Chapter 1: The Prelude

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His name was Van Fanel. His dark raven hair, his chocolate brown eyes, was it a dream or was a vision? He was in love. He was in love with a woman that he met on a planet named Earth. Hitomi Kanzaki, the Wing Goddess, the Seer from the Mystic Moon, or the Girl who saved Gaea from Zaibach. She was thrown into a battle to save a world that she didn't know but she fell in love with a king. Her life started to change when she first stepped onto Gaea and looked into Van's eyes. Just the thought about him made her tremble in happiness. His smile, his beautiful eyes, his strength, and his protectiveness were all traits that attracted Hitomi to him. At first they hated each other but she fell in love with him and slowly he did the same. At 22 years old she was in college, started a job, and has been known to daydream. Her daydreams were mostly filled with stories about King Van and Gaea.

After she returned she kept a diary as an outlet for her depression. Her mother was concerned but convinced that she had gone mad and put her into counseling. Her therapist told Hitomi that she was dealing with chronic depression and PTSD from a tragic event. The therapist didn't know what Gaea or Van was and treated Hitomi like she was mentally unstable. She was put on anti-depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia medication. She fooled the therapist for about a year but she never got over the heartbreak of separation from the man she loves or gotten over her anxiety of having visions of Dilandau and how he wanted to hurt her and Van. It has been seven long years since she saved Gaea with Van Fanel. Seven years without the love and care from the King of Fanelia and without the love of her people. It filled her up with sadness. Hitomi was supposed to be his wife, she loved him with all of her soul but was unable to stay because her wish was to come back to her family no matter how much it hurt. Even with depression she could see Fanelia's gardens and beautiful buildings in her dreams. The flowers were all in rows with the Gardenia bushes growing tall. The buds were starting to turn white. She took a breath and it was filled with the unforgettable scent of fields and trees. She saw Merle with her pink and orange matted fur and edgy demeanor smiling at her. Merle's tail puffed up in her memory. Hitomi smiled. I miss them a lot. She could not forget Van Fanel's face when she left.

It was devastating for him to let her go but it is fate. Tears came down his face as he saw Hitomi the woman that he loved, go back to the Mystic Moon forever. Tears ran down hers too when she was lifted into the air and sent back home to Earth. I love you Van.

Hitomi's eyes fluttered open with tears and she saw her beautiful white opaque curtains lifting up in the air due to the wind. It was beautiful but her eyes would not stop producing tears. She has been crying so much being separated from Van. Even if the breeze was nice and cool, her heart ached. There were green trees outside her window but they were all uneven due to the mountains. The green hills reminded her of waves rolling in the ocean. The "waves" were all rolling in different swells. Every time she blinked her eyes the hills seemed to move towards her, drowning her at every blink. Her life was filled with depression. She moved herself out to the mountains because it reminded her of Fanelia. She had a garden filled with different types of tulips and carnations. Her building had Gardenia's planted around the building. The beautiful smell of the Gardenia flowers was enough to remind her of Fanelia even if she didn't want to be reminded. Gardenia flowers were all around Van's castle and she knew that Van loved the smell. She tried to make herself smell like a Gardenia so when she sees him again he will love her more than ever. She always had a Gardenia in her hair.

It was summertime in her college town and she never felt so miserable in her life. She missed Van but she knew that it was better if she wasn't there. She caused him so much pain and suffering that she thought about committing suicide but a voice came to her "Hitomi please don't. That would kill me." Van. That was Van. I miss him so much. She tried to do it anyway, ignoring Van's voice. She was going to throw herself off the balcony and never return because a world without Van is a world not worth living in. "VAN! HOW DARE YOU LET ME LEAVE GAEA!" She screamed out the balcony. She heard her voice echo throughout the mountains. Her body sank onto the floor. She thought she saw a white feather appear before her, she reached for it to touch the exquisite feather. It vanished. Hitomi's face moved sideways "Tch." She was disappointed in this outcome. She looked out towards the mountains, the sky was peeking through out of each tree filled hill. The trees were tall but with each hill the trees looked like they were different sizes. There were spaces that she could see the different houses below her. There were different symbols on each of the buildings that she could see throughout the hills. There were orchards, quilt makers, blacksmiths, and doctors all through the spaces in the mountains. The houses were different color reds, greens, and yellows. She could smell the apple pies baking in the ovens and the crisp mountain air around her. She would have sworn that her home moved because she felt the balcony tremble. She looked behind her and she noticed that her wooden floor to her bedroom was shifted upward. Her heart pounded. She felt the balcony move a little more with a soft shake that became more noticeable. Slowly it trembled to a horrible shaking. An Earthquake? Why now? The floor started to shake rougher and she lost her balance. She rolled to the end of the balcony and held on for dear life. I would do anything to see Van again. I would even die to see him again," Hitomi lost grip of the balcony. She started to fall and she knew that he wouldn't come to save her. She closed her eyes and a huge weight landed on top of her. The pain was too much and she whispered "Thank the Goddess that my time has come." Blood spilled all around her and she laid still.

Van walked throughout the garden when he felt this surge of sadness go through him. Hitomi I shouldn't have left you. I love you. I love you with all my heart. Please be okay. He saw Hitomi on the balcony sobbing her eyes out. It has been seven years Hitomi. I asked Dryden to help me bring you here but we can't figure out why you can't be here. Please don't do anything stupid. I know you have been self destructing the day you left Gaea. We lost contact about 6 months after you came back to the Mystic Moon. Oh Hitomi.

His eyes looked towards the Ancient Tree and asked for the Atlantian's guidance to bring his love back to him. As if the tree was responding the ground shook and a horrible feeling came over his body. Hitomi was in trouble and he had to do something. Van's body felt like he was being crushed and couldn't breathe. His beautiful wings came out of his back and he went towards the cloudy sky with the Mystic Moon slowly fading away.

Hitomi's face was covered in blood. She couldn't move and she could taste the blood in her mouth. What happened? She thought. Her body was pinned down by her oven. She tried to move her body but it could not move. She couldn't feel herself breathing. She was hurting badly from the breaks and bruises she received. My dear Van, you didn't save me this time. Are you even real? Where are you? Her building crashed down the mountain because of an Earthquake that hit in the mountains. Tears started to form in her eyes. She knew that she was in trouble. Her eyes glanced around seeing what happened around her. The stability was very weak and it was expected that it would fall down the mountain. Her apartment was strewn everywhere. She saw her clothes from her closet ripped to shreds. The bathtub was on the ground in front of her. Her diary landed near her body. I hope that Van doesn't read my diary. It would kill him if he read how many times I tried to kill myself. I want to go to Gaea. I don't want to live on Earth anymore. Van please save me. I can't feel anything anymore. She screamed in her mind. Her vision changed from normal to tunnel vision. She passed out from the pain and the huge weight that was onto her body. She was losing blood very slowly as if the Gods wanted her to have a very painful death. Hitomi Kanzaki became unconscious and didn't know if she was ever going to wake up.

"Hitomi? HITOMI!" Van yelled when the pillar descended from the heavens. "Where are you?" Picture what you want to find and you will see it in your mind. Hitomi said that to him when they were in Freid. "That's right!" His eyes closed and he remembered what Hitomi looked like six years ago. Her beautiful green eyes, her honey brown hair, her body, and her voice. He could see where she was. His face drained of color and tears started to swell in his eyes. Oh my dear Hitomi are you dead? Please don't die, please don't DIE! Van screamed into his mind. "Van?" Hitomi whispered. It was a miracle that she was still alive from all the blood she lost. Where were the rest of the people that lived in this building? Did they die on impact? Van thought but focused his attention to the woman that he loved. The smell of Hitomi's blood filled the air. Hitomi? Hitomi? Why aren't you moving? Why isn't there anyone here to help you? The King of Fanelia dropped to his knees and saw the woman that he loves crushed by a heavy machine that cooked food inside of it. He couldn't recognize her eyes because there was blood all around them. He started to run towards her and touched her face. It was becoming very cold. He realized that it was a little chilly outside, nothing like Fanelia. "Oh Hitomi. I am here for you my love. I cant believe that I am here seeing you severely hurt like this."

"Van, please help me if that is truly you. I cannot tell if anything is real anymore." Hitomi gasped for air.

He moved the oven off of her distraught body. She could breathe a little better now but it was returned with her coughing up blood. I must get her to Millerna. He looked at her body and saw that many things in her back were broken and her beautiful legs were broken as well. He saw that there were many cuts on her arms and that blood started to completely drench her clothes. She was wearing her usual exercise clothes, her pink shorts and white shirt. The smell started to worsen. The blood was starting to dry up. Carefully he picked her up and gave her a kiss on her lips. He carried her like she was his bride. Her head touched his chin and she gave a whimper. I wish Van was here to save me one more time before I die. He looked at her and she was already unconscious giving in from the pain. Hitomi please don't die. His wings spread apart and a pillar of light carried both of them from the mountains to Fanelia.

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