My Mega Poke Screwup

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if just before Ash's match against Trip all of Ash's friends and 'family' that have come to watch the match betray Ash for Trip? Ohhh boy…Now Ash isn't pulling any punches or hiding any secrets. AU OOC Femslash and bashing)

"Ash?" Cynthia asked softly as she entered the contests locker room, knowing that there was only one person left in there at the moment.

"Cynthia. Sabrina…Unova Gym leaders?" Ash said quickly wiping his face clean of any and all emotion except for a slight note of confusion when he noticed the last few people piling into the room.

"I'm sorry that they betrayed you Ash. You don't deserve that…no one deserves that actually but especially not you." Cynthia said softly as she looked sadly at Ash who just gave a sad smile. Pikachu looked at the group from beside Ash on the bench and smiled at them sadly too.

"It's okay Cynthia. From the looks of it I still have a few friends at least, true ones this time. And of course I still have my family of Pokémon…I'll be fine…eventually." Ash said smiling sadly at all of them and causing them all to smile sadly in response.

"If nothing else you still have us. We all respect you greatly Ash…and unlike those sacks of Koffing gasses we won't betray you." Roxie said her voice uncharacteristically soft and sad but comforting.

"Thanks. Truly…thank you all." Ash said giving them all a small true smile before the locker room doors banged open and a boy Ash's age in a professors coat dashed in.

"Ashy! You okay?" Gary Oak asked dashing over to Ash who blinked up at him.

"What are you doing here Gary?" Ash asked confused and causing the taller boy to smirk.

"Come on Ashy! We've been friends since diapers even though we've had our fights but hey that's what siblings, even if only pseudo siblings, do! I heard you were in the League, for some reason no one ever told me whenever you entered any of the other Leagues, but this time I overheard grandpa telling your mom about it and cleared my schedule to come and watch you kick ass." Gary said smirking as he playfully punched Ash's shoulder, causing the smaller boy to laugh as he massaged his shoulder. The others watched happy that at least one other of Ash's friends didn't betray him.

"…I also overheard those traitors talking bad about you and bragging to that arrogant newbe about what they said and did to you. I can't believe Grandpa would try and make you give up your license…much less your mom disowning you. But don't worry. If nothing else your big brother Gary will look out for you!" Gary said softly at first before grinning as he stole Ash's hat and ruffled his hair.

"Well…actually…as soon as I heard about Ash being disowned by his mother I talked with my husband. Hawes and I would be happy to adopt him." Lenora spoke up smiling softly as Ash's head shot over to look at her, Gary's barely a second behind him and the others looking at her surprised.

"But…Why? You don't even know me." Ash was confused as he looked at her, causing her to smile sadly.

"I don't know you well, that's true but…I know you well enough to know that you're loyal, you're trustworthy, you're strong, you're much smarter than anyone gives you credit, you're adorable, and I know for a fact that when you first challenged me you lost the first match on purpose. To be honest…Hawes and I have been thinking about children lately, that's why I handed in my gym leader resignation shortly after you won. Because I was planning on spending more time at both the museum and starting up a family. I'd love to adopt you Ash. I'm already very fond of you, and…and to me you're just a kid…a kid who was dealt a hell of an unfair hand in life and could use a set of parents that won't abandon you." Lenora said smiling sadly at the end of her small speech, causing Ash to look at her with eyes swimming with tears.

"My psychic powers might not be as strong as Miss Sabrina's but even without using them I can tell she means every words she said. Go on squirt." Gary said smiling down at Ash as he gently ruffled Ash's hair one last time before Ash was off like a rocket. In a heartbeat Ash had slammed into Lenora sobbing and hugging the woman tightly.

"I think that counts as a yes." Chili said teasingly as Lenora smiled, hugging Ash back and gently hushing the poor kids sobs.

"Before you get too comfortable Ashy, you have a battle to win and I called in a couple of favors so I could bring you some presents." Gary said smirking once Ash had finally stopped sobbing and merely cuddled closer to Lenora who was happy to cuddle the poor kid back.

"Now I know you like using Pokémon native to the region you're in when taking a League Challenge but that makes you a bit predictable so guess who I bought?" Gary said opening his backpack to show a lot of Pokeballs, causing Ash to look over curiously only for his eyes to widen.

"All of my Pokémon…THANK YOU!" Ash squealed as he tackled Gary in a hug, causing the slightly older boy to laugh as he caught the younger one.

"Yeah I deserve a few hugs and thank yous. Do you know how much of a pain it was getting all 30 of your Taurus's into their Pokeballs? Until I mentioned that they were going to be traveling with you that is. Then they all jumped right in." Gary said laughing slightly as he handed the backpack over to Ash, taking Ash's pokedex and fiddling with it slightly.

"There. Now I used my Researchers Rights to make sure you can carry unlimited Pokémon on you, so you don't have to worry about them staying at Grandpa's ranch." Gary said handing the pokedex back to Ash, earning another large hug.

"Now it's time for your battle squirt. Make sure to epically kick his ass, I'll be in the stands with a camera recording everything. Even the looks on the traitors faces when you troll the hell out of the punk. Then when you're done with your match for the day I'll take you and your true friends here out to eat, my treat, and you can reveal your big secret to all of them okay?" Gary asked smiling down at Ash who beamed up at him, the loss of his hat and Gary's constant ruffling of his hair giving him an almost girly appearance with the way it curled and fell down to his shoulders.

"The adoption papers will be ready for you to sign the second you're done battling…if you still want to by then." Lenora said softly as she smiled at Ash who got off of Gary and hugged Lenora again.

"Of course I'll want to be your kid still. I…I couldn't think of a better person to be my mom…mom." Ash said shyly at the last bit, causing Lenora to look at him shocked before grinning widely and nearly crushing Ash's bones in a hug.

"Go out there and kick his ass kiddo." Clay said slapping Ash on the back, causing the other males to give Ash small smiles and encouraging nods as well…the girls had a different manner of wishing him luck.

"Bedazzle them." Elesa said shortly as she smiled softly at Ash gently patting his shoulder.

"You'll do great! Show them your high flying skills!" Skyla enthusiastically said as she jumped up and gave Ash a big hug.

"…I know better than anyone what you're capable when you put your mind to it so I know you'll win but…here…for good luck." Sabrina said blushing faintly as she leaned forward and kissed Ash's left cheek, leaving a small purple lipstick mark on his cheek while he blushed furiously and Gary snickered in the background.

"You beat me kid…you can certainly beat some wannabe brat. But good luck anyways." Cynthia said kissing Ash's right cheek and leaving a pink lipstick mark on his cheek now while Gary broke out laughing.

"Will Ash from Kanto please report to the red side of the field?" An announcement came on over the speaker causing Ash to smirk as he grabbed the bag full of Pokeballs that Gary held out to him.

"Here's your hat back." Skyla said taking the hat from Gary and causing Ash to take it from her with a smile. With a smile on his face he turned and put it on Sabrina's head instead, causing her to blush brightly.

"I don't need it. It's just a hat…you keep it. Looks better on you than it does me!" Ash said smiling as he left the group and went into the competitors box while they went to the stands, Sabrina getting ribbing and teased by her fellow gym leaders while Gary snickered and got a camera out, Cynthia was fuming in jealousy though. Ash said one thing before he walked through the doors and onto the field, his faithful Pokémon agreeing with him.

"Alright Pikachu…let's kick some ass!"