Moon of the Daffodils - April 7, 2062 - Sunup

Rabbitkit was born at dawn.

The sun had barely risen. Golden-red rays of light were shining through the trees. Birds were singing and the forest was awakening. Drops of dew rested on leaves after a light rain in the night. A frog croaked and leapt away from the light deftly, landing in the shadows. Half-melted snow lay in small piles here and there. The ground was wet from the rain. Peace lay upon the forest for a while, until-

Something was screaming.

A golden-brown she-cat was yowling as ripples of pain ran down her swollen stomach. Her cries woke the blue smoke cat next to her with a start.

"Emberpoppy? What- your kits are coming, aren't they?" The she-cat ran out of the den without waiting for an answer. She stumbled into the medicine cat den, conveniently located right next to the nursery.

A blue-pelted tom blinked blearily at the intruder. "Q-Quailcreek? What's going on?" The smaller cream she-cat next to him stirred, yawning.

"Emberpoppy's kits are coming," Quailcreek mewed urgently. At that, the cats jumped up, the sleepiness falling away from them in a heartbeat.

"Swanpaw, go get Rubblefire and tell him that his mate's kits are coming. Now!" His apprentice nodded and dashed out of the den. The medicine cat quickly gathered the herbs needed and ran out as well, Quailcreek following.

Emberpoppy was lying on her side, panting and whimpering pitifully. Her paws twitched occasionally, and she trembled violently as her belly convulsed.

"Don't worry, Emberpoppy! Shadetalon's here!" Quailcreek placed herself a tail-length away so she could give the she-cat space and be close enough to help if it was needed.

"I need you to push on the count of three," Shadetalon told the queen. "Can you do that for me?" She nodded slightly, mind still wracked with pain. "Good. Now, one- two- three!"

The she-cat yowled as she pushed with all her might. Her claws dug into the ground, leaving deep gouges as the first kit slipped out. Shadetalon quickly nipped the kitting sac and licked it furiously to get it warm and breathing, then pushed it to Emberpoppy's belly to start suckling.

"It's a she-kit!" Quailcreek announced. Emberpoppy let out a shaky breath in response.

Just then, Rubblefire burst into the nursery with Swanpaw following. "Is she alright?" he demanded, his silver coat bristling. His green eyes widened as he saw the kit at her belly.

"She will be," Shadetalon mewed testily. "If you could step out of the nursery to give her more space, that would be appreciated. We'll alert you when she's done kitting." Rubblefire nodded hesitantly, giving one last look at his mate and kit before leaving the nursery to pace back and forth outside.

Emberpoppy wailed as she felt another kit coming. Shadetalon quickly turned his attention back to her. "Two more, you can do this. One- two- three!" She pushed again as another kit slid out. Quailcreek quickly started licking the kit, disposing of the sac.

"A tom," Swanpaw said softly. The kitting queen nodded, but she barely got a look at her son before her stomach clenched one more time.

"One- two-" But this time Emberpoppy pushed earlier, and the kit came out just as Shadetalon was saying 'three'. Swanpaw took care of it, licking the kit swiftly.

The queen breathed shakily, then sighed in relief as the pain faded. "It's over."

"Yes," the medicine cat agreed. He turned to the opening of the den. "Rubblefire, you can come in now. Let's go, Swanpaw." His apprentice nodded and followed him as they left.

There was a pause.

Rubblefire dashed into the den, nearly ramming into Quailcreek. The queen gave him a stern look before leaving the nursery as well.

"H-How are you feeling?" The tom shifted his paws and stared at the kits- his kits- in wonder. There were three kits- two toms and a she-kit. The she-kit was a cinnamon and white tabby, nestled firmly against her mother. The next one, a tom, was a blue tabby with milk coating the fur around his mouth, fast asleep. The last one- he gasped slightly. The silver tom looked almost exactly like Rubblefire.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" Emberpoppy's voice was weak, but it was filled with pride and love as she gazed with tired green eyes at her kits.

"Yes," the tom agreed, shifting his gaze to his mate. She was as beautiful as ever, even exhausted and weary. "What should their names be?"

"I was thinking Lilykit for the she-kit, maybe? Or Sparrowkit." The queen stroked the kit softly with her tail.

"Sparrowkit sounds right to me," Rubblefire mewed. He gazed at his daughter lovingly. "For the tom in the middle...Jaykit, perhaps?"

"My little Jaykit," she purred, looking down at the tiny tom. "And what of the last one? He looks so much like you. I'd say...Rabbitkit."

"That's perfect!" Rubblefire smiled gently and licked his mate's cheek. "Perfect names for our perfect kits."

Emberpoppy let out a mrrow of amusement. "Mouse-brain."




Emberpoppy laughed again, purring. The three kits had fallen asleep, and she yawned as well.

"Get some sleep," Rubblefire told her. "I'll see you when you're well rested." He licked the top of her head before leaving, his paws tingling with excitement.

I'm a father now!

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