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I sneezed, and shivered again.

I sighed; once again, Edward has failed to pick me up on time, even after constant reminders. I knew I should have just taken my truck, but he insisted that he had to go out anyway, so he'd do it.

I squinted through the rain looking at my watch. Three hours. Three hours, since he was meant to pick me up. Three hours, since he sent me a message telling me he was on his way. Three entirely long hours, since the library has locked up and three hours, that I've spent standing in the rain waiting for his ass to show up and take me home.

Not a patch on me was dry, and I was shivering, which was a given when it's cold, wet and raining. I secured my jacket around my chest, trying to find some source of warmth. But it doesn't work. I'm soaked from head to foot and I can feel my nose getting stuffier and stuffier the more time I'm out here.

Giving up, I pull out my crappy mobile phone and scroll through my contacts, the raindrops splatter on the screen and I have to keep wiping them away, annoyed. I stop at Edward's name, considering calling him, I laughed at the thought. I continued scrolling through my contacts trying to find someone that I could call when I came across one name.


My thumb hovered over the 'call' button on my mobile. A million thoughts were racing through my mind. Should I call him? What if he doesn't answer? What if he doesn't want to talk to me?
Jasper is my best friend in the entire world, but we haven't really spoken since our fight.


Jasper and I were hanging out at my house, watching movies. I wasn't in a very good mood because Edward dropped in out of the blue while I was trying to study and demanded that I make him some dinner. I told him no at first, that I had to study, but he didn't really like that answer. Edward has a problem with being told no. Because of that, I was shitty because I missed out some study time and wasn't interested in the movie.

Jasper, being Jasper, 5 minutes into the movie sensed something was off with me.

Pausing the movie, Jasper turned to me, his face questioning. "Seriously Bells, what's up with you? You've been in a bad mood since I've come over, I hear you huff and sigh every few minutes. Care to share what's on your mind?" His eyes caring. I looked at him, his unusual shade of blue eyes looking into my chocolate brown ones.

After not even a minute of looking into my eyes, realisation clouded his features and his eyes hardened. "Is it something Edward has done?" I looked away, not replying.

Jasper abruptly stood up and started pacing my small living room, hands in his hair. "I knew it! Bella, when are you going to realise that he's not a nice person? He's so self-centered and never puts you before himself! He's always upsetting you, changing plans, cancelling, hell, he even ignores you in front of his friends and you don't do anything about it Bells!"

I sighed, trying to defend myself. "I don't do anything about it Jasper, because I don't want to cause unnecessary arguments, he'll just get annoyed at me and have a whinge about it. It's better off leaving it–"he cut me off.

"No Bella, It's not better off leaving it, there's no excuse. It just shouldn't even be happening in the first place. He shouldn't be taking you for granted the way that he is, he shouldn't ignore you in front of his friends; he should be freaking worshipping the ground that you walk on, and showing the whole world that you're his. He shouldn't be cancelling plans; but should be making more and more so he can spend every minute of the day with you, he shouldn't make you upset, he should be making you happy and thriving off of your happiness." Jasper ranted

I stood up, offended that he has such a harsh opinion. "Why do you even care?" I shouted at him. My 5"2 had nothing on his 6"4, but I wasn't going to just sit there while arguing. I crossed my arms over each other and glared at him. "It's my relationship!" I finished.

Jasper looked at me. Disbelieved. "Are you being serious? Why do I care? Bella, we have been best friends for over 12 years. If that say anything then I don't know what the hell will!"

I didn't take that as a good enough answer. "Are YOU being serious?!" I cried. "Yes, Jasper, we have been friends for twelve years, but I don't understand why you care so much about this relationship!" I yelled.

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FUCKING RELATIONSHIP BELLA, I CARE ABOUT YOU." He screamed at me. I flinched, taken aback. Jasper never screamed at me, and he definitely never swore.

I took in his appearance. His blonde hair was in its usual disarray, much like Edward's hair but it actually suited Jasper. His icy blue depths were guarded, and I could tell that meant my best friend of 12 years wasn't telling me something.

Jasper glared at me. "Bella, he is hurting my best friend and he doesn't even care! You've had so many opportunities to end it with him but you don't, and not even one hour later, he's upset you again! I don't like to see you hurt." I avoided his stare, my eyes tearing up.

"Boo hoo he's forgotten a few things and said a few things here and there that can hardly be considered hurting" I snapped, looking at his face.

I knew what I said wasn't true, I was kidding myself. Jasper could tell. He would always be there when I was upset after a run in with Edward. It happens more often than I would like. Edward and I would fight, and I would go to Jasper every time.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you and I both know that's not true. I can tell by your eyes. You're hurting Bells, and I'm sick and tired of trying to hang out with you and have FUN, when you're upset every single time. I'm not going to stick around for it anymore." He turned for the door.

I ran up to him and pulled his arm back. "What," I started, "That's it, and you're throwing away our friendship just like that? Over MY relationship?" I cried, hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

Jasper looked down at me, his eyes softening. "No, Bella. I'm not throwing it away, you are." He opened the door. He turned to me again, standing in the doorway. "As for your 'relationship'," he scoffed, using quotations with his fingers. "I would hardly call it that if all you do is fight and hate each other's company." And with that, he left. I heard the front door close and I crumpled to the floor, crying.

*Flashback ended*

I scoffed to myself. Although Jasper and I were fighting, he wouldn't just leave me or anyone else out in this weather to get sick, even if it was the person he despised the most. I shook my head and pressed 'call', waiting for it to start ringing. I was secretly hoping he wouldn't answer his phone, so I didn't have to face him, because of something Edward caused. I could just imagine the "I told you so" look he would have on his face. Just as I was about to back out and end the call, he answered.

"Hello?" His smooth voice sounded uneasy.

"Hey Jasper, it's m –" I got cut off.

"What did he do now?" He sighed into the phone.

"How did you know?" I questioned, sighing in defeat.

Jasper chuckled. "Bells, it's me, I know you better than anyone, and just by your voice, I can tell that something is up, where are you? What's that noise?" He questioned. Referring to the sound of the pelting rain.

I hesitated before telling him. "Well um, it's raining?" I said, or more like asked. It came out like a question, great, Bella, nice going. Way to state the damn obvious. My conscience told me.

Jasper laughed sardonically. "Really? I didn't realise, Bella. What has Edward done?"

I sighed. "I know, Jasper. Look, I'm sorry to call you, but I'm standing out the front of the Library and I need a ride."

"You're at the library? Bella, everything downtown has been closed up for hours! Plus it's pouring down with rain! Why didn't you call me sooner? You know what, don't answer that question. I'll be there in ten." He groaned and hung up.

I sighed and shut my phone off, shoving it back in my pocket.

And so the waiting began.


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