(Isla Nublar-Jurassic World: Control)

Claire stared at the ring on her left ring finger and gave a small smile at the glittering rock that was embedded into the ring. She looked at her self in the reflective doors of the elevator and could see a changed Claire. Her hair was the same short length as always and her make-up really made her eyes stand out. She was wearing her normal corporate outfit that she wore for Jurassic World all the time. She looked down and smiled at her three inch tall heels. It wasn't a physically changed Claire, it was an emotionally changed one. She realized that the dinosaurs were animals and that they deserved to be treated better than just simple assets. Her true concern for guests had risen since the Indominus Incident, making sure that security was doubled and that each dinosaur was safe for the crowds. Her love for others, especially Owen, had grown greatly. She learned to appreciate everything that people do for her, specifically Lowery and the rest of Control.

Claire liked this newer version of herself and would make sure that she retained some of her old habits as well, like playfully irritating Owen.

The doors opened and Claire stepped out into the Control room. She was greeted by Lowery and Julie, who were holding hands and pecking at each other's lips. Claire cleared her throat, making the two separate and look at her.

"You both know that public displays of affection aren't allowed during work hours," said Claire as she walked up to them.

"But, you and Owen do it every time you go to the raptor paddock," responded Lowery, with slight regret in his voice.

Claire's face began to warm up and turned a light pink before saying, "Have you been, spying on me Mr. Cruthers?"

"Wh-What? No, not at all."

Claire pressed her lips and exhaled as she looked at the giant screens in the front of the room. She saw that everything was running smoothly and was happy with what has happened over the past year.

It's been a year since the Indominus Incident and the Bionic Rex Incident, and everyone seemed to be doing fine. InGen was shut down completely and workers that remained loyal were arrested and put into prison. Claire helped Owen not get arrested, since his contract was with InGen. It was all thanks to Julie's report that Owen wasn't arrested and that Jurassic World was given another shot at opening once again to the public. Claire became CEO of Masrani Global and placed the park under the Corporation's wings. Lowery became head of security in the Control room and called all the shots for security and ACU. Owen and Barry got three new raptors and named them Alice, Ruby and Violet. They put the three into the raptor paddock and Blue surprisingly took them in and they became a new family, a new pack. Julie became Operations Manager of the park and reports to Claire whenever someone wants to sponsor an attraction. Ian became a dinosaur expert and the Indominus caretaker and researcher. Ian was given two male Indominus, both born six months apart, and called them: Zeke, the oldest one that is now a year old, and Arian, the youngest one and is about to turn six months old.

They all got new lives after InGen was shut down, kind of like when Hydra was defeated in Winter Soldier and the former agents of S.H.I.E.L.D had to get new jobs and new lives for themselves.

Also throughout the year that passed, Owen proposed to Claire, a week before the park opens up again to the public. Lowery and Julie began dating, after the Bionic Rex Incident, Julie gave Lowery a shot and they ended up clicking very well together. Ian didn't return home, but stayed in contact with his mother, who's been getting better over the months.

Their lives were practically perfect, but of course, there were faults. Julie had nightmares of what happened during the Incident, Ian has minor PTSD, along with Claire, Owen has scars, both physically and emotionally, Lowery was scared of another breakout and of Robotic dinosaurs, and Barry was depressed when Addilyn and Rexy died and grew slightly paranoid of the dinosaurs, that he had to stay home for a few days.

Everyone had their problems, but they still lived through their lives everyday with the utmost enthusiasm and positivity.

Claire called the group up to the helipad at Control and waited with Lowery and Julie. Claire looked at Julie and Lowery and felt happy for how far they've come.

Julie's hair kept her hair down to her elbows and maintained it in a ponytail that she kept over her right shoulder. She had cherry red lipstick on and was wearing a black blouse and red skirt and scarlet red three inch high heels. Julie grew a love for dinosaurs, and for Lowery over the months. They started dating a few days after Julie submitted her report about InGen and they hit it off beautifully. Lowery may be a a slight dimwitted at work, but he was a perfect gentleman when it came to his relationship, and Julie loved it and him.

Lowery grew out his beard and kept it short. He was happy when Claire let him continue to wear the Jurassic Park shirt that he bought off of eBay. Lowery loved Julie and she loved him back. Julie was sweet as a butterfly, but stung like a bee. When Lowery upset her, he knew to keep his distance, but he also knew how to calm her down. Lowery really loved this girl and didn't want to let her go.

Claire heard the door open and saw Ian walking towards them. Ian had grown drastically over the months. First, he had a beard, which he kept short, a scar on his right cheek and he kept his hair short, but ruffled. Ian grew a fonder relationship with Owen and even Claire. He had a hard time getting over Addilyn's death, but found comfort in raising Zeke and Arian. Ian was a happy person and his attitude helped other people smile and feel better. Ian was growing up to become a fine young man.

"What is it Claire?" asked Ian.

"Just wait," responded Claire.

Claire watched as Owen and Barry approached the rest of the group.

Claire smiled as Owen wrapped his arm around her. Owen was going to become her husband, and she was going to become his wife. She and Owen were nervous about the wedding that would soon dawn upon them. They were both excited, however, to start a new journey in their lives together. She wanted kids, he wanted his kids to be raised around the dinosaurs, meaning that Blue would become an aunt when the time comes.

"So, what is it?" asked Ian.

"Look, look at how much we've accomplished over the course of a year," responded Claire.

Everybody turned their heads and looked out onto the park. Lowery wrapped his arms around Julie and placed his head on her shoulder, making her smile. It's been a year and now, Jurassic World will reopen in a week. They've all come so far since then and they were ready for more of what was to come.

Owen looked out onto the horizon and began to think about him and Claire bringing their kids to meet the raptors one day, and to meet Zeke and Arian. The thought of it made him form a small smile on his face.

Claire took in a deep breath and began to think about the many meetings that she had to attend, but remembered what Ian had said about always thinking about work and relaxed herself in Owen's arm.

Ian looked down at the Mosasaurus Paddock and remembered when Addilyn was pulled down by the Bionic Rex and was eaten by the Mosasaur. The thoughts of Addilyn and Rexy's death made his eyes water, but Owen placed his hand on his nephews shoulder, reassuring him that everything was going to be all right. Ian then thought about Zeke and Arian and was sure that everything was going to be all right.

Barry looked up to the sky and smiled at when he thought about the new raptors that were introduced to Blue. He then thought about Delta, Echo, and Charlie and then looked at Owen, who nodded and gave a small grin.

Lowery turned his head to look at the Control building that they were at and felt good about being head of Control. He was finally getting the recognition he deserved for all he had done for the park. He then placed his head back on Julie's shoulder and kissed Julie's neck.

Julie looked out and took in the beauty of the glimmering water of the Mosasaurus Paddock as the sun shined down on it. Julie looked back at her life and what has happened over the past twelve months. Turns out, she wasn't fired from being a reporter and was offered the position of anchorwoman, but turned it down and quit to work at Jurassic World and be with Lowery.

Everybody had their lives in order and they were going to be fine at the new Jurassic World. They didn't have to worry about weaponized dinosaurs, dinosaurs going to the mainland, the only problems they had to worry about were the ones that would happen inside the park.

"Ready, Claire?" asked Owen.

"I don't know," said Claire.

"This is what we've been doing for the past year and its going to turn out great. Everything will be fine Claire," said Ian as he placed his hand on her shoulder, making her smile.

Claire looked out unto the park one last time and said, "We're in control...by not being in control."

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