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"What the hell did you say dope?" Asked Sasuke confused, thinking over what he just heard.

"That was the prophecy ability that some Uzumaki's had long ago BUT the number was VERY low though it was powerful the more time in between the more power. It has been about 2,000 - 4,000 years since the last one was around so my ability will be EXTREMELY powerful this was the first of many UNFORTUNATELY they were never and never will be wrong so what was predicted WILL happen EXACTLY as spoke no other way. I do know what it means but don't think about it OR if you figure it out DON'T try to change it at all." replied Naruto as he got up and walked out.

"Why does he get to know but not me, an Uchiha elite?" questioned Sasuke thinking that he deserved everything he wanted because of his name.

"Sasuke he needs to know to understand what was said so drop it and let's figure this out one? Now the aged monkey is the third, the white snake is Orochimaru, the great slug is lady Tsunade, the red-eyed raven is either you or Itachi, that leaves the silver snake, death at own hand, and that mark left to be figured out." said Kakashi with an eye-smile.

"But what do we do with the info?" asked sakura

"We tell no one and do nothing. I remember Kushina told me once that someone tried to change something about a prophecy and IT still happened BUT the one who tried to play god well let's just say that they got what was coming to them and leave it at that," answered Kakashi

" I am an Uchiha. I do not need to feel threatened by some possibilities, the others were just weak compared to me. Nothing can kill an Uchiha except another Uchiha" said Sasuke with an arrogant sounding tone as he got up and walked away. "He just doesn't get it, no one can stop this. Uzumaki's future sight is NEVER WRONG!" thought Kakashi as he shuddered remembering what he heard of what happened to the last person to try to change something foretold by an Uzumaki.




"Let's see I need to practice with gender-swapping so let's start now if memory serves i just think about changing but the first time is hard to do." said Naruto as he planned out what to do.(AN: yea he planned what to do) after hours of thought and trying he finally did it in place of Naruto was a woman 5'6" that had: beautiful long blood-red hair that flowed down her back to her waist, Lovely alluring and beautiful purple eyes, with a dancer's build, an aura of regality, lovely pair of full D-cup breasts, irresistible for sweet kissable lips, big round adorable eyes, and the sweetest heart-shaped face that you have ever seen, overall just a sweet little angel and that she spoke to Grace our mortal ears with her angelic voice you could've sworn you died and went to heaven hearing such sweet tone's.

"Yes I finally did it and Ow did that hurt must have to keep practicing with it you can come out now Hope-koi and you to miss frezedon."

"Only one person says my name like that Naruto is that you! What happened to you! Wait, did you figure out gender-swapping. So what do we call you when you're like this?" asked Hope, astonished at the feet that had been made, having heard and knowing that gender swapping was one of the hardest things for a fox demon to get used to and master.

"Yes Hope-koi it's me and though I haven't mastered it yet I can do it. Was painful as hell but it's doable and in this form call me Narita." replied the angel named Narita

"Ok why do I feel different by the way my name is Haku and before you ask what I mean is last we met your yōki felt different, less complete but now you feel complete and many more times more powerful than the demoness next to you," questioned Haku

"That my dear sweet Haku is not any of your concern now you go back to helping Zabuza feel better and leave us alone." said Narita who then asked, " Hope-koi you up for a spar?" After getting a nod in response they went at one another, almost trying to kill each other.




We find team 7, Naruto with Rose, and Tazuna on their way to the bridge to find the workers dead and the bridge surrounded by a heavy mist when they hear Rose say " there are two more chakra signatures still on the bridge, and don't feel human."

"Who's smart mouth Brat and how can she tell one of us isn't human?" questioned Zabuza then the entire bridge filed a heavy almost suffocating pressure on them the only one not affected was Rose they then heard a demonic voice say. "So my little princess is a smart mouth brat, huh zabu-baka well you know what they say about a mother bear and her cubs, well a mama fox is much worse and I will prove that to you now by killing you nice and slow with as much pain as possible." said a furious Narita as she charged at the fool who insulted her baby girl.




"Why do I feel like killing someone without eyebrows in a VERY PAINFUL manner?" thought Hinata as she was training with her team but then said oh well in a mouse-like voice




"Scatter Senbonzakura," said Narita as she pulled her sword which split into thousands of pink petals that she directed at the target of her anger "don't get in my way any of you," said Narita

"What the hell is going on here?" asked Zabuza as he tried to get away from the petals coming after him without much luck. This went on for a while. "This is the power of Senbonzakura in this form. There are over a thousand petal-like blades but this is the slowest they can go and the fewest that exist for now let me show you something new but first…" all the petals gathered and reformed the sword. Which was then sheathed and was then replaced by a new one after drawing it Narita says "Dance Sode no Shirayuki" transforming the blade into a beautiful pure white as snow blade

( AN: for those who don't know what the blade looks like watch bleach) after the transformation, Narita says " Tsugi no mai, Hakuren (Next dance, White ripple)" (AN: same as with the blade) thanks to his instincts from years of experience he was barely able to dodge the oncoming attack but then he heard the sound of screams coming from behind them.

"I will kill you later for now I have some new prey so stay outta my way." Said Narita to Zabuza as she went charging at the army of thugs and Gato drawing a new sword and said" Feast on their blood Ripper" (AN: think Kenpachi Zaraki's sword except red) in a matter of minutes the thugs and Gato were dead.

"Uhg I'm going to go take a bath now and all of you are going to finish the bridge. Oh and browless I decided not to kill you by" Narita told them as she left

"Kakashi reminds me to NEVER MAKE HER MAD AT ME AGAIN." Said Zabuza after seeing the slaughter that just happened and that she wasn't even winded at all Kakashi said he would if he did the same to which he nodded




"Do you have to go big brother Naruto?" asked Inari

"Yes I do Inari there are things I need to take care of, one of which is standing next to me. My little Rose needs her mother and father but I will come and visit now. You help take care of your family and this great bridge of hope." replied Naruto

"I think the Great Fox Bridge sounds better," said Tazuna as team 7 and company left for home.


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