We start on a black screen. A shape starts to appear with a bright blue light behind it.

We start zooming out in the shape to reveal a silhouette of a mountain. The bright light looks as if it is the sun behind the mountain.

We continue to zoom out as the mountain starts changing colors. The mountain turns blue, darker than the light. As we continue to zoom out, the picture continues to change. The mountain is now encased in a rectangle. All in the rectangle is blue. The outline of the silhouette of the mountain is now white. The background behind the rectangle is white, and fades to a light blue as it reaches the edge of the screen. We are now completely zoomed out, and can see that the mountain has been revealed to be the SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT logo, but the words are all blurred out, making the indistinguishable.

As the logo is revealed, we hear the Opening theme to the movie.

The screen fades back to black quickly. Two red lines come together from opposite sides of the screen. We now the the IMAGI STUDIOS logo appearing on the screen. IMAGI's logo is also blurred, making it impossible to read. The logo then starts slowly getting bigger, as if heading towards the audience, then slowly fades.

A few seconds pass. Then we see the Blue Core, small at first, then steadily getting bigger. AS the Blue Core get bigger, we again see words come across the screen. These words are, again, blurred and indistinguishable. They are, at first, the size of the core, then they get much bigger and disappear.

Finally, after the words disappear, we can clearly read: ASTRO BOY, in big, bold, white letter across the screen. The Blue Core seem s to act as the "O" in ASTRO.

As ASTRO BOY appears on the screen, the letter, along with the core, get bigger and bigger, faster and faster, until we are inside the core.

Once we're in the core, we a moving around, seemingly looking for something. As the camera moves, more words flash upon the screen, once again, blurred and indistinguishable.

Once the final words fade, and we are done looking through the core, the music ends, and we are now out of the core. Only to find what looks like another Blue Core, with a seemingly white'blue center, trapped in rays of light, whitish-blue energy. The core also has four smaller balls of energy circling it in different direction. (Is anone else reminded of Jimmy Neutron?)