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No one could remember when the tradition started. Combeferre would insist it came from the need to give the Thénardier siblings proper Christmas celebrations. Enjolras would insist they held a meeting too late one Christmas Eve and simply decided to spend the night at the closet flat. Éponine swore it came from the overlap of exams during their uni days, everyone too lazy to move their crap from the designated apartment until their brains fully recovered from the onslaught that was finals. Joly thinks it was because of the infamous flu that Bousset brought to the café one year that conquered all of their immune systems and left them as useless lumps around one communal television set watching classic and corny Christmas movies.

Each Amis had their own version to how their Christmas tradition came about, but Grantaire was convinced he knew why.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through his and Enjolras' house miraculously none of the creatures were stirring.

It was quite a sight to behold in the Enjoltaire (Courfeyac's name to the house (and ship.).) living room. Piles of blankets and pillows were strewn about every which way and curled on top and underneath were growing Enfants d'Abassie. Gavroche, being the eldest, received the coveted lounge chair. He was wrapped tightly in his patria sheets that Enjolras dutifully kept in the closet for whenever the original enfant d'Abassie decided to spend the night. Curled together in the giant bean bag chair Bahorel generously donated for the evening's festivities were Sarah and Ben, both clad in elf and reindeer pajamas and each clutching the warring plush toys that came from the hospital gift store just three years ago now. Ben had a small brown bear when Sarah had a petite orange kitten affectionately named Kitty. Adjacent to them in her own nest of blankets and pillows, carefully arranged by her fathers, snored Jessie, her elephant clutched tightly to her chest and her thumb (despite Joly's fretting.) dangling from her slightly parted lips. Just above her on the couch with his backside in the air and one hand dangling was Alex snoring louder than all of the children combined.

And lastly, still in a bassinet that was still rocking slightly from the last push Grantaire gave it was the youngest member of their family, Francesca or Franny as they'd taken to calling her. She too had her thumb in her mouth as she slept peacefully.

In the corner of the room glowing softly in the darkened living room was a magnificent little tree. Among the fairy lights were ornaments the group had collected over the years ranging from the tacky ones that were all personalized with names and dates and the homemade crafts (ranging from Feuilly and Grantaire's masterpieces to Éponine and Musichetta popsicle stick angels.) to old family heirlooms they'd compiled to give the tree the extra family spirit. On the top stood an angel that Grantaire had painted the Christmas after the barricades. She had golden hair and blue eyes and most of the Amis (Courfeyac) swore it was actually Enjolras, but Grantaire insisted it came from one of Jehan's poems. She had beautiful fairy wings that had been intricately painted in the style of stained glass by Feuilly and her dress of royal blue and silver appeared to be flowing in a heavenly air.

Beneath the tree were presents and parcels of all shapes and sizes each wrapped in the most colorful paper they had managed to find. The children would be amazed to see that Père Noel had magically brought all of the wondrous gifts the next morning, seeing as the base of the tree was kept bare all through their Christmas Eve celebrations.

And whilst the children sleep all nestled in their beds with visions of sugarplums dance in their heads where are the amis you ask? Well, conveniently in the Enjoltaire abode, there's a second smaller living room just adjacent to the large living room where the children slept that in turn supported its own nests.

Nestled all together, if that were possible, was the makeshift family that was Les Amis D'Abassie.

Now we see them far past the Christmas Eve festivities and far past the delicate reindeer hoofs and jolly St. Nick's visit as he tiptoed around the children and filled the tree with delights. Now, with visions of their own bliss dancing around their heads they curled into one another; husband into wife,lover into lover, sister into sister, and brother into brother.

Bahorel was at one end, installing himself as a pillow for Azelma and Feuilly who had managed to pretzel themselves together while Azelma's legs had craftily braided themselves with Éponine's. Éponine in turn was curled into Combeferre's chest as the guide had one arm supporting Courfeyac's head. Courfeyac belly (which after the feast provided by Musichetta, Cosette and M. Valjean's famous gingerbread mansion (literally this house could be considered Versailles.) was resembling a bowl full of Jelly.) kept up Jehan's feet. The little poet's body lay like a log among the sprawling arms of Musichetta, Bousset and Joly, the final who had flung his own legs onto Enjolras' middle. The only one absent was the form that was usually trained to Enjolras' side, with his arm tucked tightly into whatever space Joly would allow from where his legs rested.

This figure moved around the house with all the grace as the down of a thistle. He checked on his daughter and all of his nieces and nephews. He placed the last of the goodies in each of the stockings that were hung by the chimney with care and the bon bons in the little shoes that were lined long the door. He slid the last of the boxes under the glowing tree and tucked the last escaped limbs back into their blankets.

He snapped a few pictures, bestowed a few kisses and then found his way back to his spot amongst his family in the nest.

So as he found slumber on this Christmas Eve night, Grantaire smiled, thinking of all the ridiculous stories on how their Christmas traiditions came about. But he knows deep down it all came down to their love for each other and the need to be around each other when family bond and love is strongest.

With the star shining overhead to celebrate the birth and its glowing embers igniting love around the earth, Grantaire found peacefully sleep with his family all around, knowing full well what joy the morning would bring.

Smiling he thought to himself what St Nicholas was proclaiming across the land,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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