A Shift In Perspective

Prologue: Dreams and Nightmares

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-I'm unsure on what the pairings will be so far.

- "This means that someone is thinking"

Moving into a new house was both an exciting and a tiring experience for me. I was exhausted from helping my parents move different pieces of furniture into our new home. By the time that we stopped for the day it was around ten o' clock in the evening. My mom and dad could tell that I was pretty happy for the break. However, I wasn't fully done setting things up for the night. While I was done with most of the other rooms there was still the matter of setting up my bedroom so I could sleep. Once I finished making my bed I quickly shed myself of most of my clothing and let the inviting warmth of my covers take me away to the sweet realm of unconsciousness.

Let it be said that I was wholly unprepared for what was awaiting me in the early hours of the morning. I was confused and groggy at getting up at what seemed like an ungodly hour to me. It was still early out as it was mostly dark with the sunlight just barely seeping through the window blinds. As I looked around to find the source of my poor disrupted sleep I became confused. "This definitely isn't my new room… I know I just moved in and all, but this is just ridiculous." The room that I'm in now is completely different from my own.

What was once a nice dark green room was now a very light blue. There were yellow ducks that were painted inside what looked to be a dark blue lake on the walls. Lily pads and cattails were painted in the lake as well with the lily flowers in full bloom. My room had nothing but my dresser and my bed inside while there were obvious additions in this one. There was a chest that looked to be full of children's toys close to the door. There were also shelves that were filled with brightly colored picture books that sat along the walls.

My search was abruptly cut off by a small whimper that sounded like it was fairly close to me. I craned my head to look for the source of the noise and found the culprit right away. A small child was tossing and turning in his sleep in a small closed off bed to my right. His covers were bunched up at his feet from all of his movements. He looked to be trembling in fear in what was most likely a nightmare. I was wondering who the hell this kid was before realizing that he didn't seem as small as he should be. This was alarming considering that I just turned fourteen not that long ago. I looked around at the room again before taking a look at myself.

What I noticed right away was that everything looks bigger than it should be. Even though I was sitting up on a bed it was pretty obvious. I clenched my small fists together before staring down at them in dismay. Taking off my covers did nothing to relieve me of my fears. Short legs and small feet greeted my sight instead of my larger ones. I was covered in red pajama pants and a black shirt rather than my black boxers that I only kept on the night before. I held my head in my hands as the implications of this room and what my own body now looks like went through my mind.

A few moments passed where I didn't move from my hunched over position. Nothing but the occasional soft cries from the child next to me was heard in the room. I decided to get up and carefully climb down from my bed. After landing on the soft pillows beside it I compared my height to my surroundings once again. The difference was even more noticeable now that the added height from my bed was lost. I unsteadily got to my feet and slowly walked up to the only other bed against the wall on the other side of the room. "I might as well wake him from the nightmare… I doubt he's getting properly rested with all of that tossing and turning." With my mind made up I walked to the end of the bed where the kid's feet rested.

I looked up at the kid's bed and figured that it shouldn't be too hard to climb into it on my own. I moved a larger pillow to where I was previously standing before hopping on top of it. With the extra height I was able to lift myself onto the mattress. Not making a sound I crawled to the middle of the bed and gently shook the scared boy. His reaction was almost immediate as he lurched up from his laying position to look at me. Tears immediately began to slide down the kid's cheeks and without further ado he promptly pulled me into a crushing hug.

As I awkwardly sat with the kid wrapped around me I tried to gently wriggle my way out of his hold. His response was to pull me closer and put his head to my neck in order to cry on my shoulder. There was no escape for me now that my hands were trapped between us. Minutes went by without much happening. I was still sitting on my knees and waiting for the kid to let me go. Suddenly I was being pulled to lie down on my side. The kid quickly moved so that he had his arms and legs around me before laying his head against my chest. With my arms now free I gave up on escaping his hold and wrapped them around his back. He slowly stopped shaking and his breathing evened out.

"It looks like I didn't need to say anything to comfort the kid. Although I'm in an awkward position now…" I thought about how it might be uncomfortable after we both wake up. "I don't know the kid at all, but it sure looked like he recognized me. You don't just snuggle into a stranger like this after a nightmare." My thoughts eventually slowed as my body gave into its exhaustion and I passed out as well.

I woke up even more tired than the last time. Still half asleep, I snuggled into the warmth that was wrapped around me like a blanket. I gave out a small contented sigh before settling down. Soft sounds of someone giggling reached my ears before I fell asleep again. A few more hours went by before I woke up properly.