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Summary: One-Shot about a prank gone wrong, might develop into a story. it more like a summary now. Non Hero AU

The silence was suffocating.

Jason shifted uncomfortable in his seat on the generously set table. The butler had stopped any attempt to start or hold a conversation weeks ago and ate in silence. Tim, his younger adoptive brother was stiff on his chair obviously as uncomfortable as him. Damien, the youngest and only biological child of their adoptive father Bruce Wayne, radiated smugness while sitting next to the oldest, Dick Grayson.

A few weeks ago the oldest would have carried a conversation with the butler and ask seemingly honestly interested questions.
The people whispered what a great older brother he was with grades, interest in sports and a flawless reputation.
A real golden boy and he, Jason, had been sick of it.
It was as if he lived constantly in his shadow and he had been sick of it, so he had found a solution, just a little vice to shove the perfect child of his pedestal.
Dick had been a good friend of the drug addict Roy Harper, so who wouldn't believe it if they found marijuana in his backpack.

The plan had worked.
Neither Bruce, nor Alfred or Tim had believed Dick. Instead there had been different amounts of understanding and disappointment. Dick had been under a lot of stress it had been natural for to seek a relief, yet it should have been something else. Damien had believed in his innocence, claiming that Dick wouldn't to something like this or that he at least wasn't t be dumb enough to hide his drugs in such an obvious place.
Dick's reaction was the part he hadn't thought of.
Suddenly his oldest brother spoke about trust and the lack of it.
No great denial or attempt to explain himself after his first oath of innocence, to his family it was as if the boy admitted his own guilt and tried to appeal to their emotions.
No one likes to be manipulated like this, so the understanding left their voices.

Something he had never thought possible happened, his brother grew as cold as ice.
Dick stopped asking how they were, neither visited with Alfred their competitions nor offered his help.
He treated his family as if they had wronged him, which they had, only Damien was showered in positive attention.
The youngest revealed in it, even dismissing his father to spent time with Grayson to the shock of everybody.
'Why bother with a man who will throw you away for one possible mistake', had the child explained to the butler.
Alfred had been hurt, but claimed that they hadn't thrown Dick away, but he needed to admit his mistake.
A disrespectful scoff had been the only answer and he trailed after the oldest like a viscous puppy keeping others from touching his human.

Tim probably suffered the most, he had followed the obvious conclusion and didn't quiet grasp the situation. His oldest brother suddenly hated him even though he had done nothing wrong.
Their father had become even more distant, just as confused as Tim by the situation.

Two weeks ago Jason wanted to admit his prank, it would have been better if Dick only hated him, yet there was problem, Damien.
The little rat had approached him as he grew uncomfortable, told him that nobody would believe him anyways.
His prank hadn't been as discreet as he thought, his youngest brother knew all along, but wanted to keep things as they were.

And yet it still got worse, Dick took his acrobatic group very seriously, there were even talks about entering competitions.
The former circus performer always disagreed, but still valued the option that he could.
Rumors about drug abuse could kill a career before it started so he had taken drug tests under the government official that visited their school in search for new recruits, Slade Wilson.
In return Dick took the man courses, excluding how to use a gun.
Something about the man was creepy, his one eye seemed to linger on Dick and his oldest brother made no attempt to create a distance between them. Seemingly comfortable as the man stood in his personal space or how his voice changed from a stoic tone into a purr.
However he didn't tell the others about his, obviously, clean tests. Jason wouldn't even know if it wasn't for the whispers which followed Dick and Slade in the school.

He wanted to confess, make everything as it was before again, yet what if Damien was right? Or worse, they believed him but it was too late to fix the relationship with Dick?