Chapter 2: Revealing The Truth

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I cleared my throat and waved at the woman once she spun around to face us. She smiled before lifting both of us into our chairs at the table. Then she focused on the other child. "Good morning honey. Did you get some sleep last night? I was surprised to see you in Harry's bed this morning." 'Honey' blushed slightly before happily saying, "Yeah Harry kept the nightmares away!" The grin that he was sporting was contagious as the lady and I were soon wearing one as well.

This turned her attention to me. "Did you now? How did you manage that Harry?" Her tone sounded very curious while her face showed pure relief at the fact that her son managed to get some sleep. I looked around in embarrassment before focusing on the floor. "I woke him up from a bad dream." I looked up at her before continuing. "Once he woke up he wouldn't stop hugging me." My cheeks tinged red as I kept going. "I gave up on getting away and he went to sleep again. After I got up to go to the bathroom I went back in my bed and woke up to him sleeping on me."

"That was pretty adorable to see this morning." She lightly laughed at me as my face became red again. I only pouted while looking away, which made her laugh even louder. 'Honey' soon joined in, and I did shortly after him. "Well it's good that you both got some sleep last night. Anyways, the food is all done now." She walked back to the table and served us all our plates.

We all dug into the food and I found it to be excellent. "This is great, thanks for the food." The kid chimed in shortly after that saying, "Yeah, this is really good mum!" She smiled at our comments before tucking back into her meal. We finished our lunch at a steady pace before being let down from the higher chairs.

Once we were down I had no idea of what to do. I wasn't familiar with the house, and I didn't know if I should actually be doing anything. "I doubt that I really have chores or expectations at this young of an age. I'm probably supposed to be playing or something." Suddenly the blonde child took my arm again and pulled me away from the kitchen. "Here we go again," I thought as we made our way back into the bedroom.

The kid let go of me as soon as we were in the room and he raced to get to the toy chest. Many toys were taken out before he found what he was looking for. He hauled the large amount of blocks out of the chest and placed them all in a pile. A look of total concentration took over his face as he arranged the blocks in a specific order. "I did it! Harry, look what I did!" He pointed at the blocks that read out as 'DUDLEY'. "Look I spelled my name!" He proudly looked at his creation while I felt a sense of unease.

It felt like I should recognize his name. "Where have I heard of that name? It's not common where I'm from at all…" I decided to try to make it easier on me to guess by asking a question. "What about your last name? Can you spell that too?" He whirled around and said, "Of course silly. I can do it right now." With that said he began to piece together his last name for me. He covered his work until it was finished.

A happy, "Done!" was said before he revealed it to me. I looked at the visible 'DURSLEY' that was spelled out with slight irritation. "It's on the tip of my tongue. I should know that name, but from where?" A thought suddenly struck me. "Oh no. It can't possibly be that. Although I doubt that he would lie about his own name." He grinned and told me to make my name now. I did so with a feeling of dread. "If I'm wrong he'll laugh at me, which won't be too bad, but if I'm right…"

I made 'HARRY' with no problems at all since I heard the blonde haired woman and Dudley call me that. However, when it came to my last name I hesitated. I slowly picked up a 'P' and placed it down. Hearing no objections I continued to spell out what I thought it was. When I finished, the damning letters of 'HARRY POTTER' were lying on the ground before me. I released a sigh when I didn't hear any negative comment about it from Dudley. He just sat with a smile on his face and told me that he wanted to spell out the alphabet now.

We played with different toys in the bedroom for a few hours before I became lost in thought. "Ok so I'm Harry Potter. I can use magic then right? Well not now anyways unless it's accidental, or maybe not. Riddle was able to use it with no problems after a lot of practice, and he grew up without a magical guardian just like I am right now. From what I saw in the movies no one was able to tell that he used magic since he wasn't using a wand with the Trace on it. I can try to use that to my advantage if I can stay out of sight from my family when I practice." My thoughts were then geared towards my surprisingly nice family.

"Weirdly enough my home life is a lot different than I expected. There's the fact that Dudley apparently has no issues with me and the woman who was most likely Petunia wasn't angry towards me either. I haven't seen Vernon or his sister Marge yet, and I don't know how they'll act around me. Things are already different than what I would have expected growing up as the boy-who-lived." Many thoughts were swirling around my head for a while until Dudley broke me out of it.

I was suddenly aware of a hand that was waving madly in front of my face. "Haaarrryyy? Hey do you want to ask mum with me if we can go to the park?" I nodded absently before I stood up to follow him out. He let out a whoop of joy before speeding down the stairs to go ask Petunia. I walked down the steps at a more sedated pace to find Dudley jumping up and down in his excitement. He seemed to gain even more energy as he noticed me walking towards them.

"Hey mum! Me and Harry want to go to the park today. Can you take us there please?" Petunia smiled at us before agreeing shortly after. We all went to grab our shoes and headed out the front door. As we walked there I began to slowly accept this as my new life. "Maybe it won't be so bad living as Harry this time around. I think I'll be alright if I continue to have a more accepting family than in the original story." A smile slowly grew on my face from the optimistic thoughts. In no time we found ourselves across the street from the park.