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I lay there in the cell with tired eyes but I refused to go to sleep. Guilt and fear kept on clawing at my gut, filling my body with a lethargic terror. Would Eren be okay? Was Levi going to hurt him?

And above all... Would everyone still think of him as a monster?

A small squeaking noise drew my attention forward towards the door as it was opened. In the torchlight I could make out familiar steel grey eyes and pale blonde hair that was messily thrown into a bun.

"Annie?" I echoed throughout the dungeon.

She paid no attention to me, instead walking up to the guards stationed at my cell and looked at them. "I request to speak alone with the prisoner"

The guard shifted uncomfortably, "Y-You don't have the authority to do that. You could let it out and kill us all"

"How the hell would I do that? You have the key. Just stand outside the door until I'm done" The military police soldier looked towards his partner helplessly.

"We're not supposed to..." Annie glared at him silently before kicking him in the leg and shoving him towards the door.

"Did I stutter?" She said menacingly.

The guards scurried outside the door in fear, snapping the door shut. Annie spun around to look at me, "Are you alright?"

I nodded, twisting my hand around the outside of the chains that dug uncomfortably into my skin. "Why are you here?"

"I needed to know for sure... Are you like your brother?" Whatever hope I had summoned up upon her arrival was gone, dropped like a stone into a still river.

"No. But what does it matter?" Annie sighed, running a hand through her tied up hair.

"Mizuki... You have no idea what you've done" My brows furrowed in confusion.

"Why? Annie what aren't you telling me?" The blonde looked down dejectedly, "We're friends right? Ever since I met you that day in the refugee camp we've been allies. So why aren't you trusting me?"

Her grey eyes darkened, "Because if I did it would get us both killed"

I flinched at her cold tone, staring at her as she began to walk away from the cell, "Annie! Wait! What are you trying to tell me!?"

Just before she left the dungeon she looked back at me with unreadable thoughts swimming in her unemotional features, "Be ready Mizuki... Because all Hell is going to break loose"

"Oi brat. It's over" Levi's careless voice cut me off from my sleepy stupor.

"Levi? Oh thank God! Is Eren okay? Did he get hurt?" He rolled his cloudy eyes at me and unlocked the cell, walking closer to me.

"No. We managed to get those dumbasses in the military to turn over your brother to the scouting regiment" The captain kneeled at my bed and inserted a key into the chains. As the rusty metal was latched open I ran my cool hand over the reddening flesh, trying to soothe the burning sensitivity of the skin. Levi unlocked the other one and tossed the handcuff off of my arm like it was a disgusting bit of trash. I only now noticed that the right cuff was secured more tightly than the left one, leaving a harsh wound on my right arm.

He leaned forward, clenching a hand on my shoulder, "Are you sure you're fine?"

"Yeah. They cuff just hurt a bit" I winced at the raw sting on my arm as Levi looked at me pitifully.

He slowly untied the cravat that that was hung around his neck and tied it around the wound. "Levi?"

"Don't mention this to anyone, brat. If you get an infection it would have been my fault..." A smile found its way onto my face as Levi successfully wound the fabric around the skin.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Levi" I said softly.

With an impassive grab he pulled me off the stiff mattress and led me up the steps toward my new designated area.

"Oh dammit..." I cursed, scowling at the blonde commander.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Cadet Mizuki" Erwin said, unaffected by me obvious hatred.

Looking away from the scouting regiment leader my gaze landed on Eren who was sitting uncomfortably on a love seat couch. "Eren..." I sighed in relief, moving over to my brother and wrapping my arms around him.

"I take it you've met Levi?" I asked, looking back towards my friend who had planted himself on the couch.

"Yeah... We've met..." He subconsciously rubbed the half of his face.

I shrugged, looking towards Levi, "I can't wait to introduce you to Isabel and Farlan!" I cheered, standing up from the chair and walking over to the door.

"Mizuki..." Levi muttered, catching me off guard from leaving the room to go find my adoptive brother and sister.

"What? What is it?" Levi stood up and grabbed looked at me with a terrible guilt lingering in his eyes that reflected the color of a stormy sky.

His breath was short and shallow, shaking desperately as if he were finding it hard to breathe, "Farlan is..."

"Farlan is dead"

-End of Chapter 32-

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