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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Shrieking, squealing, damaged eardrums and laughing, that is what Christmas day consisted of.

However, much to the relief of most of the Amis, this happened to be the first year that a child was the first to sound the morning call. Most years it fell to the most childlike, which was either Courfeyac, Bahorel, or Grantaire. And why not Gavroche you ask? Well, he spent so much of the night attempting to catch Père Noel in his tracks that waking up on Christmas morning (especially at the ungodly hour Courfeyac rose) was never quite Gav's forte.

So when the living room clock struck just half past five, tradition shifted with the soft gasp of Sarah Combeferre.

The little girl sat up like a shot, her chestnut curls flying in every which direction as she whipped her head back and forth to ogle at all the brightly wrapped boxes under the tree.

With an excited squeak, she quickly took to rousing her brother to alert him of the miracle that was Santa Claus.

Ben, like his father, was not one to give up on sleep so easily. Refusing to open his eyes and give over to the day, he swatted at his sister sleepily and simply rolled over to the far side of the beanbag.

Humphing in defeat, she debated waking Gavroche, but figured against it, knowing he was just as stubborn as her Mama when it came to really anything.

The three year-old crossed her arms in thought, wondering which of her 'cousins' she'd awake to share her news with, but she knew that all of them (which the exception of Alex) were far too little to run about and enjoy the magic of Christmas morning. And forget about Alex, if she attempted to wake him from the precarious position he'd fallen asleep in, he'd be startled off the couch and onto the floor in a heap, and no one needed an injured Pontmercy on Christmas morning.

So, Sarah went to the next best step. Finding her way off of the bean bag chair, she took to her stubby legs and ran down to the hall to the living room where her parents had fallen asleep along with the rest of her family.

Not minding where she walked, she managed to step on several faces and limbs as she found her way to her parents who (much to the misfortune of the Amis on the outside.) were nestled quite in the middle.

The groans of pain weren't enough to warn Combeferre of the solid weight the landed itself squarely on his chest.

"Papa! Papa! Papa! Up! Up! Up!" Sarah chanted, bouncing up and down on her father's chest.

"Ugh, good morning petite." Combeferre grunted, catching his breath every moment or so with yet another bounce.

"Combeferre, I think she broke my face." Courfeyac moaned, rolling over to where Jehan was clutching his arm and Bahorel was writhing slightly in pain from a misplaced foot.

Éponine simply laughed, untangling herself from the array of limbs and lifting her daughter from her husband's chest.

"Good morning mon amour, what brings you in here so early?"

"Père Noel Mama! Père Noel!" She squealed, clapping her hands and fidgeting excitedly in her mother's arms.

Enjolras groaned as he checked his watch. "5:45, Christmas morning."

"I don't know which is more entertaining," Grantaire mused, propping himself on his elbows. "Courfeyac's shrieking or Sarah climbing over everyone only to jump on Combeferre."

Sarah laughed loudly along with the adults as she wormed her way out of Éponine's arms and climbing over more bodies (Including poor Marius' middle, which after a full feast the night before was not a pleasant thing.) she found her way back to the hallway.

"Presents! Père Noel left Presents! Come, come, come!" Jumping up and down she tore back down the hallway and shouted the same thing to the sleepers by the tree.

"Oh Lord," Cossette sighed. "Here it comes"

From the living room came the symphony of laughter, whoops of delight, and sobs of woken infants (and a child Pontmercy who had indeed managed to scare himself off the couch.).

It was a spectacle of flying paper, over joyous faces, and camera flashes. There was a bet taken the night before as to who would be the loudest whilst opening presents and though Sarah was the first to arise, Courfeyac and Bahorel still held the title for loudest present openers.

In a sea of torn paper and destroyed boxes, Gavroche was assembling his and Ben's new robots and gadgets as Ben clapped from his perch on Feuilly's lap, happily sporting a rebel pilot's helmet. Sarah was assembling all of her subjects in the castle that Grantaire had built for her. Balancing a crown and a tricolor cape she began to run her kingdom as Jessie clapped along, sucking on the hand of her new baby doll. Alex ran around the adults with his plane figurines as Franny giggled uncontrollably at the silly things Jehan and Azelma were doing with the finger puppets she'd received.

They were in their pajamas for hours, eating a breakfast feast of pancakes and pastries, coating the kitchen in a snow of powdered sugar. It only seemed like moments before every child, Gavroche included, seemed to simply collapse from exhaustion amongst the wreckage that was Christmas morning.

In the sudden quite, the Amis took to cleaning and preparing yet another feast for when the youngsters would awake. As well as exchanging their own gifts with each other.

Éponine however, pulled Combeferre to the small alcove just off of the kitchen.

Combeferre looked up to see the small sprig of mistletoe delicately hanging from a rainbow ribbon.

"Lure me here for any particular reason love?" He mused, placing his lips on hers, gaining a Christmas kiss.

She hummed contently before pulling away slightly, pressing a crinkly package into his chest.

"Oomph, you might want to be careful, Sarah left quite an impression this morning, he joked, rubbing his belly pitifully."

"Well, you may have to get used that Henri, with a little extra help."

Combeferre quirked a brow, taking the parcel from his wife's hands.

"Ben? He'll never wake up with Sarah's grace."

Éponine simply laughed and urged him to unwrap the gift in his hand. Taking off the paper, he found himself holding a tiny plush snowy owl.

Even more confused than before, he found a small tag tied around its talon, reading 'Coming September 1st'.

He looked back and forth between the owl and his wife before connecting the dots.

"Really?" He breathed, placing a shaking hand on her still flat middle.

"Well, September 1st may be a guess, but I figured since you love Harry Pomhp" Combeferre had firmly planted his lips on his wife's and lifted her from the ground.

Laughing when he finally put her down, she put her hands on his face and brought their foreheads together.

"Merry Christmas soon to be Daddy again."

Bruised gut and all, with his children (both present and to be), wife, and family surrounding him, this was one of his favorite Christmases yet.

God bless them, everyone.

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!