'll be just for us to get a good laugh about."

"No, Owen."


They slowly proceeded to the kitchen and Owen began to gather ingredients to make breakfast. Claire was watching from the counter in the kitchen as Owen moved around. She then turned her head and saw Barry lying on the floor with his head resting on a pillow and a blanket over his body.

"I hope Barry doesn't wake up in pain. This floor isn't the most comfortable thing to lie on," said Claire as she turned her attention back to Owen.

"We have Tylenol don't we?" asked Owen as a joke.


"Well, there's not much we can do about it. Do you give good massages?"


"Right, maybe that's cause you haven't gotten a massage yourself."

"That is...very true."

"Well, let's hope he manages then."

Claire turned her head to look at Barry again, who seemed sound asleep and fully relaxed. Maybe he would wake up fine.

"Wake them up, Claire," said Owen as he was in the middle of making food.

"What? Why?" asked Claire.

"Well, first, so they can eat. Second, we should discuss your plan sooner than later since we leave for the island tomorrow."

"Right. Okay."

Claire slowly walked up to Barry and began to shake him gently.

"Barry, hey. Wake up," she said softly.

Barry then began to stir from his sleep and groaned as he woke up.

"What is it?" he asked groggily.

"Time to wake up Barry. Owen told me to wake you up, so take your grumpiness out on him, please."

"Duly noted."

Barry slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes from the dry mucus that was on them. He then let his eyes adjust to the light of the room and then slowly got up off the floor. He then proceeded to the counter of the kitchen and sat down on one of the bar stool chairs that was there.

"Mornin'," greeted Owen.

Barry replied with a grunt that made Owen form a small smile on his face. Claire then approached Lowery and shook him.

"Lowery, get up," she said.

No response. She turned her head to Owen, who shrugged in response. Some help he was. Claire tried the same thing, but only to get the same response.

"You don't think he's?" asked Owen.

"No, he's not dead. I've got an idea. Barry, Owen, cover your ears," ordered Claire.

Barry and Owen looked at each other before they hesitantly put their hands over their ears. Claire then took in a deep breath and then let out Lowery's wake up call.

"LOWERY GET UP!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Who-Wha-When-Where-Rexy! I'm up! I'm up!" he yelled back.

"Good morning Lowery. I hope you had a wonderful sleep."

Lowery just looked at Claire with a tired, yet serious face as to tell her, 'I was having a good sleep, until a banshee decided to disturb me from my slumber.' Lowery got up from the couch with a pain that was coming from his back.

"Man, my back is killing me," he said as he sat down on a barstool.

Claire and Owen looked at each other and Claire chuckled at Lowery's words. Claire honestly wished they had Tylenol, that would have been the icing on the cake for the joke, but instead, they had Aleve. Claire grabbed a glass and filled it with water. She gave Lowery the glass of water and handed him two pills of Aleve. He took the pills and finished the whole cup. Claire grabbed the empty cup and put it next to the sink. Owen was about finished making breakfast and then handed two plates to Claire who gave Lowery and Barry a plate each. Both plates had the same menu: scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Claire poured them some orange juice and set it next to their plates. Once Lowery and Barry were served and eating, Owen served Claire and himself and they stood on the other side of the counter and began to eat.

In Claire's mind, this had to be the most silent breakfast she's ever had. Nobody said a word, even after Barry and Lowery finished, they sat down and gave Claire and Owen short glances. Lowery began to play with his phone and Barry just fiddled with the fork that he had used.

'A very awkward situation right now. But, no worries, I guess we can discuss the plan after breakfast,' she thought.

After she and Owen finished, Claire offered to clean the dishes. She turned on the faucet and began to clean the dishes. Owen approached her and said, "Well that was an eventful breakfast."

Claire shot Owen a kind of death glare and he dropped his playful smile.

"It's not like we were going to discuss the plan over food," said Claire as she handed a wet plate to Owen.

Owen grabbed a small towel and began to dry the dish. Soon, he was drying all the dishes that Claire handed him.

"Hey, you okay?" asked Owen.

"Yeah I'm fine. Why do you ask?" she asked back.

"I don't know. You don't seem relaxed."

"Owen, how can I relax with all this stress on my shoulders? All these companies want me to go to press conferences, families are ordering lawsuits, and news stations want stories that I can tell them and you expect me to relax?"

"One thing at a time Claire."


"Look, you have a main priority right now, and that's to save Jurassic World from being plundered and pillaged by crazed men and women in high places."

Claire thought about Owen's words for a minute and then realized that he was right. Claire then embraced Owen and let his arms wrap around her. She placed her head on his chest, making him place his chin on her head.

"You're right. I hate it when you're right," she said.

"You should probably get used to it," he said.

She chuckled slightly and flicked water from her hands onto his face.

"You ready?" he asked her.

"I hope so," was her response.

"So, where'd you send Owen and Barry?"

"I sent them to shower."


"What? No! Owen, why would you think that? Since there are conveniently two bathrooms with showers here, I sent Barry to the shower in our bathroom and I sent Lowery to the bathroom across from our room."

Owen and Claire then cleaned up the couch that Lowery slept on to pass the time until Lowery and Barry were done. Lowery was the first to finish and came out wearing his Jurassic Park t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, and black shoes with white soles. He was holding a light blue button down shirt in his hand and decided not to put it on yet. However, there was something about Lowery that shocked both Claire and Owen. Lowery had shaved his mustache off and he wasn't wearing his glasses, but had them in his hand. This different look left Claire and Owen in awe.

"Lowery, is that you?" asked Claire.

"Yeah, it's...something that I decided to do since the Incident," replied Lowery.

"Well, it's a...great look."



Owen arched an eyebrow at Claire's words and then looked at Lowery, who had the same expression as Owen. Lowery put on his glasses and Claire broke from the slight trance that she was in.

Barry came out and was wearing a white, sleeveless undershirt, pink button down shirt, which he left open to expose the undershirt, and khaki cargo pants and black boots.

They all gathered around the counter and Claire put down a map of the island that had red circles on it.

"All right gentlemen, this is a map of the island. The red circles show where they Indominus struck. Mainly, the Aviary, Main Street and the Gyrosphere Valley. These are the places we are going to focus on. Lowery, I'm going to have you be in Control and turn the system back online and get the paddocks ready. Owen and Barry, I want you guys to track down Blue and use her to lure the herbivores back into the valley and some of their respective paddocks. Once you do that, please take Blue back to the raptor paddock. I will do my best to lure the T-Rex back into Paddock Nine and once that's done, we'll all handle the pterasaurs and pteranadons and do our best to put them into the Aviary," explained Claire.

"Wow, that's actually a very effective plan, Claire," said Lowery.

"Well, it seems like we're all in agreement with the plan, right?" asked Owen.

Lowery and Barry nodded their heads and then Owen looked at Claire, who had a smirk on her face.

"Great, we leave tomorrow morning. Pack lightly, we might spend a few night there, too, by the way."

After Owen said those words, a three knocks on the door sounded. Everyone's attention ed turned to the door.

"Anybody expecting company?" Lowery asked.

Everyone in the room shook their heads. Owen stepped closer to the door and then slowly opened it. There in the doorway stood a boy, five feet and nine inches in height. He had brown hair, much like Owen's, light blue eyes, a light tan, and a built physique. He also had a luggage bag on the floor next to him. He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes with white soles.

Owen Grady couldn't believe who was standing right before his eyes. He hadn't seen him in nearly ten years. It was his sister's son, his own nephew, Ian Grady.

"Ian?" Owen asked.

Ian gave a small smile, but his facial expression was one of 'I know this is kind of a surprise.'

"Hey Uncle Owen," said Ian.

"What are you doing here?"

"Mom sent me here to stay with you for a little while."


"She said that since you hadn't seen me in nearly ten. So, she thought it'd be nice if I spent a little bit of time with you."

"What about school?"

"Owen, I'm eighteen now, I'm in college. But, that really don't help answer your question."

"No it doesn't. "

"Can I please stay here with you, for just a little while?"

Owen had so many thoughts running through his mind, that he didn't hear the question that his nephew just asked. Owen was at a roadblock right now and didn't know what to do. It wasn't exactly the best time for his nephew to drop by. He had to deal with the Jurassic World dilemma before he could attend Ian.

Claire saw that Owen hadn't said anything for five minutes and decided to let Ian in. Ian introduced himself to everyone and then sat on a barstool. Owen was sat down on the couch, thanks to Barry. Scanned the living room and saw a map on the counter.

"What's this?" Ian asked.

"It's a map of Isla Nublar, the island that is the location of Jurassic World," responded Lowery.

Everyone except for Ian looked at Lowery with an, 'Are you stupid?' face.

"What? He asked."

"You guys going back there or something?"

"We plan on restoring the park to its former glory and hope that people find it safe and fun again," responded Claire on an impulse.

"Really? Can I tag along?"

The question made Owen snap out of his trance and stand up from the couch.

"No, you can't," said Owen in a slightly commanding tone.

"Why not?" Ian asked his uncle.

"For starters, it's too dangerous and I'm not risking your life on this."

"Any other reasons?"

"Those are the only two I have and you are not going."

"Owen come on! I'll be a helpful person with this. Please?"

"First you come here put of the blue and then you expect me to let my nephew go on a mission like this? No, no way."

"Fine. Fine, you win. I won't go to the island and I'll stay here and do nothing for a few days."

"Sounds like a plan."

Owen then took Ian's bag and placed it in an empty room that was across the hall from Owen and Claire's room.

(New York, USA)

Julie Rogers, a female reporter for GMA, had just finished doing a report on the negative effects of diet soft drinks. Julie was approached by her boss, who pulled her aside and into his office to talk in private.

"What is it Kyle?" she asked.

"I heard that yesterday you proposed to do a report on the Jurassic World Incident and that you wanted to go and do a live report to show people the damage. Is that true?" he asked.

"Yes it is, but they turned it down. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I persuaded one of the heads of the board and they said that they'd let you go to Isla Nublar, but it would be the most risky report you'd ever give. It could cost you your job."

"Are you serious?"


"Oh my...I'll take it!"

"Great! You leave in an hour."

"Wait, an hour?"

"Yes, they called a cab for you. They'll drop you off at a private airstrip where you will fly to the island via helicopter. Luis Cardosa, your cameraman, is going with you."

"Great. Well, I'll be seeing you Kyle."

"You better kill this report Julie."

"I will."

Julie then left Kyle's office and gathered some of her things and left to the private airstrip. They then boarded the helicopter and flew off to Isla Nublar.

(The next morning- Costa Rica)

Owen, Claire, Barry and Lowery began to board the Jurassic World Ferry that they kept after the Incident. Once they were all on board, they were ready to go.

"You guys ready?" asked Owen.

Everyone on board nodded their heads.

They set sail for Isla Nublar, with Ian hiding in the bottom of the ferry.

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