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Mizuki's POV

Right now I think that I am the luckiest person in the underground.

So much so that I half expect four-leaf clovers to pop out of my ears.

Why is that you ask?

I ended up with three people who were willing to take me in and help me survive this place of death.

The day I arrived Levi said that I had to sleep in Isabel's room because, like Levi said, I was her general responsibility. It wasn't so bad though. There was only one bed in the room that Isabel slept in but she offered me a blanket so I was good. The only drawback was that I rest my head on the wall while I was asleep so my chin pressed into my body. However after the third day of this arrangement It started it grow on me.

The first day I awoke to a grinning Isabel shaking me awake. Ugg. Lets just say I'm NOT a morning person.

On our way to have breakfast Isabel harshly warned me of small things to never do.

1) Don't complain about anything

2) Don't talk back

3) Don't get anything dirty around Levi

4) Don't call Levi short

5) Be on Levi's good side or else

Geez I know he looks intimidating but how strong could Levi be?

The food they presented me with consisted of two apple slices, leftover food from their last meal, and a glass of water. To me it looked like a shining 5 star dinner.

"T-Thank you" I politely added once the food was placed in front of me. I noticed that they were getting a bit better quality and a bit more but I don't give a fuck.

I took my utensils and tried my hardest to eat slowly but when you go without food for three days you don't really have much control. At least I was using a knife and a fork right?

In a matter of five minutes I finished the main part of my breakfast quickly, Not chewing with my mouth open because this was my first day here, I needed a good reputation. The apple slices had a tinge of brown from the air exposure but in the blink of an eye I devoured them each by one bite.

"Ya know the food isn't going anywhere" Farlan joked.

"I haven't eaten in a while" I admitted.

"That would explain why you look so skinny" Isabel poked my arm that didn't have much fat.

"Others have it alot worse. I'm lucky to even be here with you three" I recalled my thoughts from this morning.

"Good. I haven't heard any plans for today, what are we doing?" She gestured to Levi who I decided in that moment was anti-social. I usually am but I can always talk to Eren if I'm lonely. Damn it now I'm thinking of home again.

"We don't need any new supplies so you and Far will teach the kid a few things" Isabel sparked up with excitement.

"Can we show her the 3DM gear?" Isabel offered.

"No" he stated bluntly.

"But Levi-bro it wou-" I think I will take rule 5 over rule 2. Get on Levi's good list or at least get off his kill list.

"No Levi's right, I've never seen the 3D gear up close until yesterday but I know that It required alot of strength and I'm not that strong" Reasonable answers came to my head and then to my mouth without a second thought. So I usually just prayed what I said wasn't disrespectful. I don't like taking orders but something told me that being myself around the group would lead to them all hating me.

He turned his slate-grey eyes towards me in a fracture of a second before ignoring me again. Shoo. Maybe he was strong and I didn't see it.

"O-ok Ill try to teach her some hand-to-hand" Far got up out of his seat, taking my empty dishes and his own to the sink before gesturing me to follow him. My awkward attitude dissapeared as I went to train formally. I wanted to get strong. I may be only a few years older then Eren but the fasterr I get strong the faster I can get money, the faster I can get back to my family.

The expanse was a downstairs room with some stray fighting equipment strewn across the room. It had a grey flooring and the same color walls as upstairs but to me this was where I would be spending most of my time.

Farlan was about the size of an average guy in the underground so I would have to find a way to use my size to an advantage. My height was a bit smaller then Levi so I can't rely on strength.

(For comparison, Right now Mizuki is about the size of Christa at 145 cm and Levi is always at 160 cm so yeah)

"Ok so do you have any experience with this?" I memory for me learning how to sweep kick someone on their backs came to mind.

"Yeah but only a little" He looked in surprise that I would know anything.

"It's something that I can't really use right now"

"Whys that?"

"Because It required me kicking someone's legs out from under them but I used it on the bullies at my school who were around my age so It won't work on you"

"How about you just show me what it is ok?"

"Fine..." I grumbled. I got into a stance where my left foot is behind me and right foot in front. With a fluid motion I swiped my left from behind me and hit Farlan's lower legs. He didn't budge.

"I told you It won't work" He looked in thought about something for a minute before responding.

"Ok how about this, try focusing on speed over strength for now"


"Try to avoid the other's attacks while landing a few blows of your own"

"So I basically need to play defensive the whole time"

"Not really defensive, more like landing blows faster then the other"

"Ok...I kinda see what you're getting at"

"For now lets just try a few basic blocks. Right now you don't need to know how to be an expert because no matter how hard you try you won't do much at your age"

For the next two hours or so Farlan showed me the basic moves. The blocks for your head and gut were almost too easy to learn but then we got on the the attacks. With his advice I was only able to get one good move done. A punch.

Boring, known, avoidable, punch.

I don't know what I expected of myself by I guessed I would be better then this. Back home I was easily the strongest person in our school classes but now I realize I wasn't really strong.

Everyone else was just weak.

"So how did it go?" Isabel asked as we made our way back upstairs.

"Mizuki is certainly easier to train then you were" Farlan teased.


"But in all honesty I think that she catches on fast but I'm not really a good teacher on things relying other then strength" Farlan admitted.

"Hmm..Maybe Levi could-" Isabel started, looking at her brother who was cleaning something over in the other room. I guess he was a clean freak.

"No!" Came a loud voice from the other room. I didn't want Levi to teach me just as much as he did. Levi was strong and even if he was the perfect teacher for me it wouldn't' feel right training from someone who expects perfection even out of a kid my age.

"Fine then I'll try teaching her tomorrow!" Isabel grinned at the idea. Oh well, better then Levi I guess.

"Do whatever the fuck you want" He replied.

"Not in front of the kid" She put her hands around my ears and I pushed her off.

"Can we just get to the part where I learn how to fight?" I drew attention back to the previous matter.

"Sure, How about we start tomorrow? It's almost time we go take care" I had a feeling what this 'business' was so I didn't comment.

"Well see you when we get back ok?" Isabel waved to me before closing the door. I heard the feint sound of their gear taking off.

As soon as I got confirmation they were gone I nearly collapsed onto the floor with my makeshift blanket. I refused to show that I was exhausted from the training even I didn't learn much. As I ran my hand through my hair I noticed it had gotten alot longer. I may have to cut it short soon...

I knew that it was dark outside even though I can't see the sky. It was weird but I guess my seance of time would lose itself soon enough.

Almost a few moments after I relaxed my head on the walls I was out. The tumbling void of darkness surrounds my mind, blocking anything else but granting passageway to dreams...

and nightmares.

I felt my mind produce an image that brought me to complete joy. I was home. Standing around me were loads of people in a crowd, carrying on their everyday lives. I began walking around trying to find something when suddenly there was a loud crash of thunder. I turned around to see something but a voice caught me by the throat. It was Eren's voice.

I whirled back around to see my little brother there, healthy, but older...maybe 2 years older I guess? He was as confused as I was. I ran up to her and tried to get his attention but he didn't see me.

His gaze was on something else entirely.

There in the sky was a giant.

A Titan.

But weren't titans supposed to be human-like? This one was just a crimson head jutting out from the wall, the sun making the white outlines turn orange. But then there was the part where...

It had it's head jutting out of a 50ft tall wall!

The times where father told us about the titans engrossed me with fear. Unlike everyone else in the damn town I knew that the walls would break someday and Eren agreed with me completely. We both wanted to join the Survey Corps ever sence we found out what they did, they were the heroes, the brave ones, the saviors. Thats all right? They could defeat anything! Wrong.

Because even in this dream I knew that if this thing was real it would take alot more then the survey corps and even the Military Police, to take this thing down.

And then I heard a giant crash.

Smoke broke into a flurry of debris flying towards us at record speed. It came from the wall. The wall had fallen.

Good thing this was just a dream right?

~~~End of Chapter 3~~~

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