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It came soaring through the air and had Courfeyac not ducked, the floral case of Jehan's iPhone would've connected with his head.

Looking wildly from the now shattered phone back to his fuming boyfriend, Courfeyac threw his hands up in frustration.

"What the hell Prouvaire? I don't see how anything I've said justified concussion!"

"Everything you've said it justified it Francois!" Jehan shrieked, angry tears pouring from his bloodshot eyes. "You've never considered my sister anything and now you won't even consider going Charlie's first birthday?"

Courfeyac groaned. "I never said I didn't like your sister, I just don't think her husband is good news, I'd prefer to keep my time near him limited."

"So you want to keep me from my family?" Jehan shouted, gripping the next available object near him (a potted plant.) and taking aim.

"That's not what I mean and you know it!"

"Than what do you mean?"

Courfeyac shouted out of fear as the second projectile soared through the air and met the same fate as phone.

"For God's Sake if you want to go to your nephew's birthday so damn badly than go! I'm not stopping you!" Courfeyac cried angrily, not understanding the full weight of his words.

Jehan let the third object (Courfeyac's phone.) slip from his fingers and hit the counter with a dull thud.

"My nephew." He whispered, tears now thickly streaming. He saw Courfeyac's eyes widen as he too realized what those words meant.

For at least a year now they'd begun to refer to everything as 'ours' never one's individually. They hadn't made the material commitment Grantaire and Enjolras had made with a ring, but to anyone who knew them they were already as good as married.

But now Courfeyac referred to their nephew as his alone. He understood Courfeyac's unease when it came to his sister's spouse, Jehan disliked his brother-in-law on mild days, but he didn't think it would cause the end of his relationship.

Courfeyac couldn't form words as he watched his little poet simple crumple under the weight of his mistake.

They held eye contact for what felt like centuries. Jehan expecting Courfeyac to storm out, but he simply stood there.

Finally, fed up with the contact, Jehan shook his head and ran for the bedroom. Locking the door, he collapsed on the bed and cried himself to sleep.

Cracking the sandy enclosure that sealed his eyelids, Jehan groggily reached out for the warm mass that was his lover. He grunted in displeasure when his hand came to find nothing, but then whimpered when he remembered why.

Jehan shuddered; he knew he would pad into the kitchen to find it abandoned, Courf's keys gone and his ratty Chuck Taylors absent from the door.

You could imagine his surprise when not only did Jehan trip over a pile of pillows and blankets by the door, but when he ambled into the kitchen still fully wrapped in their duvet he found Courfeyac whistling happily preparing breakfast.

Courfeyac was flipping pancakes when he noticed the little poet.

A small, hesitant smile graced his chapped lips as he gestured to the already made plate of pancakes.


"Can we talk about it?"

They said it simultaneously, prompting a blush to color Jehan's freckles.

Silence followed before Jehan mumbled quietly, "I just heard it's better not to leave a fight unresolved."

Courfeyac nodded slowly. He then turned off the stovetop and exited the kitchen bringing Jehan's shoulders to a defeated slump.

However when he returned moments later wearing some bizarre American football helmet Jehan couldn't hold back the giggle that exploded from his miserable façade.

"Ok, let's talk." Courf spoke, his voice slightly muffled by the mouth guard in the odd piece of head where that Bahorel had no doubt left at their apartment after another failed sports attempt.

"What's with the helmet?" Jehan stifled through his giggles.

"Well, after the phone and plant that I, deservingly, got thrown at my head, I figured I should be prepared for anything that comes this morning."

Jehan shook his head through his laughter. Moving forward he took hold of the front of the mask and brought the plastic forehead to his own.

"I love you very much Francois de Courfeyac."

With this new angle he could see his lover's face perfectly as it lit with contentment at those words.

"I love you too mon petit poet. And you're right, we shouldn't punish our nephew because his father's a bastard."

Jehan hummed in agreeance. "I'm sorry that I threw my phone and a potted plant at you."

Courfeyac snorted. "Well, I probably deserved at least the potted plant and as to the phone, I've been telling you for months now that you needed an update."

Jehan snickered as he slowly lifted the helmet from his boyfriend's head.

"So that means you'll come to Charlie's birthday?"

Courfeyac leaned in to gently grace his poet's lips with his own.

"Of course."

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