My Mega Poke Screwup

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and read last chapter)

The next morning Saoirse was on the field wearing a black short sleeved shirt with flame prints on it, a pair of black fingerless gloves on her hand, a pair of black pants with green leaves on it and black shoes with blue laces. On her back hanging off of her shoulders like a cape was a black jacket that had a golden lightning bolt on it.

After the events of yesterday the League was postponed for a day because the legendries told them too while they…took care of Trip. After being excused from the hospital when they ran some tests to make sure she was truly alright, Saoirse's new mom and all her 'aunties' and 'uncles' as they proclaimed themselves took her on a shopping spree to get a whole new wardrobe…basically the girls shopped, Saoirse was a living dress up doll, and the guys just carried the bags.

"Ready to battle Cameron?" Saoirse asked smiling at her other friendly rival who nodded back at her with a grin on his face.

"Yeah! And don't hold back on me you hear?!" Cameron said energetically making Saoirse laugh lightly.

"Why do some new trainers like you have to be so cute?" Saoirse asked smiling kindly at Cameron who turned bright red at this. It was a mean tactic that Malva taught her years ago, fluster your opponent and watch them make mistakes…it was mean but sooooo freaking hilarious. Judging by the snickers coming from the front row of the stands, Malva had told the others what she was doing. A quick glance at them saw Lenora looking amused, the guys chuckling, and the girls smirking as Roxie had a video camera out recording the battle. For some reason Saoirse thought that the poison Gym Leader was going to make a blooper reel out of it later.

"Trainers send out your Pokémon." The referee said causing Saoirse to turn her attention back to the field as Cameron looked at his Lucario who nodded and dashed onto the field.

"A Lucario huh? Get him Hypno." Saoirse said calling out her Pokémon calmly. The traitors blinked and muttered to themselves surprised, when did she get a Hypno? They didn't know half the Pokémon she had, and not to mention she had Gary trade some of her Tauros last night and this morning. She loved her Pokémon, she really did each and every one of them, but some of them wanted to go see other regions or stay in a certain region so she had Gary trade them for Pokémon she didn't have. Hypno was one of the Pokémon she had caught herself that the traitors never knew about.

"Hypno…play ball." Saoirse said grinning, causing the Hypno to grin as well. In a purple glow the Lucario was wrapped in psychic bubble that would let him feel all the damage but not let any of his attacks get through unless he knew a psychic attack.

"…What the heck?" Cameron asked watching in disbelief as the Hypno bounced the ball around the arena like a basketball before kicking it as if it were a football.

"Hypno likes to play so she uses her powers to trap her opponents in ball shaped bubbles so she can play and fight at the same time. We also found out that unless your Lucario can use psychic or lightning attacks…you can't get out the bubble until she lets you out." Saoirse said grinning wider as everyone stared at the Hypno bouncing the ball off of the wall. Needless to say that Lucario never stood a chance...and that Elesa had to take the camera from Roxie since the Poison Leader was rolling on the bench laughing her ass off along with a few others.

"Go get them Ferrothorn!" Cameron said causing Saoirse to giggle slightly at the tiny but strong little thing.

"How cute…Turn up the heat Hypno." Saoirse said causing Hypno to nod as it focused…Ferrothorn didn't stand a chance under the Mystical Fire that Hypno unleashed. Ferrothorn never even got to attack much less defend himself.

"Aww man Ferrothorn! Good try buddy. Take him out Watchog!" Cameron said sending out the strange looking almost weasel like Pokémon.

"Hypno, battle dance." Saoirse ordered…in less than a minute Watchog was out cold from the Close Combat attack.

"Huh? You told him battle dance not Close Combat?!" Cameron was obviously confused by this causing Saoirse to giggle.

"I use different kinds of 'codes' for all of my Pokémon. Unless I tell them to just 'have fun' each of my orders that seems random or different is actually a code for a certain attack or maneuver. Much easier to surprise my opponents that way which gives them less time to dodge much less counter it." Saoirse said causing Cameron to pout slightly while many felt stupid. How come they never thought of that!?

"Grrr. Let's do this Swanna!" Cameron sent out the majestic bird, causing Saoirse to smile as she looked at Hypno.

"Ready to take a break buddy?" Saoirse asked causing Hypno to nod and walk back to Saoirse's side.

"Pikachu…light them up." Saoirse told her starter, causing him to cheer as he dashed out onto the field.

"Swanna quick use Wing Attack." Cameron quickly ordered causing Pikachu to lazily dodge.

"Pikachu make sure they're awake will you?" Saoirse asked with a giggle, causing a few people to blush at the sound while Pikachu nodded and hit the Swanna with a Thunder that knocked it clear out.

"Huh…I knew the Thunder hurts a bit but I didn't think it'd knock them straight out…Pikachu you did just give them my wakeup call and not your fighting Thunders right?" Saoirse asked blinking at the Swanna and causing Pikachu to nod.

"Your Pokémon zaps you to wake you up?" The referee asked raising an eyebrow and causing Saoirse to nod in agreement.

"Yep, either that or he gets one of the water types out to soak me." Saoirse said nodding and causing everyone to stare at her while she looked dead serious.

"You have weird Pokemon." The referee said bluntly and causing Saoirse to grin.

"I know but I wouldn't have them any other way." Saoirse said watching as Cameron sent out his two headed dragon.

"You still good to go Pikachu?" Saoirse asked causing the little mouse to nod.

"Then fry them." Saoirse said causing the Pikachu to nod.

"Be ready for anyth-!" Cameron began to yell for his Pokémon but it was too late. Pikachu knocked him clear out with a Charge Beam.

"Gr. You're my last hope Samurott!" Cameron yelled releasing his starter and causing Pikachu to yawn in its face after hearing its roar.

"Pikachu don't mock your opponents. Just knock them out." Saoirse scolded causing the Pikachu to pout before it rushed forward with Quick Attack and hit the large water type with an Iron Tail that was covered in electricity thanks to a simple Thunder. Saoirse grinned and hugged her Pokémon as cheers broke out in the crowd at the Referee's announcement.

"Winner! Saoirse! In one hour she will face off in the finals against Vergil for the title of the Vertress Conference Champion!"