So due the surprisingly positive Feedback here is the story. The first chapter was pretty much the prologue which summarises the whole plot. I will try to keep it to five more chapters, think of the dramatic structure with five parts you probably have/had to learn in school. My other works will be continued later on, because this is pretty much an exercise in structural writing for me. Constructive criticise is welcome, praise naturally, too. ^^

Just to make sure you actually want to read the story:
-this is a non hero AU
-there will neither be romance nor sex
I will exercise my visual writing with a few One-Shots based on pictures or short scenes, I know I'm lacking there here :)

Warm laughter carried from the dining-room into the hallway.
Jason yawned tiredly, the sixteen year old wasn't a morning person and just wanted to drink his cup of coffee in peace, for once he mused, it would be nice to come to a quit breakfast.
Mondays seemed always like the worst days to get up.

Entering the extravagant room he saw his three brothers already seated.
Dick, the oldest sat between Tim and Damien, while he talked cheerfully with their butler Alfred.
He grunted a greeting as he sat down and the was food was finally served, in order to create a familiar atmosphere their adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, insisted that the boys didn't start to eat unless everyone was seated.
Damien shoot him an annoyed glare and he smirked back.
Yes it was somewhat petty, but the stuck up seven year old could be a real brat at times.
Making him wait until he could eat was always a good way to raise his mood in the morning.
Sitting opposite to him Tim put the chemistry book on his plate away, once again reading far ahead of his curriculum.
As expensive as the Gotham's academy for higher learning was, they didn't actually learn more in there.
Instead the children of the rich and a few lucky scholarship cases got an extensive program of after school activities and had regular events which introduced them to all the right people to make a great carrier.
The additional top notch security made it for the perfect place preschoolers visited until they were ready for college.

A soft caress over the youngest one hair by the oldest interrupted the little staring contest they had been holding.
Despite grumbling slightly the small boy leaned into the twenty years old touch and Jason rolled his eyes.
A grateful smile directed at Dick by their butler and unofficial grandfather made his mood completely droop.
Another terrible crises prevented by the golden boy lets all rejoice, he thought snidely as he sipped on his decaf coffee.
He would have to wait for a real cup of coffee until he got to school, their father was very strict about those things, apparently sixteen was too young to handle such an addictive substance like coffin.

At least the taste was pleasant, so he drank slowly without focusing on the conversations around him.
It wasn't like it was anything important. just the usual rather one-sided chatter enforced by Dick about the some trivial stuff, seriously who gave a damn about Damien's pottery class teacher inviting everyone to visit or Tim's part of a photography presentation of their school?
As if it wasn't just another excuse for the adults to mingle and make discrete business deals.
Not that Bruce would be there, he would be far to busy with a meeting or a Date.
Instead Grayson would appear and act as if this stuff was actually important.

'What a sweet older brother he was' would the people fawn while talking to their father.
Always a great topic to suck up to the billionaire, praise the perfect boy, honestly who wouldn't agree that Grayson was fan-fucking-tastic.
Not that he wanted such stupid remarks about himself, Jason thought bitterly as he took a bite of his pancake, but the people could talk about something or rather someone else for once.

After breakfast they were driven to school by Alfred and he finally got his coffee.

Should he attend or not, mused Dick as he noticed bulletin for yet another open discussion in the auditorium with a few representatives of different parts of the government, including the police.
He wanted to make an actual difference in the world and help others, working as a cop would be the ideal solution.
Their school even offered a training program which was great until the new instructor, a former soldier who due an injury got either promoted or demoted, to publicity work, took over their class.

Lost in thought he walked slowly towards the auditorium.
General Wilson had insisted that they needed to make their gun licenses, which was a understandable request.
Police Officers used guns in their work, he would need to get one sooner or later.
However his adoptive father's parents had been killed in a armed robbery, therefore guns were a forbidden topic in their home.
He hadn't dared to talk about his dream to become a cop, it appeared to be just another voluntary course for his family.
If he talked about his courses it would always be about his acrobatic one.
His parents had been proud of their skills and his, so he continued the exercises to honour their memory.
It was something sacred to the young man and it shouldn't be tarnished by someone telling him what he could have done better, so he refused to enter any competitions.
Though if he were to win one, maybe someday...

'Boring', the single word echoed through Jason's mind as he sat through yet another health class.
There were some gruesome pictures about horrible aged people in their twenties on the different posters.
Drugs are evil, we got it, he continued annoyed in his own mind, how often did they have to sit through such lectures.
A police officer even had a small back of marijuana with him to show them the devils plant.
Sure for the cop it was perfectly fine to carry the stuff, but if he were to get caught Bruce would act as if the world was ending.
Already addicted to coffee it was only a matter of time he would claim, such a thing could never happen with the golden, still hot cacao drinking, boy.
The image made him smirk, as if Grayson would ever do such a thing after the drama with Harper and his heroin addiction .
Still even with just such rumours the people would have another topic for once.
On a whim he snatched the small bag of the drug as the police officer left the classroom with the other students.

He neither noticed the small seven year old who left his pottery class across their classroom at the same time nor his wide eyes who saw the thievery.

"Cadet", the voice sliced through Dicks musings as he turned around to meet the eye of his former instructor.

"Mr. Wilson", he replied politely in a cold voice. Just the man he had wanted to avoid.

"It is Sir to you cadet and the training will be at 4pm this Wednesday", the General responded relaxed as he stepped closer.

"I remember quitting your course, Mr. Wilson", Dick's tone hadn't changed and he also stepped a little closer.
He refused to be intimidated by the older male and didn't back down as Wilson leaned into his personal space.

"I am well aware of your father's childish believe that guns are evil and kill people purely on their own.
However you are aware that guns are used in the police force and still took the course. I won't let my best student quit because he is afraid that he might upset his Daddy", purred the General darkly, their lips nearly touching as he spoke.

The small flicker of pride he felt was directly suppressed. Dick hadn't known that he had been the best student, yet the critic on him and his father ringed louder in his ears.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Mr. Wilson", he spatted out and left for the library.